Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the rosemary oil for hair.Recently I bought a shampoo without SLS with essential oils.As part of the present shampoo rosemary oil.The smell of the shampoo is quite pleasant.Here and decided to find out what is so rosemary is good for hair.Applied to the hair essential oil of rosemary.It is added to shampoo and a hair mask.The use of rosemary oil for hair makes the hair makes hair manageable, shiny, beautiful.

Rosemary - is an evergreen shrub with small blue flowers.Its name comes from the Latin ros marinus (sea dew) as rosemary growing on the seashore.The ancient Greeks and Romans dedicated it to Aphrodite pennorozhdёnnoy believed that rosemary can make a man happy, to extend and preserve youth.And yet, since ancient times, rosemary was considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity, eternity.

rosemary leaves are rich in essential oils.Rosemary essential oil contains cineole, camphor, borneol, limonene, pinene, tannin, resin, bitter.

Rosemary is widely u

sed in cooking and cosmetics.Apply rosemary for skin, hair and health.Rosemary essential oil is a potent stimulator of the immune system.

aroma of rosemary is considered the "heart of the fragrance" as regulates the heart, normalizes blood pressure, regulates blood circulation.It is used when the upper respiratory tract diseases, as well as coughing.

Rosemary essential oil mild, colorless fluid.The main flavor is warm, cozy, spicy, bitter.Shades tone: lower - fluffy, soft, balsamic;medium - candy-wood;top - pulsating.

Apply the essential oil of rosemary in aromalampe, aromakulone in an aromatic bath, massage (by mixing it with a base oil), as well as for skin, hair care.Rosemary is credited with analgesic properties, oil helps with headaches associated with a stressful situation.

The aromatic medallion enough to use 1-2 drops of oil.In aromalampe 5 drops of 20 square meters.m. For the bath 5 drops of oil to dissolve in the cream, honey, milk.

essential oil of rosemary.Application to the hair.

Rosemary oil perfectly stabilizes the sebaceous glands.Apply rosemary oil for hair loss, to give elasticity and shine to hair.

Rosemary oil can be applied to the hair shifted in the base oil.These oils are: coconut, burdock oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, almond, and others.At one table spoon of base oil should be just 1-2 drops of essential oil.Test vehicle before use on the skin, the presence of irritation, redness, allergies.

applied to the hair spreading over the entire length, leave for an hour.Then you need to wash your hair with shampoo.This mask can be done once a week.Rinse your hair with water can be acidified with apple cider vinegar.Per liter of water a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Rosemary oil in its pure form can not be applied to the skin, in order to avoid burns.Rosemary oil is contraindicated in epilepsy, convulsions.With sensitive skin, use oil with caution.Do not use oil of rosemary during pregnancy.

Rosemary essential oil is perfectly stimulates hair growth.It regulates the oiliness of hair.After applying the mask with essential oils of rosemary longer hair remains clean.In addition, oil strengthens hair and helps them recover.

As a result of the oil improves skin and hair.With regular use of rosemary essential oil for hair, after only a few treatments, you will notice that the hair is smooth, supple, silky.Also, rosemary oil helps get rid of dandruff.

I have hair now using lavender essential oil.I make a mask with the oil, and the result aromaraschesyvanie already see.Lavender oil is an excellent remedy for hair makes it elastic hair shiny, smooth.For more information on oil of lavender and its applications, see the article "The essential oil of lavender, properties and application".

rosemary you can enrich your shampoo or shampoo batch, which will wash your hair.Add a serving of shampoo a few drops of oil and wash your head.

mask with essential oils of rosemary hair.

mask with rosemary oil for hair loss. If your hair is rosemary essential oil can be mixed with castor oil or burdock.On the bases of the spoon drop two drops of essential oil.The components are mixed and the mask is left on the hair for about 40 minutes.Wash off with shampoo.

Enhances Hair Growth Essential Oil Bay, learn about this oil can from the article "Essential Oil hit Hair".It is used to accelerate the growth of hair.

mask with oil of rosemary for dry hair. need to mask the egg yolk, 50 grams of almond or olive oil, 2-3 drops of rosemary oil.All ingredients should be mixed and mask for half an hour to the hair before washing the head.Wash your hair with shampoo.

mask with rosemary oil for oily hair. Mix 10 ml.jojoba oil and 20 ml.grape seed oil, to the oil, add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary.The resulting tool is applied to the hair for an hour, wash off with shampoo.

mask with rosemary oil for dandruff. Rosemary oil is used for dandruff.To mask we need three tablespoons of melted cocoa butter, three tablespoons of burdock oil 3-4 drops of essential oil of rosemary.This mask is applied to the hair for three hours, rinse shampoo mask.

Hair masks can do 1 time in two weeks.If there is evidence, then apply a hair mask with rosemary oil can be once a week.

Rosemary oil perfect for hair oil, the most important thing to buy quality oil, then the result of its application will be noticeable.