Today I want to share their opinions about the jojoba oil.I applied it mainly for hair.Bought jojoba oil in our pharmacy.The effect of oil I liked it and I decided to order the same oil to the Primavera.Still, it's high-quality products.Parcel received after the holidays.Print package and saw that the oil is frozen, yes, in the court of winter.However, at room temperature butter is melted.Not for nothing that it is called "liquid wax".The smell of oil nut, color is light yellow.

oil is very light and gentle, easily absorbed into the skin, I immediately greased hands.Moreover, not kamedogenno jojoba oil, so that it can be applied to the face.

On the application of jojoba oil for the face, you can read in the article "Jojoba oil use for the face."Oil does not clog pores, unlike other oils.Perfectly protects the skin.Suitable oil for all skin types.And hair care is simply irreplaceable assistant.

Regarding facials.I've got a small rash on one cheek, and jojoba oil dry place rashes.Lubricating oil, jo

joba skin several times a day.Already on the second day of the bulking mene became noticeable, and disappeared on the third day.Jojoba oil well "struggling" with the scaling and inflammation of the skin.Oil moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin.The oil composition of protein, amino acids, which are responsible for skin elasticity.

Jojoba oil for hair.My Review.

jojoba oil, oil does not, and "liquid waxes", as close to 100% consists of a mixture of long chain wax esters.Jojoba oil is very rich in valuable amino acids, lipids, tocopherol (vitamin E), provitamin A and minerals.

Here is my jojoba oil, a bottle of dark green glass, though there is no metering, but it's not terrible.The oil was light yellow in color with a pleasant "nutty" flavor.Very, very happy with the purchase.I advise you to buy, if possible.Hair, skin, for the lips, elbows, knees, body oil, just super.My review five plus.

Due to the fact that jojoba oil is hypoallergenic, it can be used for sensitive skin, as well as for the care of delicate baby skin.

Jojoba oil for hair.Application.

  • Jojoba oil makes the hair soft, shiny, elastic, flexible, making hair more manageable.
  • Oil restores the hair structure.
  • Jojoba oil penetrates into the hair structure to form a protective layer that prevents moisture loss.
  • oil covers the hair thin plenochkoj, without leaving an oily sheen on the hair.
  • Jojoba oil is an excellent assistant in the care of dry hair.Especially jojoba oil for hair ends.
  • creating the hair protective layer, this oil protects hair from negative influence of the environment.
  • Jojoba oil is suitable for use in the fragile and weakened hair.
  • Jojoba oil does not clog pores and follicles.The hair follicles to function properly.
  • oil is not sticky and does not leave the hair greasy.
  • When using oil, the hair is not electrified.
  • Jojoba oil perfectly protects hair from the sun better, has a protection factor against harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  • rich lipid composition of oil moisturizes the scalp and improves the condition of hair, making hair manageable.
  • Prevents brittle hair.Jojoba oil makes the hair is very resilient.

oil Jojoba Shampoo I did not enrich, make a mask for hair with butter and put on clean hair.The effect of jojoba oil, to me personally, like.

hair mask with jojoba oil.

mask with essential oils of lavender and jojoba oil. to mask I mix jojoba oil and lavender.On tablespoon oil add 1 drop of lavender oil.Lavender essential oil I use Primavera.Test the oil, which we sold in pharmacies, to be honest, I have only the head starts to hurt them, but effect a zero.But, after two masks with lavender oil from the Primavera, immediately I saw the result, and the hair began to fall out at times less.I do not want to advertise this company, but it is a fact.

For my hair I need 5-6 Art.spoons of oil and 6 drops of lavender oil.Nanoshu mask on the hair roots and the entire length.I leave for 1-2 hours, wash off with shampoo.Details of lavender oil and apply it to the hair, you can read in the article "The essential oil of lavender hair.

mask with jojoba oil and burdock. can mix burdock oil with jojoba oil in a ratio of 1: 1.Oils and warm up to the hair along the entire length from root to tip.Leave for a couple of hours.Wash off oil shampoo mask.

mask with egg yolk and jojoba oil. also excellent hair mask.On the 2 egg yolks 4 tbsp necessary.spoon of jojoba oil.The yolk and butter mixed and applied on the hair for an hour, wash off with shampoo.

jojoba oil to the hair ends.

jojoba oil can be enriched shampoo, make masks for hair and applied to the hair ends.But, most importantly, applied to the ends of her hair after shampooing is necessary.I put jojoba oil is on the tips of the hair.Since at the ends of the hair is usually dry and brittle.Using hair I not only jojoba oil, and coconut oil.For more information on coconut oil can be found in the article "Coconut oil for hair".

autumn I sostrigla posechennye ends of her hair, and now take care of hair to prevent posechennyh tips.Apply need jojoba oil after washing ready to dry hair.Dial in the palm of a little oil and is distributed over the length of the hair.Then you need to comb your hair comb.When brittle, dry and lifeless hair, jojoba oil is a godsend.

hair becomes shiny and elastic.In addition, oil weigh down your hair, and as I have curly hair, then using oil, hair becomes more smooth and docile.Hair longer stay clean after washing and that's a fact.

to apply a lot of hair oil is not necessary, so as not to create "fat effect" on the hair.But also I want to mention the fact that jojoba oil is well absorbed by the hair.

Yesterday, just after washing your hair to dry hair caused jojoba oil.Here's what my hair immediately after the application of jojoba oil, jojoba distribute the I only the length of hair.Specially I upload as many write about masks and hair oils.All samples tested and am sharing with you.

In addition, I use aromaraschesyvanie with essential oil of lavender.Lavender essential oil is used in masks for hair.

I hope you will come in handy this information on hair care with jojoba oil.Remarkable oil, and if you're not familiar with it, I advise you to buy and try.Plus, read the reviews on the forum, after all, many girls give preference to high-quality oil, as a result of them is visible at once.