Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about useful products for hair growth.A lot of writing on the blog of recipes for hair masks and face.Of course, in addition to external application, you also need to pay attention to products that help our hair grow faster, be stronger and look healthier.

I think every woman once in my life did a hair mask, the mask depends on the efficiency of its constituent components.I really like the egg hair mask, masks recipes I shared an article on "Egg mask entries to strengthen the hair."In this article I share the secrets of cooking the egg masks.

useful products for hair growth.

hair Berries.

berries in season need to eat berries.Also berries suitable for masks.They are useful for oily hair.Masks from the berries normalize the sebaceous glands, plus everything will remove the shine from the hair.The berries are a source of vitamins, which are very necessary for our body.

Very useful for hair:

  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • currant
  • cranberries
  • buckthorn
  • Rowan
  • cranberry

Apply the mask with berries to prevent hair loss and bring back the shine and vitalitypower hair.

Honey hair.

Very useful for hair natural honey.I'm here now trying to eat honey instead of sugar.Natural honey is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.If you are not allergic to honey, it is quite possible to replace the sugar, for example.

Honey contains plenty of glucose, fructose, vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, B9, PP, cobalt, manganese, iron, potassium and others.Masks of honey is mainly used for light hair, since honey is a little lightens hair.I have dark hair, I tried to mask hair with honey, but the other ingredients of the mask go for dark hair, still honey is more suitable for light curls.

What makes honey or what problems helps to cope in masks:

  • Honey strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth.
  • less hair fall out.
  • Honey moisturizes the hair ends.
  • Honey nourishes the hair, normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  • hair after application of honey masks become smooth and silky.
  • Honey helps to prevent gray hair.

honey also helps to cope with such a problem as the posechennye tips, but, believe me, nothing so helps both pruning tips.I'm just so, and got rid of posechennyh ends, no matter how they were sorry, but they need to shear.As my hairdresser every 3 months posechennye tips need to shear.

hair Fruits.

Well, as without them, it is very useful for hair fresh fruit, they should always be in your diet.And if they are crushed into a puree, then this is an excellent hair makeup as a mask.

Very useful for hair:

  • apples pears
  • grapes banana kiwi
  • apricot orange peach

Fruits hair filled with energy, healthy shine and strength.

Citrus not only fragrant, but also useful for oily hair, you can apply them in masks for normal hair, but in small quantities.For dry hair Citrus contraindicated because they can harm the hair.

If you are preparing a mask, you will need to wash and clean the fruit, remove the seeds and chop.Especially useful fruit mask in spring and autumn.

Dairy products for hair.

We all know that dairy products contain calcium, and calcium is the basic building material of bone tissue.But calcium is also necessary for us for strong and healthy teeth, nails, and of course hair.

include natural dairy products in your diet.This cottage cheese, and yogurt and fermented baked milk, sour and fresh milk, sour cream, whey.Also, these products are used to prepare hair masks.Use for making masks all milk and milk products, they are the components of the mask.

Masks of fermented milk products nourish the hair.If your hair is oily, the products should be taken with a minimal amount of fat, and if the hair is dry, the products, whether dairy or non-dairy sour take the maximum percentage of fat.

Basically what you need because it's fresh dairy and dairy products.It is desirable to buy at the store.For masks suitable rustic sour cream, milk and other dairy products.

to mask products should not be cold, they should be fresh and at room temperature.Some masks have to reheat food in a water bath.

Also, if you take yogurt to mask it to products proven to be beneficial for hair, take yogurt without dyes and flavorings.

Dairy products like no other speed hair growth.Plus I make hair more beautiful and silky.

hair eggs.

Eggs are useful for strengthening the hair, they are widely used in the composition of hair masks.The yolk for dry hair, and the protein to fat, a whole egg is suitable for normal hair.

Lecithin contained in eggs contributes to the rapid growth and moisturizing hair.Useful as chicken and quail eggs.On the blog I wrote how to use quail eggs to the hair and how they are useful.All you can read in the article "The Masks of quail eggs for the face and hair."And quail eggs are not only used for hair care and they are used for facials.

hair roots nourish the vitamins contained in the eggs, this B vitamins and vitamin A and D. But micronutrients improve the metabolic processes in cells.

And yet I would like to note that the eggs is desirable to buy a home, not a store.All the same, they are natural.For example, I do hair masks using only homemade eggs.


is very useful to eat nuts.They contain lots of vitamins, vegetable protein, which enhances hair growth, shine and beauty of your hair.Very useful, any nuts in our area grow walnuts, I love them very much.


meat is valuable because of the iron and protein, which is very useful for hair.The most useful lean beef.


Very useful fish, it is valuable because of the omega acids, vitamins that enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss.Certainly very helpful salmon, trout, salmon.

course remember that all diets are harmful not only for the body but also the hair.Hair needs vitamins and minerals, proteins.Let your hair will be healthy and beautiful.