Hello dear readers.Today I want to write a review and coconut oil.I very much liked the coconut oil is for hair.The benefits can be felt from the first application.I'm just delighted with the coconut oil.Using them has become recently.Approximately a month.As usual, looking for a cure for hair loss, hair growth, as well as how to save over-dried hair.I watched a lot of movies and read a lot of information.I came to the conclusion that to save my hair dry coconut oil will help.

So, the use of coconut oil for hair is huge.I have read that some girls coconut oil dries hair, but most importantly the right to apply to the hair, and then everything will be okay.On the blog I wrote an article about how coconut oil and apply it to the hair.All you can read in the article "Coconut hair oil.Application ".Today decided to write a review about coconut oil on the blog.

I applied the coconut oil on the whole hair, that is, from the roots to the tips, and also on the length.So, in my opinion, coconut oil should b

e used only in length.Because if oiled hair from the hair root, the hair quickly become dirty (greasy).So if you have scalp is oily, do not apply coconut oil on the roots of the hair, it is better to put oil on the length.But for dry hair and tips, coconut oil is a godsend.

second thing I want to say.Leave on the hair oil should be at least 2 hours, it is a minimum and a maximum for the whole night.But if you do not wash off the oil for 3-4 hours, the effect is much better than if you an hour to wash off the oil from the hair.

Use coconut oil for hair My Review

Coconut oil is very gentle and easy in consistency, with a slight aroma of coconut.I do not know if someone does not like the smell of coconut, but I like.Coconut oil at room temperature, retains its hardness, but it is easy to melt on contact with the hands.

general, as recommended, you need to melt the coconut oil before use in a water bath.Frankly, I do not.I take a piece of the oil in his hands and the butter melts from the heat of the hands, nanoshu oil on the hair, and then take the next piece of butter.So until not apply oil to the entire length of the hair.I pay particular attention to the tips of the hair.

  • Oleic acid found in coconut oil a powerful moisturizer.Plus it helps retain moisture in the hair and restore the protective function.
  • Coconut oil protects and nourishes the hair.
  • Lauric acid, helps protect hair from adverse environmental conditions.
  • My hair after applying the oil become more flat and smooth, though, I have curly hair.
  • hair also become more alive, filled with vitality, if I may say so.
  • Plus hair so soft and shiny, even my friend is noted.

Apply hair better unrefined coconut oil from it and use longer hair.

What I want to point out that coconut oil is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive or allergic to it.

Coconut oil godsend for dry hair and dry hair ends.Most importantly, the use of coconut oil for hair reduces protein loss from hair during washing.

to dull and damaged hair coconut oil not less than helpful.I after the summer, hair was exactly as dull and dry.Coconut oil returns hair natural shine.

result is visible from the first application of coconut oil.Oil can be used both in pure form or mixed with other components.I only apply coconut oil in its pure form.Mask I prefer yolk, very much to me like a mask from egg yolks and oil.View mask recipe can be in the article "The egg yolk hair".

Pure coconut oil, I put on the hair once a week.Can be applied to dry hair after wash head, I tried probably caused a lot of hair looked greasy.For me, it is better to the hair oil just before washing the head, and then wash off with shampoo.

Regarding how wash hair with coconut oil?Here I do not see a problem.The oil is washed off perfectly.I wash off the oil once a well-lathered shampoo hair, then well washed hair with warm water.Balm I do not use as hair and so shine and look great.

the hair need comprehensive care, masks and vitamins.I drank calcium, now I drink vitamins.After calcium really, my hair began to fall less.Hair problems can not only be external but also internal.The lack of vitamins, trace elements, decreased hemoglobin, chronic disease, which in turn adversely affects the hair.So all is well in the complex, as if there are problems with hair should look not only to external causes but also internal.

If you have not used coconut oil for hair, I advise you to try.A lot of reading reviews, on the application of the oil and all the positive, only a couple of negative reviews.From my positive review of coconut oil.I was the second time I buy coconut oil as well as the effect of the use of oil for hair I liked.

How to apply coconut oil on the hair and the result of the application can be viewed in the video clip.