Hello dear readers.Today I once again tell you about hair care, but this time with, my favorite, honey.Want to know what honey is useful for hair?We talk today is about, and what is useful medical hair loss.Honey is a natural remedy probably have all heard about the benefits of it.It is used in folk medicine and in cooking.And it did not pass medical cosmetology side.Amazing healing properties of honey used for appearance care.

Honey is used as a component of facial masks, but today we will talk about the use of honey to the hair and the benefits that honey brings to our hair.So what is so useful for hair honey, how to use honey in home recipes for hair beauty, what masks of honey are the most popular honey against hair loss than useful mask from honey hair, all these topics we'll discuss in this post,.

I myself love natural facials and hair, just yesterday I wrote a blog article about the use of masks for hair with vitamins in capsules.These masks I advised my friend that uses them.Her hair always

looks great, shiny, smooth, beautiful.I asked her how to care for hair, that they were so beautiful.So, my friend shared with me recipes masks with vitamins.Recipes of masks can be found in the article "Mask for hair with vitamins in capsules."

Natural honey.

Honey is a sweet and viscous fluid, which produce bees from flower nectar.Honey many times sweeter than sugar.honey color can range from pale yellow to dark brown and, with consistency and in honey can be completely different.

There are different types of honey: acacia, lime, flower, buckwheat, sunflower honey.My grandfather was a big apiary, they lived with my grandmother with my house.I loved to be in visiting grandparents especially when Grandpa shook honey.The aroma of honey, I still remember.They say that the mother's milk for the baby smells, but my grandfather to me always smelled of honey.Maybe it sounds funny, but it was for me that way.

Useful than honey hair?

Honey is a natural product that contains almost all the vitamins and trace elements, the composition of honey resembles human blood plasma.And absorbed by our body at 100%.

  • Honey contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, C, amylase, catalase, diastase, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, copper and others.
  • Honey is very good as a component for making household masks, it is well absorbed in our hair, filling them with natural vitamins and trace elements.Thereby strengthening the hair look shiny and shine health.
  • Valuable honey for brittle, thin, dull, damaged hair.And in combination with the other components of the mask nourishes, moisturizes, prevents hair loss and restore hair structure along its length.
  • Masks Honey improves blood circulation in the cells of the skin of the head, activates hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle.
  • Apply honey against hair loss.
  • Honey for blond hair is especially valuable since honey masks cover the hair a natural shine.
  • Apply a honey mask for blonde hair.Honey does not change the hair color, but only a little light and shades brown curls.
  • very useful honey with split ends.Hair mask with honey eliminate this problem.

honey prepare various hair masks, except for use of honey chicken egg yolk, brandy, yogurt, olive oil, onion juice, lemon juice.On the blog I wrote about the use of yolk facial mask.I myself do yourself a mask with egg yolk facial mask if you are interested in recipes can be found in my article "The mask of egg yolk face".

Let's talk in more detail about the preparation of masks for hair on the basis of honey, which mask from honey hair are the most popular, the rules applying honey masks.

Honey hair.Honey mask against hair loss.

honey is best to use natural honey To prepare the masks.We live in the city and every year we buy honey from a beekeeper friend, as sure honey.But we should remember that natural honey is also a strong allergen.Honey can cause allergies.

If you are not allergic to honey and bee products, then that's great, you can use hair honey.If you do not know whether you have an allergy to natural honey or not, before applying the mask, apply the contents on the skin, wait until the mask is absorbed, and see if there is no irritation or skin rash.If not, then you have no allergies to honey and the components of the mask.

Hair Mask of honey and egg yolk

The most simple and effective hair mask, which prevents hair loss and helps restore damaged hair is a mask of honey and egg yolk.

To prepare the masks need one egg yolk, mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey.Honey mask is best applied to wet hair distributing mask from the roots to the tips of the hair over the entire length.To enhance the effect of the mask on the head wear a cap or cellophane kulechek, muffle head with a towel.Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.Thereafter, the mask washed using a shampoo.

mask with honey for dry and damaged hair

mask prepared by mixing equal proportions of honey and olive oil, add a little lemon juice.Apply mask distributing from roots to ends of hair over the entire length.Apply the mask on for 20-30 minutes, wash off with shampoo.

I have an article on the blog where I talk about the use of burdock oil for hair loss.I myself once a week, do yourself a hair mask with burdock oil.For more information on Burdock oil and applying it to the hair can be found hair in the article "Burdock oil".In this article you will also find something useful burdock oil for hair, and whether it can be made at home.

Honey mask for hair growth

for hair growth using a honey mask, which includes honey, cognac, yogurt, onions, egg yolk.Onions rubbed on a grater and squeeze the juice with gauze.In total we will need one tablespoon of onion juice.We also need a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of yogurt and a tablespoon of brandy.All components of the mask, mix and add the egg yolk.All

again need to be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair along the entire length.This mask is kept on the hair for about 40 minutes.Apply it 2 times a week.This mask stops hair loss and promotes their growth.

Lightening hair honey

This mask is suitable and owners of light brown hair.Honey in the proportion of 2: 1 to mix with lemon juice.And such a mask is applied to the hair along the entire length of 40 minutes.Apply every other day, 10 masks course.

mask of honey for split ends

eliminate split ends of hair, you can use the mask.Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and a spoon of apple vinegar.Carefully mask impregnated with the hair ends.Leave the mask for about 30 minutes, wash off with shampoo.

Found a video where shows in detail how to make a honey mask and how to apply it to the hair.