Many girls dream of long and beautiful hair, and those who have long hair, you do want to preserve the beauty and health of hair, protect hair from the tips of the dissection.Being the owner of long hair, I am also looking for all the ways to preserve the beauty of their hair.I recently read that fish oil is very positive effect on the hair.Moreover, fish oil, even a hair mask made.But I certainly do not do the mask of the fish oil, I do not know, something it does not attract me.However, taking fish oil into the matter right.

The most important thing is to choose a high-quality fish oil.In our pharmacies sell fish oil from different manufacturers.And after you drink fish oil capsules if you have fish burp, all this suggests that fish oil is not a quality.Fish belching, after drinking fish oil capsules should not be.

Besides fish oil certainly our hair needs protein, vitamins, trace elements.The products that we need for beauty and hair growth, the list of these products can be found in the article

"Useful products for hair".Plus, with hair problems can be due to internal health problems, vitamin deficiency, decreased immunity and other diseases.Therefore, it is necessary to pay much attention.It is advisable to guzzle vitamins are very useful for hair vitamins B.

Fish Hair fat.Benefits for the strengthening and growth.

Well, what fish oil to deserve such attention, especially for the benefit of the hair.Now the pharmacy is sold in capsules, drank capsule and there is no problem, do not have any discomfort.

Fish oil - a fat which is obtained from fatty fish deep.Fish oil is an excellent general tonic, improves our immune system.In the structure contains many fish oil polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

  • acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 are extremely useful for our body.These acids nourish the hair follicles, making hair strong and shiny, as well as accelerate the growth of hair.
  • Omega 3 also helps to eliminate skin dryness, itching and peeling.
  • iron, which is contained in fish oil helps to deliver oxygen to the hair follicles.
  • Oleic acid and palmitic acid, exert influence on the improvement of the hair structure, both internal and external their condition.
  • Vitamin A belongs to the composition of fish oil helps to eliminate brittle hair.
  • Vitamin D we need for the transport of calcium and phosphorus, all of these trace elements are very important for the health and beauty of hair.
  • When used fish oil improves the body's metabolism.
  • Fish oil will wash our hair stay supple, shiny and grow faster.

Fish oil is indicated for use with brittle, dry hair, hair loss, when posechennyh tips.Although, from the tips you need to get rid posechennyh, they need to shear.

At the use of fish oil inside the hair becomes more elastic, disappears fragility and hair get a beautiful shine.But it provided that you are caring for your hair, applying decoctions of herbs, oils, masks, because as we know, all good in the complex.

Can I eat fish instead of fish oil? The best fish is deep-sea fish, salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, tuna.Instead of fish oil can be several times a week to eat fish.You receive a cocktail of nutrients for the body, vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements.

And fish oil prevents mental disorders in the body, improves memory and attention, and slows down the aging processes in our body.

Eat fish oil is necessary to 2 grams per day.Typically, you need to drink cod liver oil is not less than a month to see the result.I use fish oil periodically, because they do not always get to eat the fish and carefully follow the diet.But, to give up fish for the benefit of fish oil is still not worth it.

Contraindications to the use of fish oil.

  • When intolerance or allergy to fish, of course, fish oil contraindicated.
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • In chronic diseases of the stomach, kidney, colon, thyroid, diseases of the blood, before the use of fish oil it is necessary to consult a doctor.
  • In diabetes also take fish oil under the supervision of a physician.

I do not know whether fish oil helps the hair or positive effect is due to the fact that I'm doing everything in the complex.I drink vitamins, make masks for hair, use a hair oil.It protects, nourishes and restores hair coconut oil.Already so much about all this said and written, but I wrote a review article "Coconut oil for hair".This oil, which just has to be among my makeup.

I read that using fish oil make the hair mask, but I confess honestly, masks fish oil did not do so and will not speak about it.I love the mask of egg yolk and olive oil for hair.