already the middle of summer, beekeepers honey pumped.And the first pitching of the first color, and then from acacia, lime, herbs, sunflower.Our grandfather was a big apiary, and it often shaking honey.Of course, when the bees oil, then for the entire season only once to download the honey.Was my grandfather a neighbor who pumped honey once a year.Honey, I always ate a natural, and his check, unfortunately, I do not know.Because it has never and no one in the plans and would not dream of it somewhat diluted.There were constant and grandfather bought them valued.This was all in the past.Since then, I have never come across a delicious honey.And then, a miracle, in the Crimea, in the past year, we bought honey steppe.Having tried it once and I remembered my childhood, my grandfather and tasty and fragrant honey.

I love natural honey.Of course it does not eat kilos.For me it is tasty and healthy sweetness.And this medicine.When you cough or cold, you can drink a cup of milk or tea with honey.If sore t

hroat is useful to dissolve the honey in the mouth.And with the inflammation of the gums to chew the honey comb.Bee products are very useful not only inside, but also externally.If the course is not allergic to honey, which is very important.

But everything is good in moderation, it is also important to remember.Honey is sweet, but do not abuse this delicacy.Honey, if natural, has a therapeutic effect on the body.Honey can be used as a drug, added to creams and lip balms, and can be prepared from honey face mask.Today I want to talk about the face mask consisting of honey and baking soda.

honey and soda helps to effectively get rid of acne and rashes on the skin.This is a cheap tool that quickly and efficiently to cleanse the face.Because itself in adolescence suffered rashes, so I know what all this brings discomfort and inconvenience.

mask of these products a complex effect on inflammatory lesions and cleanses the skin.Various recipes honey masks is in the article "The mask of honey to face".

Honey softens the skin with vitamins and nourishes and softens the aggressive action of baking soda.Natural honey just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.It rejuvenates the skin and promotes tissue regeneration.

Honey has antibacterial and wound-healing properties, helps to protect our skin from harmful environmental exposures.Plus, honey masks perfectly narrow pores on the face, which is important in advanced stages.Toning, lighten and smooth the skin.

Baking soda cleans pores, removes dirt, dries the skin, helps get rid of bacteria.And also soothes irritated skin.Soda, for oily skin use a scrub cream or diluting it with water to a state of pulp.Apply to face and massage the skin with circular motions.

Indications mask of honey and soda

If you want to make a mask of honey and baking soda, then take the mask for the honey, which you have at home.All honey is useful, whether it is of acacia, lime, sunflower ... The beneficial properties of honey can be found in the article "useful properties of honey."

mask of these two ingredients indicated for:

  • oily facial skin
  • for problem skin of the face
  • with rashes and acne, acne
  • if the pores on the face expanded
  • in dim
  • complexion

This mask, you can try for combination and normal skin, if necessary.In the mask, you can add sour cream, olive oil or egg yolk.

But this mask is recommended for dry, sensitive and thin skin.Since baking soda has a drying effect.As well as the presence of reactions to honey or bee products.

also worth remembering that before the application of a mask, it should be tested on the wrist in order to determine whether you have an allergy to bee products or soda.Apply the mask on your wrist and leave it for 10-15 minutes.Rinse all the water, and then watch for one hour, if there is inflammation or irritation of the skin.

can also be itchy.If you experience unpleasant symptoms, the mask can not be applied to the face.If everything is in order, it is safe to make a mask with honey and soda.

usually on face causes for 10 minutes, then wash off with water.The mask dries the skin, removes inflammation, irritation and helps fight rashes on the skin, helps to narrow pores.Apply the mask can be every other day.It is best to apply the mask 7-10 courses.

Cook mask before use.It is important to use natural honey.Buy from a friend beekeeper.If you have honey sugar, melt it in a water bath.

The mask can also add other ingredients such as sour cream, cream, egg yolk, olive oil and so on. Oil.Use rustic products, the benefits of their use much more.

mask is applied to clean face.A mask can be applied by brush, if not, then distribute the mask by hand.Mask wash off with water or clean with the help of sponges.After that, the cream is applied to the skin as needed.

With regular use of masks from soda and honey facial skin will be clean, smooth, smooth.The pores are narrowed, which is especially relevant for oily skin and skin with enlarged pores on the face.Also, the mask helps to remove inflammation in the skin.

mask of honey and baking soda facial

honey and baking soda can be used as a facial scrub.If the honey is liquid, it must be mixed with soda in equal proportions and apply on face massaging in a circular motion.And then rinse with water, leave for five minutes.If honey sugar - melt it.A person can be cleaned with fine salt or baking soda.For more information about cleansing soda persons can be found in the article "Soda Face".

classic mask of honey and soda. need to mask soda diluted with boiled water to mushy state.Then, a couple of tablespoons of baking soda will need a spoon of honey.All mix and apply on face.

mask of lemon, honey and soda. To prepare the masks need to take all of the components in equal proportions.For example, a tablespoon.Soda, when mixed with lemon juice will hiss, then this mass add honey and we put a mask on your face.

mask cream, honey and soda. cream soda diluted to a state of slurry.Add to a mass of honey spoon and put a mask on your face in circular motions.Leave on your face and then wash.This mask is suitable for normal and combination skin.

mask of oatmeal, honey, soda. Oatmeal pour boiling water.We will need one tablespoon of oatmeal, mix it with a spoonful of honey and half a teaspoon of baking soda.Apply the mask on your face.

Try different facial masks, that which is suitable and like you, plus you will see the effect of the mask, you can make a mask path.Mask of honey and soda for a person has a good effect, and is effective for problem skin.