in skin care and hair have a lot of simple and accessible tools that can be purchased at the pharmacy.I love experimenting.Buy at the pharmacy oil solutions of vitamins and add in the mask for the face and hair.These vitamins are really worth a penny, even though it may be the salvation of the skin.Recently decided to try Aevitum vitamins for persons collecting all the necessary information, I want to share it with you.Of course, drinking into these or other vitamins, it just is not worth it.It is best to consult a doctor.But for the skin you can try, especially since reviews of these vitamins are very good.

Vitamins Aevitum is concentrated in vitamins A and E in the oil solution (containing retinol and tocopherol).Both vitamin have a positive effect on the skin.The oil solution helps to soften dry skin, get rid of facial wrinkles.Vitamin can be applied to the face at point-inflamed areas, the effect will be visible after a week of application.

Vitamins Aevitum face

With a lack of these

vitamins can be observed pallor, dryness and peeling of the skin.Symptoms quite unpleasant.Vitamin A can be found in foods such as carrots, apricots, butter, liver, fish, eggs, etc. A vitamin E -. In vegetable oils.

Face can be used Aevitum vitamins in capsules.These vitamins have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin improves its condition and appearance.

  • Helps maintain water balance in the skin cells.
  • Increase the immunity of skin cells.In this connection the skin's resistance rises and the negative effects of the environment.
  • Vitamin A has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, contributing to the rejuvenation of skin cells.
  • Accelerates the healing of skin cells.Since these vitamins are involved in tissue regeneration processes.
  • helps improve the complexion and intracellular metabolism.
  • improves skin elasticity.
  • strengthens capillaries.
  • Penetrating deep into the layers of the epidermis, vitamins perfectly moisturize the skin.

Aevitum Vitamins allow a person to take care of at home.Easy, simple and budget.What?You can try various means to care for themselves and focus on those that you no longer like.Plus the effect, which is very important in this matter.

Despite all the positive properties of these vitamins, it is important to remember that they can cause unpleasant symptoms.Before applying Aevitum vitamins is important for a person to test it on the skin.If you did not have unpleasant symptoms such as irritation and redness, the vitamins can be used for the face.

Vitamins Aevitum can be used:

  • for
  • hand for the skin around
  • eyes nail
  • hair
  • for eyelashes and eyebrows

In its pure form, these vitamins it is better not to apply, use them in masks for faceand add in a dose of cream, which you usually use.And on the problem areas of the skin such as acne, inflammation, rash pustular, vitamins should be applied to a dot.Oil vitamin solution is quickly absorbed into the skin, which gives only a plus.But it is better to do a course of 10-15 procedures, and then break.

facial mask with vitamin Aevitum

Aevitum affects the processes of regeneration of skin cells.Vitamin E has long been considered the vitamin of youth and beauty.Aevitum best used in masks or creams, as the skin around the eyes can be enjoyed in its purest form.Most importantly, there was no skin reaction.Therefore, it is important to test before applying vitamins to the skin.

To remove the capsules from vitamins, necessary to pierce the capsule and squeeze the contents into a mask, a cream, a butter.You can add these vitamins in the home face cream, in lip balms made with their own hands.

cream enriched with vitamins. capsule of vitamin Aevitum need to pierce.The cream for the face portion add a few drops of vitamin.Mix with cream and put on is desirable to make the night such a procedure.

Vitamin Aevitum mixed with oils. If you put on your skin oil (olive, peach, almond, wheat germ oil, etc.), It is possible to mix the oil with vitamin capsule and apply on face.

Face mask with egg yolk and vitamin Aevitum. To prepare the mask, mix one egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of almond oil (can substitute peach, olive, jojoba, etc.).All components of the mix and add a mask vitamin capsule Aevitum.Apply the mask to cleansed face and wash off after 10-15 minutes with water.

This mask helps to smooth out fine wrinkles, improve complexion.It helps pass the skin more smooth, velvety smooth.Mask with vitamins helps to prolong youth and beauty of the skin.

Mask Aevitum acne. Aevitum Vitamins are used for oily skin, because these vitamins normalizes the process of sebum, improves metabolic processes in the skin cells, the skin dries.When acne can be applied to these vitamins dot on problem areas.

To prepare the masks need to boil the potatoes in a small "uniform", clean and stretch.Mix the potatoes with a capsule of vitamin Aevitum and apply on face for 15 minutes.

Vitamins Aevitum lip. Apply oil solution of vitamin Aevitum lip should be a thin layer.It is necessary to lubricate the mouth as often as possible.One capsule of vitamin enough time to 6. The capsule should be pierced, and it can store from which you originally took out the capsule in a blister cell.Vitamins excellent "assistant" when peeling of the lips, cracks on lips, with chapped lips.If the lips are dry and there are cracks on the lips, I recommend to read the article "The Jewish Agency and cracked lips, what to do."Where do you find the answers to all your questions: the causes of cracks on the lips, treatment with traditional methods, ointments, oils and other means..

Aevitum Vitamins for nails and hands. The cream portion of the hand, you can add a capsule of vitamin Aevitum and lubricate the arms.In addition, the need to pierce a capsule of vitamin capsules and grease content nails and cuticles.This procedure is necessary to do a course of 10 days.Vitamins have a positive effect on the nail plate.The nails are strengthened and become smooth and shiny, grow faster.Plus useful to use these vitamins if fingernails yellow.

Reviews of vitamin Aevitum only positive.And you use vitamins Aevitum?Tell us below in the comments how you use them, and whether you are satisfied with the outcome of the application.