you enjoy making masks with vitamins in capsules for hair growth?In fact, I had never done such a hair mask.But a few days ago, when I was doing a manicure, a girl who made me a manicure shared with me some of her favorite recipes for hair masks with vitamins.We met and became friends last fall.It's great when there is a common interest, a person interested in communication, open and friendly.

Frankly, that hair mask with vitamins in ampoules I was very interested, so as the hair of my friend is very nice, always shiny and smooth.Just my friend often makes various hair masks, and it uses a variety of oils.She told me that loves to use burdock oil.I, too, do yourself a hair mask with burdock oil.For more information about all the properties of burdock oil, the mask and the method of their application I wrote a blog article "Burdock oil for hair".The article is written in detail on the use of burdock oil for health, beauty and hair growth.

Bole Today I want to reveal in detail the topic of applicatio

n masks with vitamins in capsules for hair growth at home.After all the hair, as well as our bodies need vitamins.With a lack of vitamins hair becomes dull, brittle, falling out, which is not very nice.

To our hair was beautiful and brilliant body has to get vitamins is balanced, both internally and externally.Outwardly possible as hair masks.

To prepare the masks used vitamins in capsules intended for injection.Buy these vitamins at any drugstore, and we sell them piece by piece.It is not necessary to buy the whole package, you can buy one vial or ampoule of vitamin necessary for you.

Vitamins in capsules can be mixed with each other, as well as add a variety of masks components.Vitamins can be A, C, E, E, B1, B6, B12, all these vitamins promote restoration of hair, are useful for hair growth.

Than helpful vitamins in ampoules for hair

  • Vitamin A has a beneficial effect on the hair structure, helping to bring our hair elastic and shiny.
  • Vitamin C and the B vitamins, prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, strengthen hair.
  • Vitamin E also promotes hair growth, regulates blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles.It makes our hair healthy and shiny.

Our hair is very sensitive to any changes in the body.Lack of vitamins in the diet, poor quality products, poor environment, stress, all affect the health and beauty of hair.

Vitamins in capsules gently care for hair masks with vitamins used for hair growth used for hair loss.Still, good to combine the mask with vitamins and vitamins inside.But before drinking the vitamins you need to consult with your doctor on this issue.

must eradicate bad habits, eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain our health.

For our hair is very beneficial B vitamins, vitamins are found in the liver, buckwheat, dairy products, nuts.

Vitamin A is found in apricots, carrots, pumpkin, peach, this vitamin is also necessary for our health.About a pumpkin, in particular, on the benefits of pumpkin juice, you can read in the article "Pumpkin, benefit and harm".

Vitamin C rich citrus fruits, parsley, fennel, cabbage, spinach, pepper.Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is responsible for the livelihoods of our hair.In addition to hair and beauty necessary trace elements such as zinc, silicon, phosphorus, magnesium and others.

masks with vitamins in capsules for hair growth

In order to provide the scalp with vitamins, can be prepared mask at home.Mask is better to put on wet hair.And the mask is distributed along the entire length from the roots to the tips of the hair, as hair tips have particularly dry.

After applying the mask for hair on the head wear a plastic bag or a hat, muffle head with a towel.The mask is applied on the hair for about 1 hour to mask the nutrients are well absorbed into the hair.

Wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo.Make a mask for hair about 2 times a week.

Vitamins in capsules can be added to any hair mask, as some do not have well-defined masks recipes.You can simply add vitamins to your favorite shampoo.Dialing from the vial vitamins can be using a conventional syringe with a needle so much easier.

hair mask with vitamins B1, B6, B12 ampoules and oils.

That this recipe hair mask and share with me my friend, which I have already mentioned earlier in this article.So, we need to mask vitamin 3 and 3 species of oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice.Vitamin B1, B6, B12.Oil of burdock, olive oil and castor oil.Take a tablespoon each butter mix and add 3 vitamin and lemon juice.

oil mixture is applied to wet hair mask spreading through the hair, is applied for 30 minutes - 1 hour.Shampoo and rinsed with warm water.After this mask hair is beautiful, shiny and more healthy and smooth.Mask making 1-2 times a week.My friend has the effect of this mask is very happy.

mask with mustard and vitamins in capsules.

This mask prevents hair loss and strengthens hair.It should take two tablespoons dry mustard, a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of burdock oil, 2 vitamin A, E, ampoules and one egg yolk.All the mix, if the mixture will be very thick, you can add to it a little boiled water.

About masks with egg yolk I have an article on the blog.I apply myself to face the yolk, add it to the mask.Article on the use of egg yolk face.If you are interested in facial mask from the yolk, then you can find them in the article "Face masks of the yolk."The article painted masks recipes with the addition of olive oil, honey, lemon, cream, mask for all tastes.

Apply this mask distributed throughout the length of the hair for 1 hour, wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo.

Mask for hair growth vitamin C in ampoules.Mix

burdock, castor oil and olive oil, added vitamin C. All were mixed mask distributed through the hair, left for 1 hour.Wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo.This mask will make hair obedient and silky.To

hair was beautiful, shiny their hair always need care, and masks with vitamins in capsules for hair growth will make your hair healthy and beautiful.I do not know how anyone, but I really like long hair, you can make beautiful long hair and different hair styles, even just dismiss them and the beautiful.