Hello readers.Today I want to talk about dry hair tips.Probably many familiar with the situation posechennymi tips of the hair.Herself faced with this and I had to cut part of the hair as dry ends were posechennymi.Cut out a portion of his precious hair, I began to look for the tips of the hair care products to end up not cut, and the remaining hair.As a rule, the hair is greasy at the roots and the ends are dry.Plus hair styling products, hair dryer and iron is my favorite, spoiled hair.But the situation is remedied, I began to conduct experiments, I began to buy up a lot of base oils for masks, bought essential oils.I began to do hair mask made from natural ingredients, buy shampoo without SLS.To preserve the beauty and health of hair need to work hard, but it's worth it, because the hair is only emphasize the beauty of women.

I want to share recipes domestic masks for dry hair.There are of course professional products, which are crowded shelves of our shops, I have to turn them not reached, since

I restored natural hair masks.

Why cut by the tips of the hair

I want to say, if you have split ends, they need to be cut, it is not necessary to save what can no longer be saved.So I convinced my hairdresser and I.But you need to take care of hair and so we warn the problem of split ends.

I want to call a number of reasons why the tips of the hair whipped:

vitamins and trace elements. lack of vitamins is probably the most common cause of hair posechennyh tips.We all know that hair needs vitamins and protein.The diet should be: fish, meat, eggs, nuts.As well as vegetables, berries and fruits.All can be used for the season, plus guzzle vitamin complexes.Hair necessary elements such as zinc, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E, H, and omega fatty acids.

Lack of fluid. We all know that drinking should be at least 2 liters of water a day, we often neglect it.Plus, during the heating season is necessary to humidify the room you are in, as the heaters are very dry air, the hair becomes dry.

various diseases. diseases of internal organs such as gastrointestinal disease, goiter, decrease in hemoglobin in the blood and so on. Digestibility decreases our body of vitamins and minerals As a result of these diseases.

hair length. most often with tips posechennymi faced girl with long hair.Since the entire length of the hair is not sufficiently produced by the sebaceous glands natural lubrication.Therefore, you can use special oils and regularly rubbed in their hair ends.Below I will tell what I'm using oil.

Wrong hair care. Notice how and what you wash your head as comb and dry hair after washing.Plus, the mask with hair should be thoroughly washed off.Shampoo should be selected according to your hair type.The hair does not wipe off, and the wet towel.Also, do not use a hair dryer, it is better when the hair dry naturally.Wet hair is better not to comb, comb the hair is dry.

Headgear. Often we neglect hats, from this hair becomes dull, brittle, and as a result the ends whip.The frost is required to wear a hat or hair to hide under the cloak.In summer, too, do not forget to make sure to protect your hair from the sun.Especially the sea, as the sea water and the sun's rays increase the dryness of hair.

Stacking. We often use a hair dryer or ironing, all this adversely affects the hair, as well as coatings, foams, mousses.In addition, bouffant hair and a negative impact on their beauty.Avoid tight elastic bands tightening hair.

To save the dry ends of hair note mask and care.If you take care of hair, make masks, etc. Procedures, then very soon you can return your hair natural shine, smoothness and silkiness, and most importantly, to prevent the tips of the hair section.

mask for dry hair ends

First of all you need trimming a posechennye tips, you do not restore them, do not waste time and effort.Trim the ends of her hair a must.And only then begin treatment.Also be sure.All this will help to prevent the hair section.In more detail, what to do if hair cut by the tips, you can learn from an article on the blog, "What if the tips of the hair whipped"?The article discloses that question well.

oil hair mask. I put oil on the hair mask.Already I wrote about this many times.Mixed base oil with lavender oil.The best oils for hair: coconut, burdock, Organova, olive, castor.I still like wheat germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil.Masks I cook very simply.To mix a couple of tablespoons of base oil and a drop of lavender efirki.On my long hair is usually 6 tablespoons.spoons enough.Hair comb from the roots to the tips apply oil mask.Wash off after a couple of hours.Hair smooth, shiny, elastic.Oil mask for dry hair tips it's just salvation.

Aromaraschesyvanie. aromaraschesyvanie I apply the oil of lavender.A couple of drops of oil on a massage brush and comb your hair.The procedure is done a couple of times a week.

After washing your hair, to clean and dry the tips of the hair I put jojoba oil and distribute through hair.Oils need a little, but it will be the effect of oily hair.Oil protects the hair tips from drying out.You can also use broccoli butter for dry hair ends.

mask yolk hair. also one of my favorite masks.I'm on my long hair and take three egg yolks per yolk with 2 tablespoons oil.Total takes me 6 tablespoons of oil.Last time I apply for hair olive oil.You can add a mask of honey or lemon juice.I put or render a mask on your hair before washing your hair, distribute the mask on your hair and leave for about an hour.It is possible for a couple of hours.Better before applying a mask to wear clothes you do not mind staining.

rinse hair. After shampooing your hair, it is desirable to rinse decoction of herbs.I use nettles, as I have dark hair, if you have light hair, it is possible to brew chamomile or lime.You can rinse your hair after washing with water and apple cider vinegar.Per liter of water a spoon of apple vinegar.

Coconut oil for hair. I love to use coconut oil for hair, it takes me "just banks."Now, if you need to save the dry ends of hair, then I'll just recommend coconut oil.Coconut oil is Butter (solid oil).Before applying to the hair it is necessary to melt.But oil is easily melt temperature of hands.So I often take a pat of butter, it melts on contact with the hands, and I put or render it on your hair.The mask is made only for dry hair ends.Leaving oil on hair as long as possible, and then wash it with shampoo.More specifically, my review of coconut oil can be found in the article "The use of coconut oil for hair".

Many reasons are cut the hair ends.The main thing to find the cause and fix it, but still important hair care.I accept all of these masks for dry hair ends.I would be glad if my advice will help you to restore your hair.We all know that hair needs care and they will delight you with gloss, health and beauty.