Hello readers.Spring is time for change, I want to add more bright colors, change the wardrobe.Make-up, manicure, everything should be on top.And of course, the beautiful well-groomed hair.If you encounter such a situation as hair loss, you will certainly find a solution.I suggest you try the mustard mask for hair.The important thing is that the ingredients for the preparation of masks available, the recipe is very simple, and the result will not take long.In the application of mustard masks important fact is that it has to be applied only to the hair roots, rather than length.If the mask applied to the length, the hair will be brittle and over dried.

Masks based on mustard are very effective due to the components being in mustard.The chemical composition of mustard, well, just a storehouse of vitamins, organic acids and oils, which are very positive effect on the hair.If you want to enhance hair growth, then there is a wonderful essential oil that is in the perfect "mate."This essential oil Bey.Rea

d about it, you can see "Essential Oil Bay", also you will find recommendations for its use.

Vitamin A, as part of the mustard has a regenerating and revitalizing properties to the hair.

Vitamin E protects hair from negative influence of the environment, prevents hair loss.This vitamin is considered the vitamin of beauty.

Capsaicin has irritating properties, improves blood flow to the cells, and activates hair growth.Capsaicin - an alkaloid that is found in foods with pungent taste.Capsaicin contains garlic, chili, mustard, ginger.

Mustard mask on hair loss and hair growth

share recipes of your favorite hair mask.It is important, apply the mask only on the hair roots.Apply the mask on "dirty" hair.

To prepare the masks need the very basic ingredients.Mustard powder, egg yolk oil (olive, almond and so forth.), Sugar (but can do without it), water.

Water for masks should be used warm.Mix mask and gradually add water.It should be 3-4 tablespoons of water, but look for consistency.

recipe mustard mask

  • 1 yolk
  • 2 tablespoons dry mustard powder
  • 2 tablespoons butter (olive, almond, burdock, peach, etc.)
  • 1 hour. Spoonful of sugar (optional)
  • water

Mix two spoons of oil and egg yolk.Two tablespoons dry mustard mixed with hot water, stir a lot of very carefully, to avoid lumps.We need to ensure consistency of thick cream.Mix the oil with egg yolk and mustard with water.Sugar is added to enhance the burning effect.Add a teaspoon.If you make a mask for the first time, then I advise you not to add sugar.

can still such a mask to add a couple drops of essential oils: lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang.

mask is applied to the hair roots, and massaging with your fingertips.After applying the mask is worn on the head cap or cellophane kulechek.Keep the mask 15 to 40 minutes.Wash off with shampoo cushy little water.Washed off the mask with hair easily.

This mask is good for hair growth, as happens bulbs irritation.Yes, and the hair falls out less.You can make it a course of 7-10 treatments, once every 7 days.

How to deal with mustard mask for hair

There are some subtleties in applying mustard mask for hair.When used properly, the chances of burn skin are minimized.Therefore, caution and some recommendations will not be superfluous.

  1. Use masks only fresh mustard powder.Prepared mustard, which is sold in shops and supermarkets, is not necessary.This mustard with vinegar and additives.In hair masks need to add only a dry powder, it is important!
  2. Hair masks with mustard, use only the hair of horses.Apply the mask for oily, but not for dry hair.
  3. Mask stir until smooth, make sure that there are no lumps.
  4. sure to test the mask on your wrist to make sure that you have an allergy or irritation there.
  5. before the procedure can be applied to the hair roots a little olive oil to protect hair from the aggressive action of mustard.
  6. mask mustard is applied to dirty hair.
  7. After the mask and wrap the hair kulechkom Insulate your hair with a towel.
  8. Wash shampoo mask.
  9. Rinse the hair after washing decoction of herbs, or you can water with apple cider vinegar.What herbs should be used with hair loss, can be found in the article "Herbs for hair loss".
  10. mask to keep the hair from 15 to 40 minutes.If a strong burning sensation immediately rinse the hair mask.

Contraindications. Mustard mask for hair have a positive effect, but if there are micro cracks, sores, you can not do the procedure on the scalp.Mustard can retain moisture and scalp because it may be dandruff.If you have a sensitive scalp, before applying, test, be sure to mask.

If you use mustard mask for hair growth on the loss, for hair strengthening, then experiment with the ingredients mask is not necessary, it is best to prepare a mask with a prescription.In order not to damage the hair and does not cause skin burns.

Hair mask with mustard powder

That mustard powder to be used for masks, you can buy it in grocery stores, in the market or supermarket.This is a cheap and accessible means for hair care.

I apply a hair mask with mustard powder, egg yolk and butter, but apart from this recipe, there are many other recipes mustard masks.

Classic Hair Mask.

  • water
  • mustard powder

Classic Hair Mask is composed of boiling water and mustard powder.Mix the water and powder in equal proportions until uniform.The mask is applied to the hair.

Mustard mask with mayonnaise.

  • mayonnaise mustard powder
  • olive oil

To prepare the masks we need mayonnaise (preferably home), olive oil and mustard powder.A spoonful of mustard powder mixed with hot water with a spoon.Add a spoonful of olive oil and one teaspoon of mayonnaise.Apply the mask on your hair, insulated head with a towel.Mask hold 15 to 25 minutes, washed with shampoo.

Mask of mustard powder and sour cream.

  • mustard powder
  • cream

Mix a couple of tablespoons dry mustard with a couple of tablespoons of hot water, add a few tablespoons of sour cream rustic and applied to the hair.

And you do mustard mask for hair?If so, share a recipe for a mask in the comments below.It is clear that some masks do not stop the hair loss, you need to take vitamins and minerals.