Hello.We have hot weather is wonderful.Flowers bloom, berries and fruits ripen, grow vegetables.We spend part of the summer in the village, very much like to visit in the summer in the village, after the apartment, this "paradise".And plus, the bright summer gives us so much positive emotions and impressions.No it should not overshadow the warm days.Even such a situation as the peeling of the skin.Although the summer this is often experienced by people.However, as in the winter.Very important is a thorough skin care.It is important to keep the body in order.External may be a manifestation of the internal.Therefore, all the factors must be considered.We are all important to follow the inner world of emotions, the work of our internal organs and our skin.

recently faced such trouble as peeling of the skin on the face, plus dry and "tightness".Serve as it is a lot of reasons.Such as wind, frost, cold, heat and more.But as it turned out it is the result of internal diseases.Problems in the liver, is a

lso affected by this, oddly enough.After passing inspection and cleaning preparations propyl liver, peeling skin is not present, the skin clean and smooth.Although I have used all sorts of creams and ointments, all to no avail.Malfunction or failure of internal organs in their work, can give unpleasant symptoms on the skin.Experienced specialist immediately determines what it is.

It is very important to monitor the work of the internal organs.And we often eat everything in a row, and then there are some unpleasant moments associated with the skin.And of course you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day, as one of the important factors.

When peel off the skin on the face, what to do, and just do not know.I began to search for and view information on the subject.But then I had to go to a specialist and the issues have been resolved.And with dry skin, which is manifested in me in the winter, I was able to manage on their own.

When peeling the skin it is important to complete treatment and a comprehensive approach to this situation.I have used different herbs, oils, masks.But if you do not know the reason, it is sometimes difficult to cope.It is important to find out the reasons why scaly skin on the face.

Why scaly skin on the face

reasons why skin exfoliation can be a lot.This may contribute to cold, high winds, scorching sun, over-dried air conditioner or heater in the room.In strong wind or cold it is important to cover the face scarf, especially if the skin is dry and prone to flaking.But in the summer - wearing a wide-brimmed hat, especially if you're relaxing on the sea.

allergic reactions can also cause skin peeling.All of this can be shown with red centers on areas of the skin.Also, allergies to cosmetics, lotions and cosmetics.

Very often, when the facial skin is dry or loses moisture, the skin prone to flaking.If dry skin is important the correct skin care.Hydration, nutrition and masks.And a properly fitted cream.

may be inflammation, plus micro cracks and sores on the skin.A further important role can play a vitamin deficiency.

Dehydration may be peeling of the skin.

Often poorly made and beauty treatments in the salon.Taking certain medications, also adversely affect the condition of the skin.

skin can peel off skin diseases such as seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis and others. You may feel itching, pain, and discomfort.In this case it is very important to consult a specialist.

main figure out the cause and fix it.If the cause is not eliminated, it can be a long time "to heal the skin" with all sorts of ointments and creams.Again, there is a salon treatment that will help to cope with the situation.But if the problem is internal, there must be approached comprehensively to address.At home, you can apply all sorts of creams and facial masks.

also need to pay attention to your diet and to include in the diet of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin A, E and C. It is very important vitamins for the skin.Plus, fish, dairy products, nuts, eggs and so on.

peel off the skin on the face, what to do

course, immediately think about how we can help.Great discomfort delivers peeling skin on the face.It is important to see a specialist, if you do not know how to solve this situation.My advice, do not self-medicate.

When peeling skin I washed the usual cold water.You can use a soft mousse, foam, milk, that is, the means do not contain alcohol.These funds can be used in the future.I try to make a new makeup for sensitive skin.

After washing, do not rub your face and blot with a soft towel.Thus the skin less injured.Then you can put on your skin nutritious fat cream or make a mask.

When skin peeling necessarily need to drink more clean water, plus include in the diet of more fresh fruits and vegetables.

important to ventilate the room where you are, and in the cold season can be put on the battery cup of water, in order to evaporate the moisture and air in the room was wet.

From folk remedies to cope with the peeling of milk, honey, sour cream, olive oil (et al. Oil), decoctions of herbs, egg yolk.All products should be natural.But remember, if you have an allergy to these products, the mask can not do with them.

All we want is that the skin on our face is white soft, smooth, velvety.To do this, we do all sorts of masks, lotions, wipe the face with ice cubes, use creams, scrubs, etc.. Means.

Masks for skin peeling in

home first thing I have done is to clean the skin from the stratum corneum.I had a very soft and gentle scrub that I bought earlier.But conventional engage the safety with the abrasive particles should be avoided to not hurt the skin even more.

scrub can be made at home from oatmeal and protein.In 15-20 minutes and to pour oatmeal, add it to the egg white.Massage skin lightly.And then wash with cool water.

Mint with skin peeling. Mint teas and infusions relieve inflammation and irritation of the skin clean face.You can prepare an infusion of mint leaves.Prepared from fresh or dried leaves.A teaspoon of mint in a glass of boiling water.An infusion wipe the face.Mint mask is very beneficial to the skin.Important to avoid allergies mint.

Linden infusion. can also cook and lime infusion for skin rubbing.It is prepared according to the same principle as the mint.Wipe clean with a person you can use the sponge lightly.This procedure can be done several times a day.

Furthermore limes and mint are used chamomile or calendula.The infusion of herbs can moisten a piece of gauze and apply to face.

oils for skin peeling. I have used cocoa butter with peeling, smeared their skin.It is also useful oil hypericum, calendula, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, peach kernel.All oils can be purchased at the pharmacy.Oils soften, soothe the skin, promote healing of damaged skin areas.

Facial masks for skin peeling. At home, if you peel off the skin on the face, you can make masks from natural products.Very good mask consisting of a yolk, honey and olive oil.The mask is applied to the face and wash off after minutes 7.

Honey can be mixed with fresh sour cream and apply on face, wash with water after 5-7 minutes.You can make curd mask for the face, but I do not like the smell of fermented milk products, such masks so I do very rarely.

But I want to note the fact that all the masks or herbal infusions need to be tested on the skin before applying to the face, in order to avoid adverse skin reactions or allergies to the products included in the mask.

To all must be approached comprehensively.If you peel off the skin on the face, at home for days 5-7, you can get rid of peeling.But it is necessary to understand that the problem can be not only external but also internal.Then we need a different approach to this situation and what to do, can prompt a doctor.