Today, there is so much money on hair care products that just look at first.The girls who have long hair is always a lot of questions.How to maintain the beauty of hair?What to do if hair loss?Many people I know a short cut, and issues relating to the hair, they are not concerned.

But, I do wonder, especially with regard to hair.Very much I like long hair.Here and I ask questions.Do I need a hair calcium? Because a lot of reading, healthy and strong hair and nails you to provide calcium supplementation.Well, it is clear nails, calcium couple of years ago I saw specifically, because they were thin nails.Once I have kerf calcium packaging, nails really become solid and strong.

Well hair whether calcium, for example, need, loss and growth.Frankly, I peruse the entire Internet.The unequivocal answer to the question I did not find.Many blogs offer to do hair mask with calcium.You take a pill, pound them into powder and mask adds.No, well, it's all in my mind, is complete nonsense.Like, if the calcium tab

let obmazhesh hair they become crepe.

Assuming that if the organism generally calcium is needed, it is certainly necessary.Calcium is useful for enhancing bone in the body.And doctors are advised not to drink vitamins in the complex, and separately guzzle each vitamin.So I advised my friend, she's a nurse, I have no reason not to trust her.And the child's pediatrician advised to drink vitamins separately, and not complex.Since vitamins are better absorbed.For example, the 1-2 weeks you drink calcium, followed by vitamin C, and so on.

But still, the hair grew faster, to do not get lost salt peeling for hair.It is not just about reading, even wrote an article.To view the information, see the article "Salt peeling for hair".

I have decided on the hair of calcium, consult your hairdresser.I went to cut bangs and about calcium ask the question to his master.She says that calcium is important for the hair, but also important vitamins and minerals.Calcium is important not so much that he put in the first place.

Well, the answer received, but I think you need another one to ask the barber, well, to compare opinions.In general, today, I am doing manicures, and next girl doing hairstyle.I have long been familiar with it.I told her at once question about calcium.Like, I need a hair calcium?

She paused a moment, and then said that we need calcium, but not as important to it, right to put such a focus.Then what is important?Well of course, I need to know.Vitamins, hair mask.You can make masks with vitamins in ampoules for hair.Take the vitamins you need, and of course food.Hair

important protein, vitamin A, E, C, B vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, fluorine, selenium, iron, calcium, sulfur, iodine, and copper.

  • B vitamins are useful for growth, shine, hair elasticity.
  • Vitamin A improves the structure of hair, making hair strong.
  • Vitamin C helps iron absorption and activates circulation.
  • Zinc prevents hair loss and graying.
  • Silicon makes hair stronger and stronger.
  • Calcium is needed for the hair structure.
  • Iron strengthens hair and prevents graying.
  • Iodine gives hair a healthy appearance.
  • Phosphorus is needed for the elasticity and color saturation.
  • Selenium protects the hair from harmful environmental influences.

Well, so, all the vitamins and minerals are necessary and important for the hair.I myself bought a package of calcium with vitamin D3, now I drink, look at the condition of the hair.You can certainly lean on foods that contain calcium, but as practice shows, to replenish the body daily calcium, you need to eat per day to 1 kg.cottage cheese, I'm not able to manage.About

useful for hair products, please read the article on "useful products for hair blog".While the drink calcium tablets.If I see that hair loss is reduced, the hair began to grow faster, be sure to write your review.