Hello dear readers.With the onset of cold weather more you think about how to protect your face and lips from adverse weather conditions.Skin I buy a different cream.A lip - balm cook.Before I bought balm in a pharmacy, but I did not like the quality.That's why I decided to cook their own from natural ingredients.Now you can buy balms very high quality, they are sold at the soap-boiler, online stores and various shops.No need to buy oil and cook balm, bought ready-made and use.

But I'm used to do them myself, especially since I myself buy oil frequently.Oil is used for the face and hair, as well as conditioners.Begins to prepare balms from pharmaceutical oils, he took a firm "Aromatics", but then switched to more expensive oil - "Primavera".I buy a girl from a neighboring town, which is directly involved in the sale of these products.She's taking the liquid and solid oils (butters) for balsams.

I'm used to cook balzamchiki itself, although it is now a lot of companies that are well proven in the ma

rket, and they do not produce lower quality balms.But I know what quality of oil, I add to their balms.

But I buy the wax from a friend beekeeper in the market.Used in lip balms - yellow beeswax.Balsamo use with my daughter.

And yet, you can prepare healing lip balm.Use for cracks and chapped lips.I would also like to note that our body essential vitamins, minerals, fish oil.

sometimes unpleasant situations with the lips, such as dryness, cracked, crust, can be caused by lack of vitamins.It also should not be forgotten.

lip balm at home, recipes

To prepare the balm you need a container.This may be a glass jar from the cream or oil can be a tube of lipstick.You can also buy new tubes and to pour balm.I do not buy, because the cook balm is not for sale, I for myself.I use a tube of balm or a small jar, which prepared and transfused balm.

Beeswax. To prepare the balm needed beeswax.Wax I buy on the market at the beekeeper.Plain yellow wax.Beeswax - a natural component of balm, which has bactericidal, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.Wax is also floral, candelilla, and so on. They can be purchased in the departments for the soap-boiler or online stores.I only use beeswax.

Solid oils. From solid oils I use for balsam oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.You can use oil of mango.These oils have beneficial properties, they soften, nourish and heal.

oil. I use a different oil.If you cook a healing balm, it is best to use sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil, St. John's wort oil.I use the oils that I have in the presence of: peach, almond, jojoba, etc.

Vitamin E, A or Aevitum.. To prepare the balm can be used vitamins.I use them always.Bought Aevitum vitamin capsules and as a liquid vitamin E and A.

essential oils. Essential oils are optional, and if you are not allergic to them.It is possible to add 1-2 drops balsam essential oil, depending on the number of ingredients.You can add peppermint oil, orange and so on.

Bee honey. As one of the natural ingredients balm is honey.But one condition.Take natural honey.Balms with honey obtained sweetish taste.They are not for everybody.I prepare balms without honey.If you are not allergic to honey, try to add honey balm.

Lip balm with beeswax

Of all lip balms, cooked me at home, I like most balm with beeswax.Now I use it with this balm.

ingredients I is based on a tube of lipstick.

  • 1 teaspoon wax
  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa butter (I use it is oil)
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid oil (I used jojoba)

This balm is a more dense and solid during solidification, it is possible to takeincluded in the bag, such as a job.But if the room is too hot, it is better to shift it in the fridge.

To prepare the balm I Melt wax and cocoa butter in a water bath, set aside, add the liquid oil, and poured into the tube.

After balm froze, I put it in the fridge.Lubricate their lips.I like both me and my daughter.Heals cracks on the lips, softens and moisturizes lips.And it's a proven fact.

Now, in the cold season, lubricate the lips before going out.On the lips of a pleasant sensation, it does not spread, it does not freeze, and moisturizes, softens and nourishes.You can lubricate their lips at night.

Lip balm with vitamins and sea buckthorn oil

I'm ready this balm in the past year, it is with vitamins and solid oils.Poured into a glass jar.This balm rather refers to healing.But it all depends on the quality of sea buckthorn oil.

  • 1 tbsp.spoon of cocoa butter
  • 1 coffee spoon of shea butter, sea buckthorn, (peach pits, almond, these oils can be replaced by any other liquid that you have)
  • 5 droplets Aevitum or a few drops of vitamin A and E

As one of the major oils are sea buckthorn oil.Step Master Class with photos, can be found in the article "homemade lip balm."This balm I prepared last year in winter, everything is a step by step instructions.Oils there I used the company "Aromatics".This was my first experience in making the balm.So anyone interested can look at.

This balm little stain lips orange.Therefore, they should be lubricated lips at home.Before going out, use another balm, such as beeswax.

recipe chocolate lip balm

One of our favorite balms - chocolate.He loved his daughter.The only disadvantage of it is that this little balm lip stain.Since the composition of cocoa balm.Stains lightly in a pleasant coffee color.If you are not confused, you can cook it.The aroma from this balzamchika wonderful.

This recipe I saw in one transmission.Beautician Olga Seymour, prepared a balm.I could not resist and wanted to repeat everything.Especially since it was winter, and my balsam ended.

  • cocoa butter
  • shea
  • beeswax
  • almond oil or any other liquid oil

all the ingredients you need to take 1 coffee spoon.Solid melt the wax and oil in a water bath.Microwave for these purposes should be avoided.

Then add the melted butter and cacao liquid oil.Mix and pour into a jar or tube of lipstick.Advantages lip balms, cooked at home, in that they are made from natural ingredients.

you know what quality it oils and waxes.Enough balms long.And it kept balm for a long time.Can from 3 to 6 months stored in the refrigerator.It can be stored in a cool place such as a window.

Balm very pleasant on the lips.Even if you accidentally licked his lips do not worry.All natural ingredients.And of course the healing effect, as well as moisturizing and softening.I like balms.The more that come the winter and cold.This becomes a balm of salvation.