Hello dear readers.If you like I like aromatherapy, then I think that you too will be interesting what essential oils are beneficial for the skin.Like lavender oil, I add it to the hair mask, add in butter and put on the face, but the oil of lavender is not the only essential oil that can be applied to the skin.Let's take today will investigate the properties and indications of essential oils for skin beauty.

Also, before using essential oils should be remembered that a pure oil on the skin to the skin should not be applied.On pimple dot can be applied tea tree oil in its pure form.Also pure lavender oil can be used.All other essential oils is diluted with a base oil.For base oils include both liquid oils (almond, grape seed, wheat germ, etc.), and solid oil.Hard butters are also called oils (that cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter and other).

Battery before use need to melt in a water bath.Usually tablespoon of oil, whether it is liquid or solid, but melted add one drop of essential oil, stir

and applied to the skin.

not recommended to mix the essential oil with purchase-creams, as a cream, including oil penetrates deep into the skin cells pulling the chemical substances contained in the cream.

Essential oils for the skin.

to know some essential oil to give preference, you need to know what effect on the skin has a particular essential oil.

Tea Tree. Tea tree oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, is suitable for all skin types.The oil helps a lot to deal with acne for oily skin is a godsend.In general, essential tea tree oil can replace half of the kit.For more information about the properties and application of this oil can be found in the article "tea tree essential oil".

oil of orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit. These oils on the skin have a complex action.They nourish, moisturize, whiten skin, remove the excessive oiliness of the skin.Suitable such oil for combination skin.I love all the citrus essential oils, their flavor is also uplifting.

Jasmine. jasmine oil is suitable for use for dry skin.Oil nourishes, moisturizes, soothes irritation, inflammation, and has antifungal effect on the skin.On the surface of the skin a protective plenochku at the molecular level.

Ylang-Ylang. Perfect for oily skin, oil helps to moisturize the skin and has a nourishing effect.

Lavender. matting the skin, removes shine from the face, has an antiseptic effect on the skin, it helps to restore damaged cells.

Mirra. This oil helps in the treatment of acne, rash, acne, skin irritations.Ideal for problematic skin.In addition, myrrh oil is also an excellent antiseptic effect.

Geranium. Suitable for the care of aging skin.This oil well moisturizes and restores the skin cells.

Rose. This oil is like no other is suitable for women.This is the most expensive essential oil in the world, selling more than 1 mL, 3 mL, 5 mL, is very, very expensive.Rose oil helps to smooth out small wrinkles on the skin.Suitable for mature skin oil, oil regenerates skin cells, has regenerative properties.

Neroli. One of the most expensive oils, suitable for all skin types especially for dry, aging and sensitive skin.Oil refresh, rejuvenate and improve the complexion.

Chamomile. Chamomile essential oil is suitable for sensitive, dry skin, oil reduces inflammation, irritation of the skin.It moisturizes, nourishes and helps to cope with various kinds of skin diseases.

Sandal. P Good for the care of aging skin, and is also suitable for sensitive skin.Sandalwood oil has antioxidant properties.

Mint. Recommend for oily and inflamed skin, oil helps to narrow pores and normalize the production of sebum.In addition, oil copes with eczema, scabies, dermatitis, acne.

This is not the full list of oil, and useful properties of all oils in one article to describe.If you use some other essential oil write below in the comments about it.

Essential oils help us to solve many problems in the skin, helps get rid of acne, herpes, boils.In these cases, the essential oils are applied to a dot location on skin inflammation.

There is a rule in aromatherapy.If you do not like the fragrance oil, it you will not work.on the oil can also be an allergy, hypersensitivity, also do not forget about it.Some oils cause headaches, so with them you have to be careful not to exceed the dosage.Epilepsy during pregnancy and oils should be avoided.

I tried to cheap essential oils, they do not like me, I later learned that a good essential oil can not be cheap, and there are no good in the pharmacy of essential oils.I'm glad that I found for myself-quality essential oils at Primavera, though they are expensive, but effective.High-quality essential oils can not is cheap.Lavender and tea tree I adore.

Also, it is not necessary to buy all the oil, select the ones that will help you solve the problem of skin, buy and use on health.