Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about hair.Recently, I notice that my hair is not electrified as before.I reviewed her hair and realized why the hair is not electrified.Since the last time I made a change to your hair care.Previously, indeed, strongly electrified hair in the winter, I sometimes wore a hat is not because of this.But it is certainly not an option.Of course you ask yourself a question.What to do?Therefore, today I want to deal with this problem.

Most often the problem faced by holders of wavy and thick hair, smooth hair with this problem is not so noticeable.When the locks are bushy, and stick to clothing that is called electrification.

can very simply say that a static discharge occurs in the process of friction with clothing or object.As in many things around us have static electricity.

Why winter is strongly electrified hair.

Why is strongly electrified hair in the winter?One reason is the heating which includes our comfort for the winter.The air in the room to become d

ry, the hair is of course in that case to dry faster after washing, if they dry naturally.So, because of the dry air is strongly electrified hair.

Frosty dry on the street, too, can affect the hair electrification.It is necessary to wear a headdress leaving the street.Most importantly, we must give preference headgear made of natural fabrics rather than synthetic.Since synthetics stimulates the emergence of electricity.

One of the factors that the hair is electrified - deficiency in vitamins and minerals.Due to the lack of vitamins in the body hair is thin, fragile, brittle, dry.Dry hair leads to posechennymi tips.

hair can electrify due to blow-drying, especially at high temperatures.Hair lose moisture and begins to electrify.Improper use of ironing and curling irons can cause hair electrified, and not only in winter, but all year round.

Pay attention to his comb.Iron or plastic comb will cause hair electrification.A good comb hair comb is made of wood.

hot water that you wash your hair also can cause hair electrification.And also, incorrectly picked up shampoo or conditioner.

electrified hair.What to do?

Lack of moisture is very effect on the skin and hair.It is necessary to drink at least two liters of clean water per day.Follow your diet, nutrition should be balanced.You can take a multivitamin.

Hair should be washed no hot water and warm.After bathing, it is desirable to rinse your hair with cool water to close the hair scales.Use a shampoo and hair conditioner, not a shampoo.

Limit the use of a hair dryer in hair care, let your hair dry naturally.Headgear should be clean and made of natural fabrics.

For combing hair wooden comb suit (cedar, oak, birch) or ebony, which is specially designed for combing hair with electrification.

electrifying often dry and brittle strands, so take the time to hair.For hair care needs.Note masks and hair oils.

It helps me avoid electrifying aromaraschesyvanie.I love lavender, so I aromaraschesyvanie with essential oil of lavender.I drip a few drops of essential oil on the comb and comb the hair.For aromaraschesyvaniya suitable oil rose and ylang-ylang, but I only use lavender.You can comb your hair using lavender oil for 15-20 minutes before going outdoors.It is a unique natural remedy prevents the hair electrification.

It helps hair not elektizovatsya oil mask.I use coconut oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil.Recently made hair mask with wheat germ oil.On the spoon of oil, I added a drop of lavender oil.On my long hair it took me four spoons of oil and four drops of oil.I leave the mask on the hair for an hour, washed with shampoo.

What else, when the hair is electrified?I recently discovered for myself jojoba oil.Jojoba oil, I put on the hair after shampooing.When hair is dry, I put on a little palm oil, jojoba, warm up the oil in his hands.Nanoshu oil than the roots, and hair length.Many oil creates bold effect on the hair, so you need just a couple of drops of oil.I drip 5 drops in the palm, because I have long hair.On the application of jojoba oil for hair can be found in my article "Jojoba oil for hair". jojoba oil is used for removal of static, ieafter application hair will not electrify.

hair after jojoba oil does not electrified, become more smooth.Oil weigh down your hair.My fluffy and curly hair are more smooth, then all my life and achieved with the help of ironing.

mask of egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice is my favorite hair mask.Sometimes I replace the olive oil with almond.The mask is applied to the hair before washing hair, about a couple of hours.The ingredients are: one egg yolk, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of lemon juice.If your hair is long, the ingredients for the mask to double.

I love the mask of coconut oil.Nanoshu coconut hair oil in pure form or in admixture with the oil of lavender.On the spoon of oil, I add a drop of oil.Ingredients for the mask can be doubled or tripled if you have long hair.The oil put on a mask, wash hair with shampoo for a couple of hours.

Hair after a mask with coconut oil is shiny and smooth, but still soft to the touch.Furthermore, coconut oil prevents leaching of proteins from hair.I love this mask, try, and I think you will not regret.

masks made at home from natural ingredients and oils give hair shine and well-groomed appearance.After all, take care of hair and just wash your hair with shampoo two big differences.Lavender oil is my favorite tool in hair care, the use of lavender oil for hair can be found in the article on the blog, "Lavender essential oil for hair".

I also read that you can sprinkle your hair with beer, mineral water or an antistatic agent, and then smooth the hair with his hands.These funds are considered to be "first aid" for the hair, which are strongly electrified.However, their views on this occasion I can not express, because I did not try these funds.Just like the hair dryer with the ionization effect as a hairdryer I did not use it.

What tools do you use to get your hair is not electrified?I am using a simple means and the result is really noticeable.