Hello dear readers.Today I once again concerning the topic of hair.I agree that a woman with long hair looks very attractive and feminine.Men like women with long hair.However, holders of long hair should take care of them, do not you?

But what do you do if cut by the tips of the hair?After the hair at the ends of which are cut is not attractive, in addition, they bifurcate ends and appear much lighter than other hair.

You know, all this of course is very unpleasant, women who want to have long hair and are very attractive to fear cut off the extra centimeter of hair.But, as my hairdresser that reason.My hairdresser says that no matter how unfortunate it may sound, but the tips of the hair, especially posechennye need to shear.Also, my hairdresser recommended time to cut the hair ends in half a year, even if your hair looks good, it helps the hair grow faster, look healthy, as though it may sound ridiculous.

But if this is your problem permanently, you need to find out the reasons why you have whi

pped the tips of the hair?The sooner you do, the sooner you can help yourself in this matter.

Why cut by the tips of the hair?

begin with that hair can be dry and visited at the end result in a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.Recently I wrote an article entitled "What foods are good for the hair."What products promote hair growth.You can of course take and vitamin complexes, but here need professional help.

Enemy hair hot water, hair should be washed with warm water.Rinse better "summer" if hair is oily, then rinse hair with water acidulated with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Sometimes the cause can be backcombing hair, so women are trying to make the hair more luxuriant.Even here we have noticed on September 1, some mothers do themselves such, but backcombing bad for hair.

Permanent hair coloring can cause hair overdrying and hence posechennye tips.It is best to buy quality paint or stain the hair of a good specialist, and of course to care for colored hair.

Spoil tips of hair dryer, hair iron, as well STAYS bareheaded in the sun, wind, cold.I can say that I, too, sometimes in the winter without a hat walk, it is very bad for your hair.In summer, the hair dry and lifeless look, besides burn.I even this year, especially on the sea to wear headscarves, thus preserving the beauty of hair.

use hairspray.I use it only for celebration, but every day there.And anyway, as my hairdresser that is now in vogue natural beauty, can someone is ridiculous.

use the best hair wooden comb with rounded edges, but made of plastic and metal better not to use.

As you can see, quite a lot of reasons, it often happens that a person is suffering from a disease of the internal organs, takes a large amount of drugs or "sitting" on a diet, the hair suffer from it too.

What if cut by the tips of the hair?

hair tips, I think so, especially it is necessary to split shear.Just then a very good care of hair and the tips of the hair, using oils and masks.

Some believe that the haircut hot scissors ideal solution.I, when sheared specifically asked by his barber giving a haircut hot scissors, and she explained to me that this "solders" ends of the hair and it will help your hair to be healthy in the future.But, individually, all depends on the structure of the hair and care for them.However, alternatively one can try.

I discovered oil, like them a lot and a lot of them write on the blog.I bought a peach seed oil and after washing the hair, after the hair is dry, I put on the tips of the hair oil and distributes them only on the tips of the hair net, then it does not wash off.And the oil is absorbed into the hair well, greasy and dirty hair tips do not look.Read about Peach oil can be in the article on the blog "Oil peach pits".

Like yourself at home to get rid of split ends.

I read a lot, watched videos on the tips of the hair sostriganie own home.Quite simply, you need to take a strand of hair, twist them tight flagella and hold your hand against the direction of hair growth.All the hair that will stick out in different directions should be cut.

But here only need sharp scissors, but not stupid, as stupid scissors can further damage the hair ends.So all the hair is twisted alternately in flagella and cut protruding ends.This simple but long, but the barber so you will not mess around, that's for sure.

all do once a month at home, and it allows you to keep the length of hair.I say at once, I do not own such a procedure done at home, but want to try.

best oil for split ends.

Oil of burdock, olive, castor, Organova, coconut.Oil is applied to the hair and left for a few hours, then washed with shampoo.Coconut oil should be applied to wet hair.Also

oily solutions of vitamin A, E, fish oil is applied to the hair in admixture with preheating oil.

oil is applied for an hour or two and then all wash off with shampoo and rinse conditioner.

also useful for hair oil Bey, butter broccoli.You can apply aromaraschesyvanie.In general, hair care requires both time and money, I can tell judging by itself.

Mask for hair with egg yolk and olive oil for hair.

mask made from egg yolk and olive oil well operates on the hair.I use a mask for not only olive oil, and almond.Proportion 1 egg yolk Two tablespoons of olive oil, if the hair is long, the rate of increase.I take my three yolks.I put or render a mask on your hair, paying special attention to the ends of the hair, for about an hour.I wash off with shampoo.Lemon rinsed acidified waters.

Often we ask ourselves, are cut hair tips, what to do?But everything has its solution.Believe me, giving time to the hair, namely, careful maintenance, you will promptly deal with this problem.

Rinsing hair with herbs.

I was a child myself nettles brewed for rinsing hair, as I really liked long hair.Once hair cut by a penalty, but then I decided that I would be long and grow hair.Kopal and brewed burdock root and rinse hair.

I like the nettle broth rinse hair after the first application look much better and healthier.How useful nettles for beauty and hair growth, and how to brew nettles, I wrote an article on "Nettle blog for hair growth".All can learn from the article.

also read that if the hair ends are cut, it is recommended to rinse the hair infusion of mint.But I have not tried to apply mint infusion, I tried burdock root and nettle.

also suggest you watch the video clip that shows how to cut hair at home by making the tips of their flagella and many different tips for hair care products.