Hello dear readers.Well, all is now safe to say that the summer has begun.Summer is a wonderful time of year.So many berries, fruits and herbs, the summer gives us.Here today I want to talk about the mint peppermint.I love mint tea, use mint for hair and face.The parents of mint and lemon balm grows in the garden.We dry the mint and winter brew mint tea.Apply mint year round.Fresh summer and winter sushenuyu.Myatu also widely used in cooking and folk medicine.For mint not only won all of their flavor and medicinal properties.Plant fragrant and useful.Today I want to tell you how to use mint in cosmetology.From this plant can prepare decoctions, infusions and tinctures.As well as face masks of mint.Very much I like to use in the care of a natural means.

If you want to know about the healing properties of peppermint, the use of it for health and contraindications, then find all the information on this subject, see the article "Peppermint.Beneficial features".

collection and storage of mint.

With regard to the collection and harvesting of plants.Of course, it is better to prepare yourself mint.On the market it is sold fresh.If the mint growing in the country or in the garden, the more you can prepare yourself mint.

now dry mint can be purchased at a pharmacy or at the herbalists.But if there is such a possibility, it is best to prepare it yourself to be sure of the quality of raw materials.So, if you decide to prepare the mint, the best time of harvesting before flowering plants.This time around is in June and July.Mint is usually cut with a knife or scissors, it's more convenient.

Dry plant in the shade, in well ventilated areas, can be under the awning.On hot days, mint dries very quickly.When the leaves and sprigs of mint crumble, the plant has dried.Putting mint in glass jars or in a cotton bag.

Mint face.Use

Mint face can be used both fresh and dried.In summer, fresh, and in the fall and winter in a dry form.From mint can make beautiful masks, infusions, decoctions and cosmetic ice to wipe the face.You can prepare a decoction of the leaves to wash fresh and fragrant mint.

greatest amount of nutrients and vitamins contained in the leaves of mint it.Peppermint contains vitamin C, A, PP B9, B6, B1, except vitamins mint contains essential oil, bitter tannins, sugar, volatile.

  • Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and tissue.
  • Vitamin A is involved in the growth of new skin cells slows down the aging processes, normalizes metabolism.
  • Vitamin B9 is important for the creation of new skin cells.This vitamin slows the aging process of skin cells.
  • Mint perfectly tones the face, reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin.
  • Peppermint helps smooth wrinkles and remove signs of fatigue.
  • addition, mint cleanses the skin and normalizes the sebaceous glands.Therefore, in the care of oily and combination skin - Mint godsend.

If you have not used mint for the face, I recommend to try.If you do not have allergies, you are hypersensitive to the plants, the result of the use of mint you only please.

Rules of mint facial

To mint products have a good effect, it is necessary to take into account some of the recommendations on the use of mint for the face.

  1. Do not forget that mint, like any herb can cause irritation or allergy.Therefore, test drugs or peppermint mask on your wrist.And then apply to the face.
  2. also want to say that for the preparation of the mask should be used fresh mint.But for infusions and decoctions suitable dried.
  3. Wash off the mask with warm water after using a decoction or infusion for the face wash does not need anything.
  4. Apply the mask to cleansed face.
  5. masks on the face should be no more than 15 minutes.
  6. Mint face can be used once a week.A use twice a week, if necessary.

infusion of mint for skin

infusion of peppermint is prepared very easily.The first thing we need - mint.Prepare the infusion can be fresh and dry mint.I recently prepared infusion.From fresh mint it turns light green and very fragrant.About a tablespoon of mint leaves pour 250 ml.boiling water, insist in a sealed container.I usually insist about 20 minutes.Infusion is filtered.

infusion So you can wipe the face.Wipe face with a cotton pad may be that you need to pre-moisten in tincture.Infusion refreshes, invigorates, relieves irritation, inflammation, signs of fatigue.

ice cubes mint

To make ice cubes mint, enough to prepare the infusion.How to prepare the infusion, see above.The infusion should be cool and be sure to drain.Pour the cooled infusion into molds for ice and put in the freezer.

Ice mint rubbed his face and neck.When you wipe the face with ice cubes do not stay long in one area of ​​skin.Rub the face of light and sliding movements.Such wiping tones, cleanses, refreshes the skin, which is important on a hot summer day.Try it, I think that the procedure you enjoy.

decoction of mint

decoction of mint cooked very simply.A spoonful of mint leaves pour a glass of water and put on a slow fire.Boil for 10 minutes, insist 10 minutes.Filtered and adjusted to the initial volume of cooled boiled water.Broth as an infusion, is used to wipe the face may be used for the preparation of masks.

Masks of mint for skin

mint for a fresh use of masks.It is now the season began, so that in the summer you can enjoy the natural gifts.Especially as fresh berries and other components can be added to the mask.

mask of mint for oily and combination skin

  • 1/3 part fresh cucumber
  • 12 mint leaves
  • tablespoon lemon juice

Masks of peppermint are very effective and have a really positive effect on the skin.The mask is very useful for oily skin, it helps to narrow pores, remove the shine from the face, to prevent inflammation.

To prepare the masks we need fresh mint leaves.Leaflets twelve fresh mint.Of very finely grind.The three on a grater 1/3 of the cucumber and mix with mint.Add a spoonful of lemon juice.Apply the mask on your face.

I want to note the excellent effect of the mask of fresh cucumber.Personally, I really like to make a face mask of fresh cucumber.Now begins the season of cucumbers, try a mask, I think that the effect you're happy.Especially that this product is not an allergy causes.

Vitamin mask of berries and mint

  • 12 mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • couple of medium-sized strawberries (you can use strawberries)

Mint shred, shred strawberries or strawberry, all put together.Mixed with natural honey.We have strawberries and strawberries appeared, so it is safe to do such a mask.And the honey of this year we have acquired.

I like this mask, it is very easy to prepare and a great result.With the advent of fresh strawberries I try to make a mask.If you are interested in more recipes masks of strawberry, I recommend you an article entitled "Strawberry Face".You will learn useful than strawberries for the face and which contains vitamins, how to make and apply the mask.

What better natural ingredients for masks donated to us by nature.I love the summer for the generosity of the flavor of ripe, juicy berries.

mask Mint face nutritional

  • 12 leaves fresh mint
  • yolk
  • cream

Mint leaves finely chop connect with the egg yolk and sour cream.If you do not replace it with fresh sour cream.Eggs for the mask is better to use the village, as well as sour cream.If you buy the cream in the store take no less than 20% fat.

mask Mix in a bowl and put on pre-cleansed face.Wash possible infusion of mint.The mask is easier to remove from the face of a sponge.After you remove the mask, wash with a mint infusion.

Hope masks recipes you like mint.I think that some of you have taken in the treasury of recipes.Also please if you do face masks, Are cosmetic ice, whether decoctions and infusions are using mint facial?