Hello dear readers.Chic hair pride and beauty of women.Long hair is attached to the charm and femininity to any girl.In this course, many may not agree with me, well, everyone has their own opinion and it is also the place to be.

What could be better and more effective than the homemade mask for the hair density.Masks made from natural products.To be honest, I tried natural products purchased masks and masks, were not satisfied.But I really like the masks from natural products.

masks nourish the hair, strengthening them, giving hair a natural shine and beauty.hair loss problem is now of concern to many, because of this, the hair becomes sparse, and so want hair density.And this problem many.Still, food, environment, means that we use for hair care make themselves felt.

If you have hair fall reconsider your diet, include in the diet of meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and berries.You can also do an additional mask, thus strengthening the hair.Abandon varnish, ironing and other resourc

es, which adversely affect the hair.Adjust your diet will help article on the blog "Products that are useful for hair growth".

But what do you do?This all will help domestic masks, masks the best recipes, in my opinion, I want to share in this article.Of course, any mask for the hair I do and I like them, and some are deducted and only going to apply.

rules for the application of hair density masks.

  • Ingredients for masks should be fresh and natural.
  • Masks are usually prepared on time, 2-3 times a mask is not ready.
  • Masks should not be cold nor hot, they should be comfortable for you to temperature.
  • Before applying the mask, it is desirable, in order to avoid an allergy test done on the mask.Remember that some foods are allergens.
  • Masks need to do a course of 10-15 procedures a month break and then you can repeat it.

Pets effective mask for the hair density.

prerequisite for hair masks, for best results, have the availability of fresh produce, most natural.It's eggs, honey, dairy products and others.

egg hair mask.

I really like the egg mask.I love the mask made from egg yolks.Eggs, it is imperative for the mask I use the village, if I do not have eggs village, with traditional stores a mask I do not.Of course I try to buy eggs only with friends.

Egg mask is really used to strengthen the hair.Also, these masks are effective in brittle hair and split ends.Secrets of cooking egg masks you can find hair and a large variety of them in the article "Egg mask for strengthening hair."

mask, I use a very simple, I mix a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or almond oil (you can take burdock) with one egg yolk.Usually my hair, I take three egg yolks and six tablespoons of oil.All components of the masks need to mix well and put somewhere for an hour on your hair.Wash off with water all year, if to wash hair with hot water is threatened by the fact that the egg is cooked on the hair.When the mask washed my hair with shampoo.The mask can be done once a week.

mask with burdock oil.

To strengthen and density of hair very effective mask with burdock oil.And you can make a mask once a week.Burdock oil can simply be heated and applied to the hair, left for an hour, and can be mixed with various ingredients and applied to the hair.

for hair prone to fat, burdock oil can be mixed with dry mustard and put on hair, all mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.

For normal hair egg yolk mixed with a few tablespoons of burdock oil.I'm here with the yolk and burdock really like masks.I do their hair periodically.

very suitable mask with honey, it nourishes the hair, making it a little lighter, I have dark hair and a mask with honey and I do not really like to blond hair, and did not fit.And for the dark hair, the color saturation is better to use a mask with cocoa hair.Recipes masks with cocoa is in the article "Cocoa for hair".

Yeast mask for hair.

has long been among the female popular yeast mask.They are well strengthen the hair and contribute to their growth.Yeast mask not complex, 30 grams of yeast dissolved in a small amount of milk and applied to the hair, rinsed with warm water.

mask with pepper brandy and yeast.Mix 2 tablespoons of pepper 30 grams of yeast.Apply the mask on your hair and wash off after 40 minutes of her shampoo.

also to strengthen the hair using castor oil, it is mixed with brandy in a ratio of 2: 1.Castor oil may be applied in a mixture of olive oil with 1: 1, mixed and applied to the hair.But to be honest, castor oil for hair I did not apply, so I can not say anything.

Broth nettle hair density.

Here to nettles I'm very well, she brewed nettle and rinse hair after a shampoo wash.Hair becomes more magnificent, glittering and fewer drop out and it's really noticeable.That's only necessary to cut the nettles with gloves and a handful of herbs to brew in 1 liter of water.Rinse your hair with warm decoction of nettles.Make usually 10-15 procedures.Although this course and troublesome, but effective.Nettle is not only to return the hair shine and radiance, but also to reduce hair loss, the hair will become thicker.

And what mask density of hair do you have?Share your favorite recipe hair mask in the comments, I will be very grateful for the proven recipe.