Hello dear readers.Recently I watched the transfer, which tells and shows how to make lanimirovanie hair.The recipe is very simple.I wanted to try this procedure.All laminating I had at home, only oil ylang-ylang, I do not buy it.Rather, I'll order it at Primavera, do not want to buy cheap oil.Today only do lamination with lavender oil.What is lamination hair?Lamination involves smoothing the hair scales, Floor plenochkoj each hair.In this connection the hair shine and become heavier, easier to style.Lamination does not treat hair, but only improves their appearance, makes it more beautiful, smooth, shiny and well groomed.

If you have an important meeting, a holiday photo shoot, and you need to look perfect, then do yourself a gelatinous lamination hair at home.It does not always have the time and money to visit beauty salons, but there is a solution.Lamination is easy to make at home.The recipe I have one today, but proved to themselves, it is they, and I want to share with you.All very, very simpl

e, you just see for yourself.

gelatin lamination hair at home

If your hair has become dull, lose natural shine and beauty, try gelatin lamination hair.In addition, there is a mask for the hair shine, which are also easy to make at home.

lamination is suitable for all hair types.Most of all, this procedure is suitable for fragile, thin, fragile hair, including colored and damaged hair.

most important thing is that you have the high-quality oil.Well, the gelatin can be purchased at any store.And as a part of this process the oil, then you can safely call it the oil lamination hair.

We need quite simple ingredients:

  • 5o ml.coconut oil
  • 1 drop lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang
  • 1 tbsp.Spoon gelatin
  • 3 tbsp.tablespoons of warm boiled water

Gelatin pour warm water and leave for 20 minutes.If there are lumps in the mass, dissolve them, heated in a water bath.Gelatin to dissolve, as the lumps of gelatin would be difficult to comb hair.

the meantime, you need to melt the coconut oil in a water bath.Coconut oil is one of my favorite hair oils.Coconut oil restores, nourishes and protects hair.Very good and proven effect for dry, dull, damaged hair.About Coconut oil can talk for hours.If you are interested in more information on coconut oil, you can read the article on the blog "Coconut hair oil, the use of".Where you will find answers to their questions.

melted coconut oil mix with gelatin.Gelatin will help us to restore damaged hair.Due to the content of collagen protein gelatine envelops hair thin plenochkoj.

the mixture add essential oils.I only had the oil of lavender, so I added 3 drops of lavender oil.If you have lavender oil and ylang-inlang, add 1 drop of lavender oil and 2 drops of ylang-ylang.Ylang-ylang has the effect of soldering hairs, like lavender oil has a positive effect on hair.

In fact, I really like lavender essential oil.It has long been using it for the hair.I make a very simple mask of oil and lavender oil.Lavender oil makes the hair elastic, elastic, shiny.For more information about the lavender oil can be found in the article "Lavender essential oil for hair".

Mask distribute evenly through the hair.I want to say that I have enough to distribute this mask on my long hair.I did not have to do a double portion.

mask is applied to the hair, distribute the mask over the entire length, it is necessary that every hair was, as it were "wrapped" mask.We leave the mask on for 40 minutes.When it is desirable to apply a mask to wear a T-shirt, you do not mind staining.

on wet or dry hair apply a mask?I put a mask on dry clean hair.

After applying a mask to curl hair and dress cellophane cap, wrap the hair with a towel.Then wash off the mask.First, wash your hair with warm water from the mask.Then shampoo.I washed the hair mask with two washes with shampoo.Once read, that gelatin is washed off with bad hair.I had misgivings, but everything went fine.

procedure lamination hair at home to do once a month is enough.It is enough that the hair looked healthy, well-groomed and beautiful.

What I want to note that hair is more difficult, due to the more even, for me, plus, as I have curly hair and I always want them to equalize.The result is visible immediately after the procedure.Hair became shiny, smooth, more elastic, in a word, I am satisfied with the procedure of lamination.Make, Hair laminating procedure gelatin in the home, the result will please you very much.

And if you still have questions, I suggest you watch the video, how to make oil lamination, where all the details described and illustrated.