Hello dear readers.I have a lot on his blog telling about the care of the face and hair.Those oils which are familiar to me, I am writing about them, I write how to apply hair oil.There are oils that have become my favorite.Now a wide range of oils, how to choose a good hair oil?What are the nuances you need to know when choosing a hair oil, let's see.

On the blog I wrote about burdock, which I use to strengthen hair.Recipes masks for hair and applications can be found in the hair article "Burdock oil".But today I'll talk more about oils, which can be used for growth, shine and strengthen hair.

Use oil can be for making masks, and independently.Let's look at the most useful oils for hair.

How to choose a hair oil?Review of useful oils.

Each oil has its useful properties that help to strengthen and preserve the health and beauty of hair.

  • cocoa butter one of my favorite oils, it is solid in consistency and it should melt before use, but it is perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair, give
    s shine, stimulates hair growth.
  • wheat germ oil , this oil is used in hair loss.
  • buckthorn oil , and I really like, it is used to restore posechennyh hair ends, Sea Buckthorn oil heals weakened and damaged hair.
  • Shea , recently wrote about this oil is also one of my favorite, it is used for the face, body, and of course hair.Shea butter is used for weak, brittle, thin hair, with posechennymi tips.For more information read about shea butter in my article "Shea (Shea)".
  • almond oil , too, I use it, not only hair, but also for the person.Almond oil is used for the normal type of hair, suitable for regular hair care, I add it to the masks.My favorite mask of egg yolk and almond oil for hair.
  • macadamia oil , I do not use oil, just not my turn to buy it, but judging by the reviews of this oil, it just moisturizes dry hair, it is useful to apply it against hair loss.
  • Grape seed oil , nourishes the hair and for hair care products of any type.
  • Peach oil , this oil gives hair extra volume and natural shine.
  • Jojoba useful for hair restoration, besides this oil moisturizes hair.
  • rosehip oil , it is suitable for the care of very dry and brittle hair.For more information on oil, see the article "Oil of rose hips for the face and hair."
  • Flaxseed oil is useful for the care of the hair roots, as well nourishes the hair roots and activates hair growth.
  • Oil Amla , gives hair shine, softness and silkiness.
  • Castor oil , this oil cures mainly dry and fine hair, helps get rid of dandruff.
  • Olive oil , I use it in the various masks for hair, this oil helps restore hair.
  • Burdock oil stops hair loss, stimulates hair growth, hair, this oil has a very good effect.
  • Argan oil gives the hair volume and thickness.

When choosing a hair oil guided by their own preferences.And of course all of the different oil price.If oil facial masks need less, then the hair is naturally greater, but still depends on the length and thickness of the hair.

I choose on the basis of oil price - quality.I buy one oil, test, apply, prepare a mask, then the other.So many oils suited me and became my favorite.

is also important to have in the oil was not allergic, so check it on individual tolerance to the use of oil.So, if you have chosen for yourself some oil, then the question arises, how to apply it?

How to apply oil to the hair?

Some oil is left on the hair shine, but if you know the rules of the use of oils, then this can be avoided.

  1. oils are recommended to heat and apply them in the form of heat.Heated in a water bath to 40 degrees.If the oil is not liquid, it must be sure to melt, it refers to cocoa butter, shea butter.When
  2. prepare hair masks are mixed all the ingredients, then add the oil.
  3. Apply a mask or oil first rubbing the hair roots, and then distribute them throughout.
  4. Also, after applying oil or mask should be put on a hair cap or plastic bag, wrap the head with a towel.Masks
  5. oil and left on the hair of 20 minutes and 2 hours.
  6. So, as washing hair after oil or mask.I used my shampoo the hair several times, that is, washed my hair, and then a second time struck shampoo and washed her hair again.
  7. I recently read that you can use dry mustard, which adds to the portion of shampoo that are going to wash your hair.
  8. Also, after shampooing the head, you can rinse your hair with the addition of herbal decoction or vinegar, or lemon juice.
  9. mask or hair oil is usually applied once a week, but if you use for therapeutic purposes, it is better to 2 times a week.
  10. course usually is 10-15 procedures.

usually using hair oil is always a good result.For dry and damaged hair oils do just wonders.The procedure of applying the mask to the hair or face, for his body care, already uplifting.

Recipes masks for hair with oils.

before selecting oil familiarize yourself with what this oil is required for the function of the hair than it is useful for your hair and what can help.Choosing butter, try, test, so you will have an arsenal of oils that you like and have a beneficial effect on the hair.

Burdock oil for hair strengthening.

Burdock oil is used in hair loss.I offer you a recipe restorative hair mask.For the preparation you need to mix 1 egg yolk with a spoon burdock oil, brandy spoon, a spoon of aloe juice.Apply the mask on your hair and keep the hair for half an hour.

Mask with butter maskadamii.

maskadamii oil helps to get rid of dry and brittle hair.For the preparation of the mask you need to mix macadamia oil in equal parts lemon juice and apply on hair for half an hour.This mask will return the shine to hair.

Grape seed oil and jojoba oil for hair growth.

Mix equal amounts of grape seed oil and jojoba oil, add 4 drops of rosemary oil, and a few drops of oil can add thyme and cedar.Apply the mask on your hair for an hour.