Hello dear readers.Continues summer and pleases us every day with warm weather, breeze, bright colors around ... I recently try to look for the positive in everything.This is such a wonderful game, which I have learned to watch a movie "Pollyanna."In any situation I find something good, and it's so funny.Sometimes, well, in general, a situation that only shed tears and left.But there is included a husband and helps me find the positive, even in the most seemingly hopeless situations.Sometimes it's so funny and ridiculous.Men have a different position and viewpoint.Therefore, there is fun, but at the same time positively.And this is the main point.Enjoy life and your presence to please the world, this is our main mission.Positive people are like the sun, delight and illuminate all around.

Today I want to talk about folk remedies and masks of dark circles under the eyes.Eyes are most often the object of attention and attract the views of others.One day, waking up in the morning found himself in the da

rk circles under the eyes.And on this day we had an appointment.I needed to urgently get rid of dark circles.As the saying goes, all good in a critical situation.I remember in the course went all the tea, potatoes, masks and various folk remedies.

I managed to lighten and reduce dark circles under the eyes.Often there are situations when you need to quickly remove bags or dark circles under the eyes.I would like to share the best practices, which in no time will wash to get rid of this unpleasant situation.And you, in turn, share with me the means-tested.I would be very grateful to you for it.

Probably many people are facing or have faced such a situation as the dark circles under the eyes.The reasons for this are always a lot.First you need to find and eliminate the cause.

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of dark circles under the eyes.As well as the chronic fatigue and tiredness.In the modern world, we often have to work hard, stay up late and get up very early.

At long stay in a stuffy room.Especially if the work is connected to the computer.When the clock has to sit at the computer screen.It is very important to ventilate the room in which you are.

Excessive use of strong tea, coffee, diet disorder, all this has a negative effect on the overall condition of the body, and can lead to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Circles under the eyes can be formed by internal diseases related to the heart, kidneys or chronic diseases.Dark circles under the eyes can speak about decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.It is important to find and eliminate the cause, then disappear and the circles under his eyes.

And often dark circles are associated with eye disease, inflammation or conjunctivitis.If you can not determine the cause, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Folk remedies and mask the dark circles under the eyes

We all know that you need to look after their health, observe the regime of the day, relax, walk in the fresh air.But if you want to get rid of dark circles immediately?What to do then?Then we remember the folk remedies, which in this situation is a good help.

Potatoes. banal and conventional means.I think that many people know about it.But I repeat once again, for those who do not know.From fresh potatoes cooked or mask applied potato slices to your eyes.

Potatoes should be cleaned and washed, rubbed on a fine grater.We put raw grated potato to the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.Then wash off with green tea.The most convenient way is to do it with a sponge or cotton pad, which previously needed to moisten in green tea.

This potato mask most effectively helps to make less prominent under-eye circles.But it is possible to apply to the eyelids potato slices, which was previously necessary to clean and wash.It can be slightly cooled in a refrigerator.

Parsley. perfect remedy for dark circles under the eyes.If you have a home parsley, you can use it.Finely chop the parsley.We need only a tablespoon.Which we pour 200 ml.boiling water.We insist.Cotton pads soaked in the infusion of parsley are putting cooled down to the eyelids.

Mask of parsley from dark circles. Masks of the parsley too well help reduce dark circles, since they have a clarifying effect.To prepare the masks parsley finely pulverized, mixed with sour cream and applied to the area under the eyes.Then remove the mask cotton pad soaked in the infusion of parsley.How to prepare the infusion of parsley see above.

ice from circles under the eyes. If you have dark circles under the eyes helps ice is not bad.Ice can be made from parsley or herbs.Use can be chamomile, sage, linden, green tea.The infusion is prepared very simply.One tablespoon of herbs per cup of boiling water.Insist to cool and infusion.And then it's simple.Pour the infusion into molds for ice and put in the freezer.

Rub the dark circles light and sliding movements.For a long time without stopping in one area of ​​the skin.Cosmetic ice is not only useful for dark circles, but also for the person.Ice tones, refreshes, reduces inflammation, helps to smooth out fine wrinkles.

Cucumber mask. You can also use cucumber.Cucumber cleanse, slices mode and applies them to the eyelids to 15 minutes can chop the flesh of cucumber using a grater and applying a mask to the eyelids.Wash off the mask with cool water.

Before application of a folk remedy or masks should do a test on the skin, since you may be allergic or intolerance of the product.

How to prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

It is important to get enough sleep, sleep should not be less than 8 hours a day.If you train yourself to go to bed earlier, then it will be easier to wake up in the morning and you will sleep.

In his spare time, it is important to walk in the fresh air.Very important walking and recreation.Our rhythm of life sometimes does not give the opportunity to fully relax, but still need to try to find time to relax.It is very important.

Wash with cool water.For washing, you can use ice cubes made from a decoction of herbs.

very important to proper nutrition.Make sure that in the diet was protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs.It is important to complete and balanced nutrition.It is important to drink plenty of clean water a day.The use of vitamins.

Excessive coffee drinking, smoking, alcohol, all this has a negative impact not only on the skin but also the body as a whole.It is important to give up bad habits.

important to use natural, high-quality cosmetics.You can apply skin-lightening cream around the eyes.

visually reduce dark circles under the eyes, you can use cosmetics.Typically, a concealer.What helps to reduce dark circles and align the skin around the eyes.

can eliminate dark circles under the eyes in beauty salons.And if the circles under the eyes due to internal diseases, that without the help of a specialist you can not do.Be sure to consult your doctor, especially if dark circles arise constantly.