Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the lips, how to eliminate dryness and peeling lips.Often faced with winter, because winter has already come, and I thought it was a recurring theme.I try to lubricate the mouth hygienic lipstick, which I prepare myself, but some days are not smeared lips.I decided recently lipstick red lipstick, paint, and I understand that the lipstick to stay up is not perfect, and blame dry lips.Causes of dry mouth very much.Dry lips can be not only in winter but in summer.What to do?First, find and eliminate the cause, and of course will help care for the lips.

Very cool, when, regardless of the time of year you have a beautiful and smooth skin, well-groomed hair, soft and tender lips.To care for your lips suit chapstick and lip scrub.Both can be made at home, if desired, of course.How to Cook scrub of honey lip can be found in the article "How to make homemade lip scrub".By the way, I want to note, scrub lips can not be used with wounds and cracks on the lips.And n

ow let us look at the causes of dry lips.

dryness and peeling lips.Causes.

  • The first thing I want to draw attention, it's the weather.Frost, wind, sun and many other weather factors affect the condition of the lips.And not only the lips, and skin and hair.
  • winter, when heating include the air in the room become dry, which can adversely affect the skin, including the lips and skin.
  • lack of vitamins in the body, decreased immunity, all of this also applies to the causes dryness and flaking lips.
  • Very often, the cause is properly matched lipstick that dries the mouth.In this case, you need to find another lipstick.
  • Reduced hemoglobin levels have a negative effect on the condition of the lips.
  • diseases of the internal organs can cause dry mouth.For example, gastritis, pancreatitis, dysbiosis, diabetes and others.
  • Some bitten or licked his lips, which adversely affects the condition of the lips.If you lick your lips in the street, it is fraught with the appearance of peeling lips.
  • cause of dry mouth may be dehydrated.After all, winter is not hot and thirsty, therefore, we drink less than usual.And it should drink at least two liters of water a day and that's not counting juice, tea, coffee.
  • cause of dry mouth can be a fungal infection.In such cases, on the lips can be perleches, cracks, white coating.
  • Taking certain medications can cause dry mouth.

Symptoms of dry mouth include cracks, peeling, redness of the lips, mouth soreness, tingling and other.It causes discomfort.

But, eliminate flaking and dryness of the lips quite easily be at home using folk remedies.

How to eliminate dryness and peeling lips.

Now on sale there is a lot of money on lip care.But, for example, good hygienic lipstick with natural composition are not so cheap.I cook for myself hygienic lipstick and a daughter of pchelnogo waxes and oils, very well moisturizes lips and wax also protects the lips thin covering plenochkoj.

There is also a view that the Lipstick moisturizes lips, but do not all lipstick.Many lipstick dry lips and I felt myself.In the winter very rarely I use lipstick, mostly balsam.

My grandmother used to say that there is nothing better rural rustic sour cream and butter, which she made herself.It perfectly moisturizes lips, lip greased if these natural products.

And, especially in winter, actual intake of vitamins.Also, you can improve immunity and folk remedies.We, for example, for the second time preparing a vitamin mixture for increasing the immunity of nuts and dried fruits.The recipe for the mixture is in the article "Vitamin mix for immunity".Tasty and healthy.

Try to drink at least two liters of water a day, not counting coffee and tea.Not for nothing they say that man is 80% water.Pure water removes toxins from our body, cleanses the blood and lymph, feeds our cells with moisture.If you notice at the dryness of the skin, including the lips, make sure of how much you drink water a day.

If you have a habit of licking or biting the lips, the better to get rid of it.

Before going out grease lip balm for lips.Moreover, they can lubricate the lips for preventing dryness and flaking of the lips.

If the lips are too dry, then the time you have to give up the color of lipstick, it does not solve the problem of dry lips, she does not mask peeling, and exacerbates it.The color lipstick on lips during treatment can be replaced by lip balm or hygienic lipstick.

Give up bad habits, try to eat a balanced way.Include in your diet vegetables and fruits.As well as foods rich in vitamin A, C, E (carrot, beans, butter, green vegetables and other foods), it is these vitamins are responsible for the youth and beauty of the skin, including the skin and lips.You can also lubricate the lips with liquid oil solution of vitamin A and E, which are available over the counter.

How to get rid of dry mouth.Pets moisturizing and healing agent for the lips.

to home remedies moisturizing the lips and helps to cope at home with dry and peeling lips are: honey, sour cream, butter, vegetable oils.

dryness of the lips perfectly helps cope sea buckthorn, wild rose oil, cocoa butter, calendula oil, linseed oil, olive oil.Also have softening properties and wheat germ oil, shea butter, aloe vera, which is perfect for face and body.

on the lips can be applied to natural honey, and after 15 minutes remove with the help of sponge soaked in olive oil.

can lubricate the mouth sour cream or butter that softens and moisturizes lips.Also, honey mixed in equal parts with butter at room temperature and applied to the lips.

Aloe juice promotes the healing of mouth.I still helps cocoa butter, which I lubricate the lips, it is great heals cracks in the lips, softens lips.Well help

oil, one of the most effective for me is the sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn oil because not only softens the lips, but also heals the cracks on the lips, cracks in the corners of the mouth.How to treat cracks in the corners of the mouth, which is called "Zayed" can be found in the article "Why in the corners of the mouth perleches?Causes.Treatment.Vitamins ".

Lips can be cleaned with tincture made from chamomile and calendula flowers.The infusion is prepared as follows: 250 g of boiling water 1 tbsp.spoon flowers.Insist 20 minutes and filtered.

In more serious cases, such as fungal infections, do not neglect the help of a specialist, it is better to consult a doctor than to self-medicate, because the problem can worsen.

And how do you eliminate dryness and peeling lips?The best treatment is prevention of course!