Hello dear readers.Spring makes us happy warm weather, green grass, flowers.Spring has come into its own.Following the spring will warm summers.So, it is possible to prepare the grass.Grass is a natural first aid kit to help us in solving various problems.Including many herbs are useful for growth and against hair loss.Only need to know what and how to use them correctly.Now there are many drugs for hair, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, a supermarket and even in stores.But I prefer a natural hair care.This natural oils, including essential and decoctions of herbs for hair mask domestic natural ingredients.On the blog you can find a lot of recipes that help in hair care.

Ode of my favorite herbs is nettle, nettle broth hair, I rinse the hair and prepare nettle is best for themselves.After all, you're exactly sure as a raw material.For more information about what is useful nettles for hair, as well?all the details on how to prepare the nettles can be found in the "hair rinse article nettles".Aft

er all, nature itself takes care of our health and beauty.

What herbs are useful for hair

much easier, and cheaper to collect hair grass, those that grow in your area, away from roads and industries.Dried herbs in a well-ventilated area and kept in cotton bags.Stored grass usually not more than 2 years.Now consider the most common herbs that are used for hair.

Chamomile. As is known, chamomile for blonde hair.A decoction of chamomile soothes the scalp, has anti-inflammatory properties.It gives shine and golden brown hair.

Calendula. Apply calendula itching of the scalp, soothes the scalp.Bright flowers of calendula have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties.Hair calendula gives firmness and elasticity.

Nettles. nettle prevents hair loss, strengthens hair roots.Broth nettle hair helps get rid of dandruff and accelerate hair growth, improve scalp circulation.

Birch. Helps to cope with the fat content of hair, used decoctions for dandruff, loss.To prepare the broth can be combined with other herbs.

Mint. Broth mint raids antiseptic properties, gives a refreshing and cooling effect, soothes irritated scalp.Suitable for dry and colored hair.Mint combines perfectly with lime, of these two herbs can prepare a decoction of hair.

Rosemary. Rosemary effective in combating hair fat.Rosemary helps to make hair fluffy and shiny.Rosemary helps improve subcutaneous blood circulation in the scalp, thus accelerating hair growth, provides power to the hair root.

Burdock. Broth made from burdock root help to cope with hair fat.Apply decoctions against hair loss, to accelerate the growth of hair, as burdock strengthens hair roots.

Mother-and-stepmother. Broth mother and stepmother, give hair shine, soothes the scalp.Apply a decoction with hair loss, dandruff.

Lavender. Lavender beneficial effect on the scalp itching, seborrhea, helps to cope with dandruff.Lavender regulates the production of sebum.It is useful to use lavender for dry scalp.Broth lavender may well replace the hair conditioner, if after shampooing rinse hair decoction of lavender.And Lavender strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss.For the hair I usually use lavender oil, I make the oil masks, how to apply lavender oil can be found in the article "The essential oil of lavender, properties and application".

considering hair grass, you need to determine what you want to prevent or get rid of something.Choose the grass, which will help you cope with the task.

Remember that on this or that grass can be an allergy or idiosyncrasy.If, after the application, you notice unpleasant symptoms, discontinue use of this herb.

medicinal herbs there are so many, herbal medicine has more than 3,000 herbs.If you have something to supplement the list of herbs, please write in the comments, what other useful herb for the hair.

decoction of herbs for hair

to rinse hair decoction or infusion is prepared.The infusion is prepared very simply, pour boiling water over the grass, and insist, as a decoction involves boiling or heat treatment in a water bath.It is believed that much more useful decoction brew as heat treatment herb activates its beneficial properties.

To prepare decoction or infusion can be taken as dry and fresh grass.Dry grass is usually fray hands and fresh crushed.Decoctions of herbs can be added to a hair mask, this decoction made more concentrated than for hair rinse.

How to prepare a decoction of herbs? decoction for rinsing hair cook very simply, a tablespoon of grass on half a liter of water, I usually cook per liter.I put everything on the fire and boil for 2-3 minutes.Insist in a sealed container for 20 minutes, strain, I bring boiled water to the original volume.Rinse hair decoction room temperature.

How to prepare an infusion of herbs? infusion of herbs I cook keeping the same proportions.One spoon of grass on half a liter, not water, and boiling water.Preparing always one liter.Then I insist approximately 20-30 minutes, filter.The infusion is ready.

If you want to prepare a decoction of herbs for masks or infusion, it will need a spoon herbs in a glass of boiled water, to insist in a sealed container, filter and use for the preparation of masks for hair.

herbs have a positive effect on hair and scalp, helping to solve the problem of hair loss, itchy scalp.Herbs return natural shine to hair, thinning hair give volume.

Herbs for hair strengthening : chamomile, peppermint, birch, burdock root, bay leaf, rosemary, hops, St. John's wort, horsetail.

Herbs for growth and against hair loss : nettle, succession, burdock root, lavender.

Herbs that can be used in the hair greasy : peppermint, nettle, burdock, and mother-stepmother, chamomile, lime, sage, aloe, hops, rosemary, St. John's wort, linden.

Herbs that can be used in dry hair : thyme, aloe, linden, chamomile, calendula, birch.

Herbs for light hair: chamomile, linden, birch, rosemary, dandelion.

Herbs for dark hair : nettle, burdock root, walnut leaves, hops, calendula, lavender, sage, St. John's wort, peppermint.

Rinse herbs hair should be after washing your hair, but you can not just rinse hair decoction of herbs and apple cider vinegar.Per liter of water you need to add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and rinse your hair after washing.In more detail, the use of apple cider vinegar for hair, please read the article "Apple cider vinegar for hair".

useful herb for hair is very much important to choose the herb that will suit you and will help to solve certain tasks.Herbs should be alternated, it is possible to use one, then another grass, you can take a break by replacing herbal hair rinse to rinse with water acidulated with lemon or apple cider vinegar.