In order to look good, we take care of the face, body and hair.Use creams, scrubs, masks and others. Means to care for themselves.But perfection is still in perfectly smooth and even skin, to which we all aspire.Tonal basis is a special means of decorative cosmetics, which helps to make the skin more even and smooth.If the skin has inflammation, peeling, pimples, dark spots, the perfectly smooth skin with tone means to reach.

why it is so important to take care of the skin.When peeling the face, inflammation, acne, with the beginning of the need to cope with this situation.In other foundation can only disappoint.After all, you need to know how to apply concealer to hide flaws and highlight the merits.

should also remember that a lot of money for the face tone does not mean good.When applied to the face a lot of tone means it does not look natural.So beauty is not added.

But you will agree, without the knowledge of how to apply foundation on your face, it is impossible to make a beautiful makeup an

d smooth.

modern market offers us a huge amount of tonal resources, the choice is yours.Similarly, the price for different tonal foundations.All selected individually.Of course, it is very important to choose the right tone for the face and choose a high-quality tonal foundation.

How to apply foundation on your face

I trial and error chose a tonal basis.But our face should look perfect.Therefore, a foundation I will put on a face of a foundation.Thus, the face looks smooth and sleek.Tonal foundation is evenly distributed, and looks flawless face looks very natural.

also for problem skin of the face is better to hide minor flaws, pimples, blemishes concealer (concealer, concealer).

Apply on face tonal foundation in several ways.And the thinner the layer of foundation on the face of the more natural it looks.

How to apply foundation on your face with your fingers

To apply tonal framework fingers need to squeeze a little foundation on the outside of the palm.

Take a little concealer just two fingers and distribute the foundation on the face.For tonal foundation melts heat-hand account and go to the face with a thin layer evenly enough.

On the one hand fingers is very convenient to apply the tonal foundation, but the downside is that smear arms foundation.

  • To apply tonal cream, take a little cream, rub it between your fingers.
  • Apply the cream lightly from the center to the periphery of the face.Everything should be done very carefully and evenly.
  • Apply cream under the cheekbones, and then on the nasolabial folds and chin.
  • next dose, apply cream as light and sliding movements from the middle of the forehead on the "back" and the wings of the nose.
  • very important basis for good shade on the cheeks, cheeks, chin.
  • Apply foundation on the forehead from the center of the forehead to the temples and to the area of ​​hair growth.
  • Apply concealer on the neck.Apply a thin layer should be from the chin down and apply a thin layer of foundation on the ears.

important for us to the neck, face and ears are no different, and it looked natural.Thoroughly blend the border.

How to apply foundation with a brush to the face

Apply tonal foundation brush has become very popular in recent years.This is a big plus - hands remain clean and foundation is evenly distributed.The most important thing to choose the right brush for applying foundation.

With a brush can also mix several colors.

Apply a little foundation on the face and distribute it evenly over the brush face.The preferred basis to take lightly brush tip.

When using a brush for the distribution of tonal framework recommended to buy a synthetic brush.The most convenient way to apply tonal cream brush with rounded bristles.

Since brush with natural fibers absorb a lot of tonal resources, thereby increasing the consumption of cosmetics.

  • We collect a small amount of tonal means of a brush.Apply the cream on the center of the forehead and distribute the cream from the middle of the forehead to the hairline and temples.So we put foundation on the forehead.
  • further distribute foundation down the bridge of the nose and is distributed over the nasolabial folds.
  • also be applied tonal foundation of the temple toward the jaw and cheek.

This is one of the variants of tonal framework applying to the face.But it is necessary to apply concealer convenient for you.After trying different methods, you choose what you like best and more convenient to apply foundation on your face.

How to apply tonal foundation sponge (sponge)

Sponge helps cause tonal foundation more evenly.But for the application of a tonal framework to face correctly, you need to know some of the subtleties.

Apply foundation can be either dry or slightly damp sponge.The wet sponge helps to better mask the irregularities of the skin than the dry.

Apply foundation with a sponge on the face should be as light and smooth movements as well as a brush.The sponge pre-compressed, squeezed a little tonal resources.When the expandable sponge, the tool is very evenly distributed over the surface of the face.

Sponges after applying makeup, be sure to wash.Also be sure to once a week sponges should be washed with warm water and soap, as well as brushes.

How to apply foundation beauty blender (Beauty Blender)

Relatively recently appeared Beauty Blender and so fell in love with many women.I do not stay aside and me.Of course, the women's curiosity has no limits.

Beauty Blender - it is a special tool for applying makeup.The shape resembles an egg.Very soft and comfortable.Its a pleasure to hold in your hand.

Its main advantage - the tapered end, which allows you to "get" to all corners of the face.That is perfectly distributed base near the corners of the eyes, dimples on the chin, nose, wings and so on. D.

Beauty blender is very convenient to apply foundation.It can be wet before applying the tonal framework can not wet.

Minipoint we put concealer on the nose, the area around the mouth, around the eye area.A flat part is working flat areas of skin (cheeks, forehead).

Apply foundation lightly on the face, spreading all over his face.Tone cream goes very evenly, and the face looks smooth and sleek.

beauty blender after use like any sponge, need to wash.

As you apply foundation for you to decide.Today, a very large selection of funds.It is important to try to put the tonal foundation in different ways and to decide how and what you like to apply foundation on your face.

8 Steps correct application of tone means

  1. Clean the skin before applying makeup.You can use the tonic, or milk and tonic.
  2. Next the skin is applied a thin layer of a light day cream.Be sure to give it a good soak another foundation will lie on the face evenly.
  3. sure to use the "base" or a foundation.She smoothes and improves the complexion, preparing it for the application of foundation.
  4. Apply concealer distributing it easy and smooth movement of the face.
  5. Apply a thin layer of foundation.So makeup looks more natural.
  6. Apply foundation on the neck and décolleté area (if necessary), as well as the ears.To the neck and the ears are not different from the complexion.So makeup looks more natural.
  7. If necessary, the problem areas can be masked using a concealer.
  8. to the application of the main make-up does not proceed earlier than 10 minutes after the application of foundation.

In applying foundation is no big deal.The most important thing to choose the foundation according to your skin type and complexion.