Hello dear friends.Weather is fine with us, the sun shines, though somehow still cold.Here I sit at the window look, someone else in a winter jacket, but someone already in an easy, well, maybe it is not cold.Perhaps people warm love and that's fine because I'm kidding.Yet, in the spring we need to take care of oneself from the virus and colds.After all, as the saying goes, spring weather is deceptive. Today I want to talk about the nettles.Many see this plant as a weed, but it is actually very useful nettles, it is used in folk medicine and cosmetology.When I lived with my parents, then rinsed with broth nettle hair, hair was beautiful, fluffy, they stopped falling.Since we lived in a house with a big garden and enough garden plot, we have grown and nettle, and burdock.Burdock root is also well strengthens hair.Generally nettle for hair growth is used, it is prepared from herbal teas, infusions and hair masks.A friend of mine said that the nettle is useful against hair loss.That's why I decided to fu

rther explore this topic.Nettle strengthens our hair and promotes their recovery and growth.Today let's talk directly about the application of the nettle hair.Folk remedies better than cosmetic procedures in the cabin to help get rid of hair loss and promote hair growth and recovery.It is very convenient, easily and inexpensively, and can be used both fresh and dried nettles.Probably many of us faced with the problem of hair loss.What can it mean?It can mean neglect of their hair, or that the person is sick.Let's see what the possible health problems can lead to hair loss.

Causes of hair loss.

  • For reasons that can fall out the hair, include diabetes mellitus.In order to find out to donate blood sugar enough.
  • Anemia is one of the causes of hair loss.Find out whether it is the cause, it is possible a blood test for hemoglobin.To learn how to increase hemoglobin in the blood, read my article "What products raise hemoglobin".
  • use lacquer, mousse, hair curlers, hair dyes, hair dryer, careless combing, all this leads to a deterioration in the appearance of hair.
  • disadvantage in the body of vitamins and minerals.
  • frequent medication and antibiotics disrupts our body.And it can cause hair loss.
  • Stress is one of the causes of hair loss, because there is a violation of the nervous system.
  • Lack of iodine in the body and any disturbances in the thyroid work entail loss of hair.
  • hair can fall out after diseases.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause hair loss is.
  • Also, if a girl is "sitting" on all sorts of diets for weight loss.Due to the fact that the body does not come into sufficient vitamins and nutrients.

How useful nettles for hair?

Nettles rich source of vitamins.It contains nettle vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin K and E, carotene.As well as iron, manganese, barium, sulfur, molybdenum, aluminum, volatile, flavonoids, tannins, chlorophyll, organic acids.Stinging content exceeds lemon ascorbic acid 10 times.To strengthen the hair growth and nettle prepare decoctions, infusions, juice, hair masks.Nettle align our structure of hair, making hair smoother.Also useful for scalp as removes dandruff and itchy scalp.The most important thing is that on the basis of nettle preparations accelerate hair growth.And nettles used against hair loss.Fresh juice restores the activity of the scalp cells and accelerates the processes occurring in it.In blood vessels and capillaries is moving in high speed, which entails improvement of scalp functions.After all, the growth of our hair depends on the scalp.All the nutrients that contains nettle nourish, saturate the hair and improve hair structure.

Nettle hair.

Nettle is very useful for our hair.Infusions, decoctions, hair mask nettle help strengthen hair, stop hair loss, free from itching and dandruff, help to significantly improve the structure and appearance of our hair.Use in hair care nettles can be at any time of the year.It is spring, and soon there will be a fresh nettles.Nettles can prepare for future use, dried and used for decoctions and infusions, and can be purchased at a pharmacy, dry nettles.Effective hair both fresh and dry nettles.

Nettle against hair loss.

for hair growth is necessary to make such a mask.Fresh nettles to grind, squeeze the juice.The resulting juice is put on hair and scalp for about an hour.You can wear a hat on his head for a shower or use a plastic kulechek.Wrap head with a towel.Rinse hair with warm water.This juice of nettle leaves are stored for several days in the refrigerator.You can cook the juice, just a few days.

Nettle hair shine.

Nettle is used for silkiness and shine.It can be used as dry and fresh nettles.7-8 tablespoons of crushed leaves Nettle pour two liters of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container for one hour.Infusion of strain, add a tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly all.The hair is rinsed with warm infusion.Next, the hair dry with a towel, but do not wipe it dry.Already after the first procedure will be noticeable results.The hair will be soft, silky and shiny.Nettle need to rinse your hair once a week.

Nettle hair growth.

Nettle perfect remedy for hair growth.For long hair is always in fashion.To accelerate the growth of hair, prepare a decoction of nettles for hair.Approximately 200 grams of fresh nettle (leaves, stems) need to grind, pour two liters of boiling water.Boil for about 15 minutes over low heat, continue to insist broth for half an hour.After shampooing rinse the head with warm decoction of nettle hair.Just let your hair dry naturally, do not use hair dryer drying hair.I myself applied a conditioner for hair growth.

nettle for oily hair.

If you have oily hair does not matter, prepare a mask for the hair of nettle.Take 200-300 grams of nettles and crush it with a blender.Mix the chopped nettles with sea salt, need about one teaspoon of salt.This mixture mix, rub it into the scalp and hair.Cover your head with a plastic bag and wrap a towel.Rinse the mask with warm water after 20-30 minutes.To conduct such a procedure can be a few times a week.

Nettle against hair loss.

This recipe will impress you silkiness of your hair and reduce hair loss.To prepare, mix a spoonful of nettle, burdock root and chopped rosemary.The resulting mixture is poured two liters of boiling water and insist one hour a sealed container.Strain the infusion and use as a rinse after shampooing.If your hair has become dull and had lost the old luster and beauty if your hair is falling out.Nettles will turn them into sparkling and shiny and reduce hair loss.

mask of the nettle hair.

Will return vitality and shine to your hair mask made of crushed leaves of nettles and egg yolk.We need about 100 grams of nettle and one egg yolk.Nettles are crushed, separated from the yolk protein.The whole was mixed and applied to the hair and scalp as a mask.Apply for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water, not hot.The ground nettles can also be mixed with sea buckthorn oil or olive oil, applied to the hair as a mask, about 20 minutes then wash off the mask and wash your hair with shampoo.Nettle is contraindicated for use in any rashes on the scalp, allergy or individual intolerance nettle.