Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the beauty of hair.How to give your hair shine, to maintain their vitality and beauty, how to prevent hair loss?There are many factors that influence hair.The hair becomes dull and fall out due to malnutrition, lack of vitamins in the body due to stress.Hair injured if long to arrive at the sun, cold or wind.

But help hair gain luster, beauty and strength to help the simple and cheap means.Here come to the aid, egg hair mask.Today I will tell you how to make egg-honey mask for hair and egg hair masks with various components.These masks nourishing and regenerating, strengthen and nourish not only the hair, but the hair roots.

Typically for making masks for hair, we need the whole eggs or egg yolks.Since it is the yolk contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals.On the blog, I already have an article on the masks from the yolk face "masks for the face of the yolk."I myself use these masks and effects are pretty.Of course, for such purposes, I would re

commend to use a homemade eggs, not shop.

Egg mask for strengthening hair.

Egg mask, as they say, can make a miracle with weak, dull and damaged hair.I am writing to all not just because she apply egg mask and the effect is very satisfied.If you do a course of 7-10 times, using several times a week, you will see the result.However, the result will be already visible after the first hair masks.

I very much like and egg-honey hair mask.Honey we buy every year a delicious, natural from a friend beekeeper.We use it as a natural remedy for colds and other diseases.And facial hair and I still use it.For the mask, I recommend you also use natural honey.Such honey is a valuable hair.More details about the honey masks for hair and of their application process can be found in the article "Honey Hair".

Secrets of cooking egg hair masks.

  • Eggs for better use homemade masks.Homemade egg is just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that you need our hair.
  • eggs for the preparation of the mask should be at room temperature.To do this, just need to get them in advance from the refrigerator.
  • Mix the ingredients with a fork, you can mask and can whisk until smooth.
  • Apply egg mask to dry hair.Because if you apply them to damp hair, then the mask will just flow down the hair.
  • I want to draw attention to the fact that the egg wash off the mask with hair better than water at room temperature.The fact is that if the mask rinse with hot water egg simply "boil" on the hair.I already had a bad experience.

options cooking egg masks vast.Make a mask for the hair can be with the addition of various components.

Egg-honey mask for dry hair type.

For preparation, we need 2 egg yolks, 1 spoon of honey, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, if there is no olive oil, you can use almond oil, burdock or grape seed oil.On the application of almond oil for hair and face I wrote in the article "Almond oil".I love this oil and apply myself.

Yolk pound, add the butter and honey.If you have a thick honey, it must be melted in a water bath.Mask components are mixed until smooth.Apply on hair, wrapped tape, leave for half an hour.Wash off the mask no hot water.Apply once a week.

mask with brittle hair and split ends.

To prepare the masks we need an egg and olive oil.The whole egg should be lightly beaten, add two tablespoons of olive oil.Mask is mixed and applied to the hair.About half an hour.Wash off with water.This mask can be done several times a week.

Apply this mask with split ends and brittle hair.Mask actively nourishes and restores the hair when applying this mask hair condition improves.

mask for oily hair type.

To prepare the masks used apple cider vinegar and egg.Mix egg and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a mask the mask is applied to the hair.About 15-20 minutes, washed with water.This mask will give shine to hair, moisturizes hair.

can this mask to add a few drops of rosemary oil Rosemary oil reduces hair oiliness.

Egg mask for the growth and strengthening of hair.

This mask is suitable for normal hair type.To prepare the masks we need yolk, brandy and olive oil.One egg yolk mixed with a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of cognac.If you have long hair, but you can double the ingredients.

mask is applied to the hair distributing from roots to ends and leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes hair.Wash off with water mask.You can add to the mask a few drops of cedar oil, it promotes the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Egg hair mask against dandruff.

Eggs contain amino acids, which not only prevents dandruff, but also help get rid of dandruff by means of masks.This mask also restores damaged hair.To prepare the masks we need 2 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of burdock oil.All components are mixed mask.Apply on the hair carefully rubbing the hair roots.

mask is left on the hair for 20-30 minutes.Wash off with water mask.This mask should be done several times a week.It is advisable course of 7-10 procedures.To mask you can add a few drops of tea tree oil, it removes dandruff and itchy scalp.

Egg-honey hair mask.

To prepare the masks we need 2 egg yolks, which must be mixed with two tablespoons of honey.This mask is applied to dry hair starting at the roots and to the tips of the hair.Cover the head kulechkom or film, then a towel and leave the mask on the hair for an hour.Wash off with water mask.

advantage egg masks.

Well firstly in the egg yolk contains vitamin B3, which affects the growth of hair, besides the hair becomes brighter.

lecithin contained in egg restores damaged hair making it more smooth, shiny and strong.

Egg mask stop hair loss and help in the care of dull and damaged hair.

Egg mask is an ancient folk remedy in hair care and much better than the purchased assets.Though on the shelves of our stores sold the egg shampoo, but the shelf life of their 1-2 years, so natural products as a part of whether or not it is worth considering.

Before using egg hair mask, apply a bit mask on the skin, so make sure that you are not allergic to mask components.Since honey product that may cause allergic reactions.

It should also be remembered that the number of components in the mask can increase or decrease, all depends on the length of your hair.Having at least once egg hair mask, you will already know the optimal amount of ingredients for masks.

How to cook an egg hair mask, apply a mask on your hair, all you can see in the video clip.