Hello dear readers.Just I want to start with thanks.I'm so pleased that I have congratulated you on your birthday.This warm feeling of joy, of love, of tenderness.Sometimes you just happen moments in life you realize and understand many things.How expensive warmth, kind words, attention.Thank you.I wish you all the wisdom, awareness, flexibility of mind, joy, happiness, love, enthusiasm and inspiration.Now the summer, the warmth, the sun shines brightly.The children in the school holidays, in kindergarten at us too.This year the children made holiday.Of course children are very boring days sitting in the apartment.Therefore I'd like to spend more time with them.Children want to stroll and relax.Less and less time on their favorite things, as you try to pay more attention to children.Who has decided doshit two started painting with beads and place in a frame.

Today I want to talk about how to make a mask from the melon face.Summer is in full swing, which means it's time to ripening fruit, berries and

vegetables.That can not only eat, but also to apply to the face.Melon love since childhood, as well as melons.The aroma and taste of honey, do not think it will impress anyone.In summer, be sure to buy melons and enjoy their flavor and aroma.

worth noting that eating the melon is very useful at a reduced level of hemoglobin in the blood, as the melon contains iron.Melon also strengthens the immune system and nourishes the body with vitamins.If it is possible, and you can enjoy plenty of melons, and a face mask to do.

Melon face

melon sweet, tasty, very fragrant, and besides, rich in vitamins and trace elements.A homemade mask of melons will make your skin irresistible, improve the complexion, the skin becomes more moisturized, smooth, smooth.

  • Vitamin C contained in melon, a vitamin of youth and beauty.This vitamin is responsible for the formation of collagen in skin cells.Plus it is responsible for skin elasticity.
  • Vitamin A is useful in inflammation of the skin and also helps to moisturize the skin.It gives the skin softness and elasticity.
  • Thanks gland cells and skin tissue saturated with oxygen.
  • But potassium is able to maintain the level of moisture in the cells.
  • Vitamin B9, summer is simply irreplaceable for the skin, it helps to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

very important in the season to do facials course.We all know that melons can only enjoy in the summer, as well as use them as masks.Therefore I will do optimal mask of melons several times a week.Approximately three weeks.

Indications mask melon

argue about the benefits of melon for the body is not necessary, the main thing to choose a good melons.Most importantly do not forget to test all the masks on the wrist.But as a rule, allergies or other unpleasant symptoms are very rare.

  1. Masks melon showing pigment spots, freckles
  2. When inflammation in the skin, as well as acne
  3. Useful melon when excessive dryness of the skin
  4. Besides mask indicated for use at the first sign
  5. skin aging When unhealthycolor skin

Masks made with melon at home, suitable for all skin types.The result of the use of masks will be noticeable immediately.Masks have a wonderful effect.Cheap, fast and easy.

Apply the mask on your face to 15 minutes, then wash off the mask with running water.After the mask do not forget to put on the face nourishing cream, if desired.I do not nanoshu.

Apply the mask onto cleansed face.

can wear a t-shirt, you do not mind staining.It so happens that the mask runs down the face and can stain clothing.Or juice of the melon can get on clothes.

Masks melon face

Masks cook very simply.In a season when the melons ripen why not pamper your skin with masks.Melon need to peel, it will not be needed, since the masks we use only the pulp.

mask melon classic. Flesh melon, you can choose a spoon, mark and apply on face.This is the most simple mask.This mask is suitable for all skin types.

You can wipe the juice of the melon face using a cotton pad, too, everything is very simple.Wetting a cotton pad in the melon juice and rub the face.

melon juice can be prepared cosmetic ice and wipe his face with.To do this, the juice is enough to pour into molds for ice and put in the freezer.

mask melon refreshing. Melon be cleaned, cut into slices.We put the melon slices to face.This mask is a refreshing, hydrating, nourishing.

mask melon of skin inflammation. To prepare the mask, mix fresh cream and melon pulp.On a couple of spoons of pulp we need a spoon of fresh cream.

mask melon for oily skin. For oily skin on your face, you can make a mask using a melon and yogurt or yogurt to replace one egg protein.Mix the pulp of melon with yogurt.The same number of melon pulp can be mixed with egg protein.On two spoonfuls of melon pulp and spoon yogurt.The mask is applied to the face.

mask melon whitening. To prepare the masks need to mix a few spoonfuls of melon with a spoon of lemon juice.The juice of the need to squeeze fresh lemon.You can use the juice with pulp.

mask melon for aging skin. To prepare the masks need to chop the flesh melons.It takes only two tablespoons of pulp, which must be pre-mixed with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of fresh cream.Honey is a natural use.

mask melon nutritious. To make the mask a couple of spoonfuls of mashed melon mixed with a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of sour cream.This mask is perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and even.

A wide variety of masks allows the use of the mask, which will allow you to solve a particular problem.Try, use.Pamper your skin with masks in the season.