Hello dear friends.Today I want to talk about burdock oil.After all, burdock oil is very useful for the growth and strengthening of hair beauty, let's talk about the use of burdock oil.I will tell you the recipes with burdock oil for hair.After all, women luxurious, shiny and thick hair is primarily a sign of beauty and health.Beautiful hair riveting sight of men.

Malnutrition, tension, lack of proper rest, and many other factors can affect the condition of our hair.The hair becomes dull, the hair falls out, lose their healthy shine.

In cosmetology burdock oil is used in hair loss, with poor hair growth, with hair loss, it is used as a mask of oil, which has a strengthening effect and stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

My grandmother applied decoction of nettles and burdock root hair, home cooked burdock oil.It was from her I learned that nettle and burdock are very useful for the beauty and health of hair.And she often used nettle and burdock root, when I lived with my parents.They live in a

house with a large garden and a vegetable garden.But, now, I live in an apartment, so increasingly buy burdock oil for hair, apply it in the form of masks.

What burdock?A method for producing oil?

Agrimony - a mug.Because of burdock root and burdock oil is obtained.For a long time this burdock root insist on olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil.And then it was decanted.

Burdock root contains tannins, protein, oil, and stearic acid palminovuyu.Contains burdock root zinc, manganese, iron, iodine, phosphorus, chromium, cobalt, vitamin A, C, E, B vitamins

I once lived with her parents, the burdock, nettle as we grow in the garden.I dig burdock root, washed them and prepare them for hair decoction.And I used a decoction for rinsing hair nettle.All recipes for hair with nettle can be found in my article "Nettle for beauty and hair growth".In the article a lot of recipes for hair with nettle, for growth, for beauty, for a healthy shine.

How to cook burdock oil at home?

The easiest way to prepare burdock oil at home.We need to take about 70 grams of washed roots of burdock.They need to clean and chop, pour 200 ml.vegetable oil.Infuse in a warm place for a day, then put the butter on low heat for 20 minutes.Burdock oil filter and use hair.

There is also a recipe for cooking at home burdock oil.Take about 150 grams of burdock roots, chop them and fill them with 2 cups extra virgin olive oil.Then two weeks in a dark place at room temperature.Then we filter the oil.Store in a cool place.

Burdock oil can be purchased at a pharmacy or shop.Now everything is much easier.In principle, so as not to cook it yourself, you can buy a ready-made and used.

The useful burdock oil.

To enhance the efficiency of burdock oil in it add nettle extracts, chamomile, calendula, series, propolis, and vitamin A, E.

  • Burdock oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.
  • Burdock oil strengthens hair follicles.
  • stimulates hair growth.
  • Burdock oil is also used for the density of the eyelashes.
  • Burdock oil is used for itching scalp, dandruff.
  • Burdock oil regains health and natural shine to hair.
  • Burdock oil is rich in vitamin A, C, E, B.
  • posechennyh Helps get rid of the hair ends.
  • Burdock oil with regular use of it returns luster and vitality to your hair.
  • When hair loss burdock oil stops hair loss.

Burdock oil for hair.Application.

I sometimes buy my burdock oil, use it for masks, strengthens hair.Bought burdock oil without any additives, and recently bought a red pepper.

Burdock oil it is necessary to apply to damp hair.Hair should not be wet and damp.Before use, it is necessary to heat the oil, as the oil is applied to the hair warm.Better still warm burdock oil in a water bath.An exemplary temperature is about 40 degrees.

Flavor oil dosage is necessary depending on the length and thickness of hair.Apply burdock oil on the hair strands, but first on the roots, and then distribute it through the hair.

After applying hair masks and cover with kulechkom zamatyvaem towel.Approximately 1 hour leave the mask on your hair.Then wash off the mask.

Burdock Wash off the mask using a conventional shampoo.You can rinse after shampooing the hair decoction of herbs.Use as hair conditioner.If Burdock mask badly washed out, the shampoo on the hair can be applied several times.Caused shampoo, washed her head, washed with water, once again caused a shampoo wash head and washed with water.

make masks for hair Burdock oil can be several times a week.The effect of the oil will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.Of course it all depends on the degree of hair damage.As the prevention of hair loss burdock oil is applied to the hair in the form of a mask a few times a month.

Burdock oil perfectly strengthens the hair bulb, prevents hair loss.It nourishes and strengthens hair roots.

Burdock oil contraindications.

  • If you have an allergy or intolerance to individual oil from it is discarded.
  • before use burdock oil can be applied to the elbow bend to look at the reaction of the skin.If irritation or redness means oil does not suit you.
  • Although sensitivity to drugs of burdock oil is very rare.

Burdock oil for hair.Recipes.

Mask of burdock oil and egg yolk. yolk connect with warmed burdock oil and thoroughly mixed.Apply the mask to the hair through the hair damp starting from the roots.After it is worn on the head and kulechek zamatyvaem leave hair with a towel for an hour.Mask wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Mask of burdock oil with honey. Burdock oil mixed with honey, honey you need to use natural.The proportions are in the tablespoon of oil one teaspoon of honey.All were thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair over the entire length, a mask is applied to wet hair.The mask is left on the hair for about one hour.Wash off with shampoo.

Mask for hair growth of cocoa. Mix three tablespoons of burdock oil with an egg yolk, add one teaspoon of vitamin A and E, as well as one teaspoon of cocoa powder.All thoroughly.Apply on the hair, wash off with shampoo.

Mask of burdock oil and mustard. Two tablespoons of mustard mixed with egg yolk, add a couple tablespoons of burdock oil.This mask is used for normal to oily hair type.Apply the mask for half an hour.

Mask of burdock oil and lavender oil. couple of tablespoons of burdock oil mixed with a few drops of lavender oil.Apply the mask on hair for one hour, then wash off.

Now you know how to use burdock oil for hair, apply and let your hair you will be pleased with dazzling brilliance, health and beauty.