Hello dear readers.Very soon the spring, which means it's time to bloom, bright colors and positive emotions.And, this time, harvesting the nettle, which falls on May-July, as the nettle is very useful for rinsing hair.I myself applied for rinsing hair nettle, the results are amazing.That's only recently proven popular means of replacing shampoos, balms and other means of hair care products.Nettle is better to collect and dry yourself and then prepare the infusion or decoction of the herb and rinse hair.Now of course you can buy in a pharmacy nettle, but the quality of the pharmacy herb leaves much to be desired, she bought more than once and was disappointed.

nettle grows in moist fertile soils along rivers, in the woods, in ravines, on vacant lots, about housing, about roads, in gardens.But to collect nettles are best away from the roads, factories and industrial plants.

The fact that the nettle is useful, my grandmother told me the hair, we went along with it collected nettles.Since my grandmoth

er was living in his house, the house she grew nettles, all belonged to this plant as a weed, not only my grandmother.As a teenager, when I started losing his hair, my grandmother advised me to rinse hair decoction of nettle.Broth nettle I cooked in a special pan, Mom gave me, for these purposes.I

Broth rinse hair after shampooing.The hair become soft, silky, shiny.I was pleased with the results from the first application.I rinse hair with nettles all season, yet it was possible to prepare a decoction of fresh leaves, the result pleased me, her hair began to fall out at times less.Here's a review of mine, this is not a joke and not fiction, and the result proved by experience.

years went by, the shelves of our stores more and more filled with lotions, shampoos, ready-made masks, scrubs and gradually I forgot about natural care, why is busy, it is so convenient.But when now, faced with the loss of hair and tarnish, posechennymi tips, I thought about the miraculous properties of the nettle hair.And change your care in the last year of hair, use oils in hair care, face masks made from natural ingredients, buy shampoo without SLS, shampoo with SLS I wash off oil mask.I very much like the mask of the oils with the addition of essential oil of lavender.For more information about all the hair products, can be found through the map of your blog, "hair care".

How to collect and dry the nettle?

to collect nettles need to bring a pair of scissors or secateurs and gloves (either garden or for washing dishes), as well as a package where you will add the nettles, it is possible to take a basket.

need Cut the upper part of the stem, cut the nettles are not damaged diseases, you should not take the nettles with withering leaves, and yellow sheets.Has been collecting nettles better in dry weather in the morning, after the dew has dried.As if to collect wet nettles, when dried, it can rot.

Nettles have to lay a thin layer on the paper and dry in a well ventilated area or in the shade on the air.Dried 5-7 days, and its need to constantly flip.Check

dried nettle or not, you can break a leaf in hand, if the leaves are well crumble and break the stems, then dry nettle.Store the finished feed may be in glass jars in a paper bag, you can be in the thick cotton bags.Keep dry nettle can be no more than 2 years.

I am convinced that the nettles, it should be by the harvest as for therapeutic purposes, as well as hair.Thus, nettles can be used not only for the hair in the season, but also in all seasons.

nettle decoction for rinsing hair.Recipe. My Review.

nettle, whether dry or fresh, you can prepare a decoction or infusion for rinsing hair.Prepare infusion and decoction of nettle is very easy, the recipe is very simple.Plus, for 1 liter of infusion or decoction of nettles, you can add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.A decoction or infusion of a brownish-green color.

infusion of nettle hair. We will need two tablespoons of fresh or dried nettle pour a liter of boiling water, cover and infuse for 20-25 minutes.Then strain the infusion.Infusion need to rinse hair after washing them with shampoo.

Broth nettle hair. To prepare the broth, we need two tablespoons of fresh or dried nettle liter of water, boil in a saucepan on the fire, after boiling 5 minutes.Then set aside the broth, we insist under the lid closed for 20-25 minutes, strain, bring the broth of boiled water to 1 liter and use for rinsing hair.Rinse the hair of nettle broth from the roots to the tips.

Mask of nettle infusion. We need to take half a glass of nettle and pour it half cups of boiling water, to insist, drain and rub into the hair roots resulting infusion.Leave for 5-7 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.Rinse can infusion or decoction of nettles.

Moreover, effective as fresh nettles, and dried.I would also note that the nettle is ideal for brunettes and blondes daisy, hair rinse.

Argued that blondes use nettles for hair can not, as a decoction of nettles dyes hair a greenish color.

I have dark hair, nettle for rinsing suits me perfectly.But if you have blond hair, in a decoction of nettles, you can add a spoonful of honey and lemon juice, it will help prevent the hair coloring, as well as, a decoction of nettles, you can add a bit of cosmetic clay, which "take" on the greenish color.If you have light hair, then you can prepare a decoction of nettle leaves are not, but from nettle root.

Nettle hair.Rinsing hair with nettles.

We often treat the nettle as a weed, but it is actually a very useful medicinal plant.Read about the beneficial properties of nettles, you can see "Nettle useful properties".Nettle is useful for hair strengthening, nettle improves the structure of hair, gives the hair shine, softness and silkiness.

  • nettles Contains vitamin C, K, E, B vitamins, iron, sulfur, aluminum, manganese, barium, tannins, volatile, flavonoids.As ascorbic acid content of lemon nettle surpasses 10 times.
  • Apply nettles for growth and against hair loss.
  • Nettle helps get rid of the dryness of the scalp.
  • Nettle regulates scalp oiliness.The broth is made from nettle helps to soothe scalp itching, get rid of dandruff.
  • Preparations based on nettle accelerate hair growth.
  • Broth nettle prevents hair section.
  • Vitamins contained in the nettles saturate the hair and improve hair structure.
  • Broth nettle used for silkiness and shine.

How to use nettle for hair loss, you can find out from the pack, "Nettles for growth and against hair loss."Broth nettle hair efficient, safe, low-cost means.Using nettles in hair care, you will have gorgeous hair, to be proud of.The use of natural resources in the care of the hair is not addictive, safe and effective.