Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about her lips.What should I do if lips dry and crack?Is that a reason.What kind?Today, I want to solve this.The fact that she was faced with the problem.My daughter lips began to crack, we immediately began to oil sponge.The top layer of dead skin cells need to be removed and scrubs potreskavschiesya lips can not.In general the whole week vacation, we were treated with a sponge, everything else still and small cracks appeared in the corners of the mouth.

Of course, I was very concerned, but a familiar nurse advised treatment lips.And to drink vitamins.But first things first.Firstly, it started when the heating and air included in the room began to dry.It would seem that the usual stuff, and they should pay attention.

Why lips dry and cracked.Causes.

cracking and dry lips can be due to various reasons.The reasons are quite a few, important to find the cause and fix it, as well as seeking treatment for lips.

  • frost, sun, wind and dry air in the room as one
    of the causes of dry lips.
  • happens that does not fit lipstick, lipstick can dry the lips.I had a lipstick, it stable, but very Dried lip.
  • Reduced hemoglobin in the blood can cause cracks on the lips.
  • also to cosmetics may be allergic.
  • Often lip dryness and cracks can be caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ie, it is gastritis, pancreatitis and other diseases.
  • Dysbacteriosis as one of the causes of cracks on the lips.
  • Perhaps the cause is an allergy to foods.The use of highly acidic, spicy, salty food.
  • One of the reasons, which is also worth paying attention to is lowered immunity and lack of vitamins in the body.
  • very important reason is herpes and fungal diseases.When cracks and perleches have a whitish coating, then it is necessary to hand over analyzes.My friend handed over analyzes when she had cracks on the lips, took a scraping and determined that there are no infections.
  • also causes cracks in the lips include toothpastes.It is worth pondering, to change the toothpaste.
  • cause of dryness and cracks on the lips can be a habit to lick his lips.Especially licking lips standing in the heat, windy or cold weather.
  • bad habit to bite her lips, too, has a negative impact on the lips, as injure delicate skin of the lips.
  • Drink more water, dehydration leads to dryness of the lips.
  • Try not to touch her lips with his hands.

Zayed is not cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth and they are in the first place, we signal the lowered immunity and lack of vitamins in the body.Using oil and folk remedies can cure the cracks and perleches lips.What kind of folk remedies can help prevent and cure cracked and dry lips, I'll write about it below.

If you treat cracks on the lips, and there is no result, then you need to see a doctor.Perhaps the reason for this fungal infection.You will most likely be offered to be tested, take a scraping on the fungal infection.

The symptoms of dryness and cracking of the lips include: brown, cracks, tingling, redness, peeling, sore lips.At Zayed hurt to talk, eat or even open her mouth.

cracking lips and the corners of the lips.Vitamins.

One of the important factors of dryness, flaking, cracks on the lips is a lack of vitamins for the body.And, with a decrease in immunity, after a viral disease, when the immune system is said to be at zero.

Two important vitamin lip is vitamin A and E, and B vitamins for more information about what vitamins are good for the skin, can be read in the article "Vitamins for the skin."

The best thing of course to drink vitamin complexes.Which is better to buy vitamins and some firms may tell you doctor.I am not going to compare vitamin complexes and companies producing them.I usually advise a pharmacist friend of mine works in a drugstore of our city and I recently advised a normal vitamins.Of course this is not correct, consult with a pharmacist, because only a doctor can help in this matter.But I have many times asked the doctor about a vitamin, a clear answer, that's the best, I have not received.

can drink alone vitamin A and E. And, the resulting effect is sustained with food.Sources of vitamin A are orange fruits and vegetables.Contains vitamin A bell peppers, carrots, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, and also in the yolk, liver, and other products.

Vitamin E is found in almonds, peas, spinach, eggs, soy.You can make a mask for the mouth of the oil solution of vitamin A and E. Apply for 15 minutes on the lips Oil vitamin solution 15 minutes to remove the remnants of cloth.

is very important! scrub lips can not be used if you have cracks on lips and sores.If there are no wounds, you can use the scrub for lips.Also scrub the lips can be used several times a month for prevention.How to make homemade lip scrub with your hands can be found in the article "How to make homemade lip scrub".

JAFI and cracked lips.Prevention and treatment.

Our lips are constantly in need of care and not from time to time.In need of hydration, nutrition.It is particularly important to lubricate the lip balm before going outdoors in freezing, windy, sunny weather.I recently switched to natural lip balms that cook at home from oils and waxes.

Simple recipe for lip balm. This balm is suitable for preventing cracking and dryness.Personally, I am very happy.I use always happy, my daughter likes it too.We must take a spoon for coffee wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, olive can be replaced with cocoa powder.Melt the wax and the oil, to add a liquid oil and cocoa.Pour into a tube of lipstick and leave to cool.A more detailed recipe, or, as they say, the MC can be found in the article "How to cook a chocolate lip balm."The article shows all the photos from the preparation.Keep balm can be refrigerated up to six months.

sea buckthorn oil or rosehip oil. When cracks and dryness of the lips better healing and emollient is seabuckthorn oil.It can be purchased at any pharmacy.Instead of sea buckthorn oil can take rosehip oil, which is also perfectly heals wounds and cracks.

calendula oil or calendula ointment. These tools can also be purchased at the pharmacy.About miracle properties of calendula, I think they know everything.Calendula healing, anti-inflammatory agent.Lubricate the sponge can be calendula oil 3-4 times a day.

Cocoa butter with cracks and dryness of the lips. About cocoa butter on the blog and I wrote more than once.This is really an excellent oil which can be used for the face, hands and hair, including lip.Cocoa butter, grease the lips 2-3 times a day to remove dry lips, as it will crack quickly tightened.In addition, cocoa butter can be eaten and there is no danger if you accidentally licked his lips.Cocoa butter is a part of the chocolate.

Oil of St. John's wort. Excellent heals and softens lips.It can also be purchased at the pharmacy.Lubricate the lip butter several times a day.

Bee honey and butter. Also, there is a tool, but I have not applied for the treatment of lips.In equal proportions, mixed honey and butter and is applied to the lips.

Aloe with cracks on the lips. Though I have at home and growing aloe, but this recipe, I also did not use.We always help sea buckthorn and we give them and get along in the treatment of lips.However, aloe juice can also lubricate the lips that helps heal cracks.

In more serious cases, you need to go to the doctor.You may need antifungal therapy, which may appoint a doctor.

approaching winter.Try not to leave the house not lubricated lip balm.Do not forget about vitamins and prevention of dryness and cracks on the lips.I think now that you know what to do when dry and cracked lips.