Hello dear readers.Today I want to say a few words about pasta sulsena hair.I want to tell you my experience with my reviews.Probably each of us is faced with dandruff.And dandruff can be completely due to various reasons, plus everything is accompanied by unpleasant dandruff itching scalp.Of course, if I did not have dandruff, I did not have to "fight" with it, then I have the question naturally arises, what to do?

Just want to say that pasta sulsenu not used to strengthen the hair.To strengthen the hair better use of natural masks.For example, I really like the egg mask, how to apply and recipes of various masks can be found in my article "The egg hair mask".

I have curly hair, but I do not really go unfortunately without a bang, and curls in different directions in the form of bangs somehow did not look.That is why I have long enjoyed the ironing, I level bangs, sometimes hair.Bang course I level often, that I was faced with such a problem like dandruff.But dandruff accompanied by very unpleasan

t itching, it was precisely in the area of ​​bangs.And as they say, white snowflakes, lying on a bang.All this is not nice.

I went to the pharmacy to buy in the hope of any remedy for dandruff and is to quickly and effectively saved me from this problem.I consulted with a pharmacist and she advised me sulsenu, said paste sulsena good remedy for hair, which helps get rid of dandruff.

Pasta sulsena hair from dandruff, my reviews.

basis paste sulsena is selenium disulfide, and a lot of useful components that eliminate of sebum, improves the livelihoods of the hair follicles.It increases the tone of the hair and removes the skin itch.

Pasta sulsena has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.But, among other things improves the appearance of hair.

course, dandruff, this paste is best taken in conjunction with the shampoo.That is, wash your hair with shampoo and apply sulsena paste.But I have itching and dandruff was only in the bang, so the shampoo I did not take, took only a paste.

There sulsena paste 1% and 2% there.I have a 1% paste sulsena.

Pasta sulsena helps eliminate dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and pityriasis versicolor.If the problem is serious, it is better to take 2% of the paste.

Pasta sulsena.Application.

Apply the paste is very simple and easy.For a start is better to wash the head with shampoo.I took my usual shampoo and soap hair, but can be used sulsena shampoo.

After shampooing on wet hair, the scalp should be rubbed a small amount of paste sulsena.I squeezed the paste on hands and rubbed into the scalp.The paste is squeezed hard, but it does not matter.

way, sulsena paste has a rather pleasant smell, I expect that there will be smell, but the smell fragrant.Colour peach paste, the consistency is thick cream.In general, the procedure is not nasty, as I myself think up until a paste carried home.

Generally we put the paste on the scalp and keep for 10-15 minutes.Then wash off with lukewarm water flowing paste and dry hair.

So, how much time you need to apply the paste sulsena?I thought that I would have to treat dandruff it long and tedious.But, as it turned out, everything is much easier.I dealt paste 1 time and everything dandruff as usual.I just loved it.Wow.I just did not expect to like this, for 1 time to get rid of dandruff.That's why decided to write a review.

general of dandruff I forgot a long time.And recently changed the shampoo, do not know if he did not came up, but I had dandruff, I remembered sulsene.Once you smeared and no problems.

On the packaging says that for the prevention of skin seborrhea head paste applied 2 times a week, 1 month, every six months.


There are protection measures.Make sure to paste sulsena not get into your eyes.And if they hit, then thoroughly rinse eyes with water.But try to put it gently.

As it is written on the packaging of pasta sulsena that contraindications have been identified that pleased me.The only thing to say is, it should not be used if you are hypersensitive, or if you have sensitivity to the paste components.

also keep sulsena paste in place not accessible to children.I keep the paste on the shelf in the bathroom.On the package indicated that the need to keep far away from sources of heat and light, and protected from exposure to direct sunlight.

Storage temperature paste from 0 to +25 degrees.Keep the paste can be 3 years, so you it will last for 3 years, will use it if necessary.

But for the growth and density of hair, use vitamins in capsules.My friend advised me some recipes I described in the article "Mask for hair with vitamins in capsules."

my general review of the paste sulsena solid five.I am very pleased with this facility, the main trouble no.I do not want to copy the article reviews other forums, write only your own review.At the expense of other diseases not know, but with dandruff sulsena copes perfectly and eliminates itching.I hope you useful information and paste sulsena will help get rid of dandruff.