Today I want to talk about the care of dry skin.That winter I face this problem.Of course I accept the measures.Here, all the recipes are good, such as honey, butter, oatmeal and other means.The main thing that was not allergic to folk remedies.Dry skin can cause tightness, peeling, discomfort.How to ensure your skin hydration?There are masks, cosmetic products, which are at home to help in skin care.How to save our skin from moisture loss and provide extra food for today and we'll talk.

Our skin needs special care at any time of the year: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment.Especially in the winter, because the cold wind and temperature decrease negative impact on the skin face, because the face is the most unprotected part of the body.If the skin appeared peeling, then I recommend you read the article "Peeling skin".In order to understand why the facial skin is dry, let's consider a number of reasons, which can cause dry skin.

Dry facial skin.Causes.

causes of dry skin can be a lot.Here are t

he main ones:

  • Wrong or insufficient skin care.Washing the face with hot, chlorinated water, use soap.
  • lack of vitamins in the body.It is very important for our skin vitamins A, C and E. Lack of vitamins can be in the winter or spring.
  • dryness of the skin can cause a variety of gastrointestinal disease.
  • Long STAYS in the sun in summer and the cold in winter.Dry skin may be caused by changing weather conditions.
  • Dry skin can talk about such disease as diabetes.Moreover, diabetes can be, not only to dry the face but dry skin of feet, hands, head.
  • Lack of thyroid hormones.
  • Malfunction of the sebaceous glands.
  • Dry skin can be caused by age-related changes.
  • frequent exfoliation can also lead to dry skin.
  • In the heating season the use of space heaters have a negative effect on the skin.
  • Insufficient water.
  • use of tonal bases and powders, particularly in winter negatively affects the skin.

reasons that cause dryness of the skin a lot, but if accompanied by dry skin peeling, itching and other unpleasant symptoms, it is best to see a doctor and to consult on the matter.This dermatologist, endocrinologist.

Dry facial skin.What to do?Dry skin.People's treatment.

With regular skin care, the problem of dryness will be minimized.

  1. When dry skin need to drink more clean water.Water is "the foundation of life."You need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  2. Wash is not hot and not cold water, the water temperature should be room temperature.
  3. Wash better cooled boiled water.It is also possible to wash filtered or supernatant water.
  4. Wash softer means, which do not dry the skin and in its composition does not contain alcohol.
  5. After washing, need to wet face with a towel.Use a toner after washing, I use "Hydrolat roses."
  6. Apply on face cream, oil, lotion.Cosmetics should not contain alcohol.
  7. Several times a week, use a special moisturizing mask.
  8. Notice containing vitamin A products, C, E. You can buy a range of vitamins and minerals in the pharmacy, as well as fish oil.
  9. Get as far as possible, a humidifier.

Among other things, I use oil for skin care.For dry skin may be applied vitamins A and E in pure form, add oil and masks.

skin itching, dryness and irritation will help to remove the aloe.Cut leaf aloe vera, cut it along, collect spoon the pulp of aloe in a container and wipe the cleaned face with a cotton pad soaked with aloe juice.Also, perfectly calms the skin oil aloe.

decoction perfectly calm the skin, relieve itching and skin inflammation.The skin can be cleaned with a decoction of chamomile or calendula.

oil for dry skin.

oils perfectly nourish, moisturize the skin, saturate it with natural vitamins.The most gentle face are peach kernel oil, apricot kernel and almond oil.These oils can be used for sensitive skin, baby skin, as they are very soft and do not cause irritation and allergies.

For dry skin, you can use jojoba oil.This oil is non-comedogenic and do not "clog pores" on the face.The oil is very soft and easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy shine on the face.I use jojoba oil for face, grease the face several times a day.

