Today I want to talk about the use of black currant face.In fact, all varieties of currants are useful (black, white, red).The content of vitamins and minerals in berries is impressive.In season, you can pamper your skin with masks of ripe berries and fruits that will create additional nutrition, hydration of the skin cells.Homemade masks currant prepared simply and quickly, and the result of the use of masks will not take long.

But, before applying the mask from the berries, fruits, vegetables, be sure to do a test on the skin, that instead of the expected effect was not disappointed in the result.

Summer is a great time to berries and vegetables, fresh, ripe, and delicious.Berries like to feast on both children and adults, vitamins and minerals contained in the berries, fruits, vegetables are very useful for our body, and of course for the skin.

For more information about the berries of black currant, to the presence of these vitamins can be found in the article "Black currant useful properties"

.And also, from an article you can learn how to use black currants for treatment.Well, now let's talk about the use of black currant face.

Blackcurrant facial.

masks blackcurrant face due to the chemical composition currant berries.Masks blackcurrant face, can get rid of a number of skin problems.Mask improves complexion, reduce inflammation, improve skin elasticity.

  • Vitamin C, which abound in the currants, is a natural antioxidant.In addition, vitamin C regenerates and repairs damaged skin cells.
  • Potassium contained in the berries currant moisturizes the skin.
  • organic acid, kill bacteria and purify the skin.
  • Berries blackcurrant protect the skin from harmful environmental exposures.
  • Due to the content of the currant fruit acid mask of currants have a whitening effect.And have a whitening effect over red and white currants.
  • Vitamins and trace elements contained in the berries soften, moisturize, nourish the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and silky.

face mask of black currant.

Masks blackcurrant can be done at any time of the year, in season, use fresh ripe berries, and in the winter you can prepare a mask of frozen berries.

Since the berries a lot of fruit acids, including ascorbic acid, black currant can cause allergic reactions, so be sure to make a test on the wrist before applying the mask on the wrist.

masks can be used for black, white, red currants.Mask of the currants can be applied to the face with a brush.

Berries blackcurrant can stain skin, so the maximum amount of time the mask for 10 minutes.Keep the mask on your face for a long time is not necessary.

To prepare mask berries are ground into a puree.Puree can be pre-grind through a screen to form a uniform slurry.

Mask of currants should be done no more than once every two weeks, but can be used in the berry season, and once a week.

Classic mask currant. to mask currants should be washed, dried, crushed and put on the face of mashed berries.It can be applied to the face of blackcurrant juice.The mask of black currant has a nourishing mask of red - bleaching.

mask for dry skin. For dry skin mashed currant combine in equal proportions with olive oil and sour cream (1: 1: 1).All mix until a smooth consistency and applied to the face.

mask for oily skin. For oily skin mashed currant berries mixed with yogurt in equal proportions, and applied to the face.

mask for aging skin. currant puree mixed with natural honey in equal proportions.Apply the mask on the face with a thin layer.

Mask for skin peeling. To prepare mask the cooled boiled milk mixed with mashed currant in equal proportions, and applied to the face.

Wash off the mask with water.The skin is desirable not to wipe and wet towel.Then apply on the skin nourishing cream.For example, I really like the mask of strawberries for the face.In winter, of course I do not, but that's in season, why not.In more detail, than strawberries useful for persons can be found in the article "Strawberry Face.Masks ".

contraindicated mask of black currant with berries or allergy are hypersensitive to berries, with rashes, inflammation of the skin.Everything has to be in the joy and benefit.