Hello dear readers.It has long been looking for information about cleaning person at home.Much easier to go to a beauty salon, let you do everything the master.But I was always interested in all the most to try and explore.Some procedures do and a good result.Care for the face and body is very important.From black points, unfortunately, no one is immune.They may appear as in adolescents and women and men.The main reason for the appearance of black dots is a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, enlarged pores on the face.When the face appear black spots, the skin does not look healthy, it can be attributed to the category of problem.But there is a solution.You can make cleaning the face of blackheads at home.Of course, you can go to a beauty salon and a beautician will do everything, but if not enough money or time, you can carry out cleaning and herself.

When the face noticeable black dots, they want to squeeze.But how to do it correctly?In order not to damage the skin, plus avoid getting infections

.There are rules, following which you can achieve the desired results.

All we care about their beauty, beauty is important, and internal and external.How to clean the face of blackheads?Make it at home quite simply, quickly and efficiently.Share your recipes, how to simply and effectively clean the face of blackheads.

Causes of Facial blackheads

More often black spots characteristic of oily and combination skin type.When the sebaceous glands produce sebum intensively, its excess clog pores.In addition the pores may be clogged with dust.And to clean the pores need to know the reasons for their clogging.

  • The most common way to the black dots - a cheap and low-quality cosmetics.
  • black dots may be at disease stomach or intestine.
  • Malnutrition is now especially relevant, fatty foods, and of course, smoking and alcohol.All this has a negative effect on the facial skin and promote the appearance of blackheads.When the black dots on the face pay attention to nutrition.Include in your diet for more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid sweets or limit their use.
  • Inadequate skin care can lead to blackheads.Peeling, masks, lotions play an important role in skin care.
  • If you greatly enlarged pores on the face.How narrow the enlarged pores, you will learn in the article "How to get rid of enlarged pores."
  • If there were hormonal changes in the body.

If you do not understand and do not eliminate the causes of black spots, they will appear on the face over and over again.You can trust the business professional.You can make ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum and mechanical scrapers face.

get rid of blackheads at home, you can use hot compresses, herbal bath, ice.

cleaning person in the home of blackheads

Facial cleansing is quite important procedure, it is important not to lose sight of the important points.Facial cleansing is recommended once a month.

Rules for face cleaning house

First, the hands should be washed well and treat alcohol or disinfectant solution, in order not to carry infection.

Second, skin diseases, not "ripened" acne, when wounds and wounds on the face, with inflammation of the skin on the face, cleaning should not be performed.

required to achieve the desired result, it is important to clean the face gradually.

And if you have acne and the very problem skin, it is best to seek help from a beautician.

Mechanical cleaning of the face in

home We use the tonal means, which can contaminate the pores, if you do not properly clean enough face, and dust can contaminate our pores.Especially suffer from blackheads people with oily skin type and people with combined type.But the situation is solved.You can make the mechanical cleaning of the house.The procedure is quite simple, but effective.It is best to do this procedure at the weekend.

Stages face cleaning

To clean the face of all is necessary to carry out in stages:

  • Cleansing the skin
  • Next we have a steam bath
  • then mechanical cleaning
  • And be sure to closing pores on the face

These aresimple but at the same time, important phases of the cleaning of the face in the home.

first. The first thing to do is to clean the face.It is necessary to wash, you can use milk.Then apply a scrub.Scrub can be prepared by, and you can use your previously purchased.Use a scrub with fine abrasive particles.Try not to rub the face, so as not to traumatize the skin.Apply the scrub in a circular motion.You can use homemade scrub with baking soda, coffee, honey and oatmeal.This facial cleansing is considered a deep cleaning.

second. Next steam bath.It is necessary to steam the face to make it easier to remove black dots.It is best to prepare a decoction of chamomile.Chamomile reduces inflammation and does not cause allergies.You can make a series.If you skin is oily brew calendula.For dry skin, you can use lemon balm or lavender.

per liter of water three tablespoons herb.Simmer for about 5 minutes.Tilt your head over a container, cover with a towel.Steam the skin will be enough for 10 minutes.Do everything carefully, so as not to burn yourself with steam.Then blot the face with a napkin, removing thereby extending the pot.

steam the skin can make a warm compress.Soak a towel in the grass broth.Everything should be a comfortable temperature for the face.Apply a warm towel to the face.But I prefer the steam bath.It's more comfortable for me.

third. third stage is very responsible.Be sure to disinfect your hands.Push the black dots with your fingers, not nails.If the black dot is not squeezed out, do not try to squeeze it, make it next time.This procedure does not tighten as a person gradually cools.Try to do everything quickly and accurately.I think that by making this procedure a few times, you will have everything to do it right.

fourth. In the fourth step, we need to wipe the face with tincture of calendula, calendula tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy.Then you need to wipe face with ice.Prepare ice cubes in advance of chamomile, mint, mother and stepmother, succession, marigold etc. Herbs.Cold ice helps narrow the enlarged pores.

better to use a decoction of herbs that need to pre-pour into molds for ice and freeze.Since herbs have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.I also use a mask of ice instead of protein and lemon juice.Connect one protein and a spoon of lemon juice.Apply the mask on your face for 10 minutes.The mask helps to narrow pores.

These are the stages of mechanical cleaning person at home.It's simple, but it is important to do everything step by step.

cleaning face at home coffee grounds

can clean the face of the coffee grounds in the home.But it is more likely to be perfect peeling.You can use ground coffee, but you can midst.If you have a thick, apply it on your face in circular motions.If coffee, then connect it with vegetable oil (peach, almond and so on.) To the consistency of sour cream and apply on face.

Pay particular attention to the T-zone.Frankly, coffee scrub that I really like.I use a coffee body scrub.This procedure is very invigorating.

Facial cleansing with salt and soda

You can also clean the face using fine salt and baking soda.One of the cheapest and very affordable types of scrubs.It's all superficial cleaning of the face, which helps to remove the horny layer of skin cells.

Again, as a variant of excellent scrub.Mix in equal proportions of salt (it is desirable to take small) with baking soda.Now.If you have a dry skin type, add to the mix a little bit of vegetable oil (peach, almond and so on.) If the fat - a little hydrogen peroxide.Apply in a circular motion on your face and leave on for 3-5 minutes.

Rinse the scrub with water.After the procedure must lubricate the face of nourishing cream.Scrub with salt and a little baking soda to clean the face, but deep cleansing facial is not.To clean the face have to do everything step by step and be sure to squeeze out black dots.Just squeezing black points and closing the pores on the face, the face will be transformed and clean.Even more recipes face cleaning soda, you can read the article on the "Cleansing facial blog soda".

Facial cleansing clay

Black cosmetic clay has an excellent cleaning effect.Usually black clay is used, it pulls the dirt on the surface.If, after the procedure, you will notice the appearance of acne do not worry, it will pass through several procedures.Since this pulls clay toxins on the skin surface.

Clay breed herbal decoction or boiled water, put on the face for about 10 minutes can be applied in a circular motion.At the expiration of the time mask will begin to dry out.Wash your face with water or remove the mask with a sponge.

I really like the mechanical cleaning of the face in the home.That this kind of, for me, is very effective and allows you to perfectly clean the face of blackheads.Of course, I like to use scrubs.She did scrub with soda, coffee, but I advise you to do every two weeks, no more.But it is necessary to squeeze out black dots.Well, to understand and eliminate the causes of their appearance, so they are not plagued again and again.

Remember, compliance with all the rules of this procedure - the key to success.