You can use olive oil, argan oil, linseed oil, wheat germ oil and other oils.

to face, you can use solid oils, that is, "butters": cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil.However, these oils can cause comedones.These oils should be warmed before use, they can be lubricated with some dry patches on your face.For example, I like cocoa butter.

can lubricate the face of oil several times a day, and you can make oil compresses.Butter is slightly warm up, moisten it a piece of gauze and apply it to cleansed face for 15-20 minutes.It is best to do this procedure in the horizontal position.These oil masks should be done several times a week.

Dry facial skin.Olive oil.

Olive oil is simply irreplaceable assistant at dryness and peeling skin.This oil can be purchased at any store, but it is better to take the olive oil Extra Virgen.

Olive oil relieves peeling and dryness of the skin, makes the skin smooth and even.The composition of olive oil contains natural vitamins and antioxidants, which are responsible for elasticity and skin elasticity.Also, protect the skin from adverse environmental effects, normalize blood circulation in skin cells.Fatty acids envelop the skin thin plenochkoj very carefully caring for her.

In addition, olive oil is a great helper at the first signs of skin aging.For more information about olive oil, can be read in the article "Olive oil facial skin".There you will find recipes for face masks with olive oil.

How to use olive oil?A few drops of olive oil can be added to a portion of the cream for the face.I rub slightly warmed butter face after cleansing.Salvation for dry skin is oily mask with olive oil, as well as compresses, wipes, lotions with olive oil.

honey for dry skin.

Bee products have a positive effect on the skin, including dry.But, honey and other bee products need to be careful, because they cause allergies.Before use, the test should be carried out mask on the skin, as honey, in addition, a strong allergen.

Honey reduces inflammation, peeling, dry skin, tones, softens and nourishes the skin with natural vitamins.A honey mask has a rejuvenating effect.

My favorite facial mask honey + egg yolk.The eggs I buy rustic, honey from a beekeeper friend.All natural products.On one egg yolk, I add a teaspoon of honey.All is well mixed and I put or render a mask on the face without touching the eye area.Mask put on 15 minutes.I wash off with water mask.Mask perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

When dry skin can make a mask of honey and oatmeal.Minced oatmeal and two teaspoons of honey to mix and apply on face for 15 minutes.Mask of oatmeal and honey tone, nourishes and whitens the skin.

I very much like a mask of sour cream and honey.Sour cream I buy the village, it is oily and well nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and more hydrated.In equal proportions of honey and sour cream mix and for 15 minutes put on the face.I wash off with water mask.For more information about all the intricacies of the rules and the application of the mask of sour cream and honey, please read the article "Sour cream and honey face".

What if the dry skin of the face in the winter?

often during the cold season we face dryness and flaking skin.Strong wind, rain, hail, frost very negatively affect the condition of our skin.In the heating season, we include heaters, which further dries our skin.

Dry skin of the face, if you do not care for it properly, quickly begins to fade, and on it there are the first signs of aging.

The skin should be cleaned, moisturize, nourish.I discovered recently oil, because I really very difficult to pick out the cream.Of course, I use a cream, but now actively use the oil in skin care, plus homemade masks.

The cold wind or trying to cover face scarf.That, in turn, a little bit, protect the skin from adverse environmental conditions.

winter, do not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.His day can begin with a glass of water.

Do not forget about vitamins, fish oil, trace elements.Complex vitamins can drink several times a year.With regard to vitamins best to consult with your doctor.Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is also very important.I

a minimum, during the cold season, use creams and especially sugar.Since the powder is very dry skin.

Also, apply all sorts of masks of herbs (chamomile, calendula), masks from fruits, vegetables and dairy products.Masks should be done several times a week.Such masks, home-cooked, allow the maximum to retain moisture in the skin, soften and moisturize the skin.

I am preparing a "cream", which softens the skin and has a healing effect.I put or render it in dry areas of the face, elbows, knees, hands, lips.Ointment pchelnogo based waxes and oils.I Melt a tablespoon of wax, add two tablespoons of cocoa butter spoon, wait until the butter has melted, I remove from heat oil, add a spoonful of wheat germ oil.Transfused ointment in a jar and store it in the box.

If you have your recipes as moisturize dry skin, then share them in the comments below.