Hello dear readers.Today I want to share their opinions about the use of cocoa butter.My acquaintance with him was five years ago.Familiar nurse advised to buy cocoa butter and add milk and honey for coughs.Then daughter was unwell and called her to ask that can help when you cough.We have problems with where to buy cocoa butter not.So I bought it at your local pharmacy.But then I did not even know about its miraculous properties of cocoa butter for facial skin.

were gradually my acquaintance with this remarkable oil.I use it for hands, he smeared the cuticle, and then gradually began to lubricate the face and watch the reaction of the skin. soft skin, sweet, a nice touch to it.So she decided to write a review about cocoa butter.Although this is not the first article on the blog of the cocoa butter, if you are interested in the use of cocoa butter, all its healing properties, then they can be found in the article "Cocoa butter medicinal properties".

I buy cocoa butter in the pharmacy.True, it is sol

d in our boxes, which contains only 15 grams of butter.But, I take 2-3 boxes.Is often used for the face, I use for making lip balm and facial masks.I always have a couple of boxes of cocoa butter have in the fridge.

Cocoa butter is a fat which is prepared from grains of chocolate fruit tree.The consistency of the oil firm and brittle.The color of the oil from white to cream color.Use oil for cooking chocolate.It is also used in cosmetology.

After heating the oil is a clear oily liquid.Due to the presence of nutrients that it contains, it is widely used in cosmetology.

in a cool place of cocoa butter can be stored for up to 3 years.I keep it in the refrigerator, of course do not keep as long as I use it.When buying cocoa butter, always pay attention to the date of manufacture.

Cocoa butter face.My ratings.

Cocoa butter face, I began to use only a couple of years ago.I read that cocoa butter is so beneficial for the skin and what curative effect.

applicable Not often can a few times a week to lubricate the face of cocoa butter instead of cream at night.Cocoa butter is not much I put on the face, so that I do not need the excess clean cloth.And since my skin is dry, the cocoa butter is quickly absorbed into the skin.

The more cold weather cocoa butter just a godsend, as well nourishes the skin.Cocoa butter can lubricate the lips and face, as well as on the basis of this oil to cook home cosmetics.

  • Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin, nourishes and has regenerative properties.
  • Cocoa butter contains vitamin E, which in turn increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Vitamin K saves from inflammatory processes in the skin cells.
  • stearic acid in cocoa butter restores the protective function of the skin cells.
  • Lauric acid helps to retain moisture in the skin cells.
  • Linoleic acid helps to combat dryness and skin peeling.
  • Oleic acid activates the acid in the skin lipid metabolism.

application spectrum is wide enough cocoa butter.This oil is suitable for the delicate skin of the lips, for elbows, knees.Suitable for face and lips.

Cocoa butter face.Indications for use.

Suitable for cocoa butter, cocoa butter can be used for any skin?Given a rich composition of the oil and therapeutic properties.

  • Cocoa butter can be used for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Cocoa butter is suitable to care for aging skin.
  • When the wrinkles and "crow's feet".
  • When gray face, with vitamin deficiency.
  • When scars, scars, acne spots.
  • In winter and summer, as oil, nourishes and protects.

Cocoa Butter has a positive effect on the face and in particular on the skin.And the smell of cocoa butter excellent.It smells like chocolate.Tender, tasty and pleasant aroma.That, in turn, also enhances the mood.

Contraindications to the use of cocoa butter face.

If allergy or individual intolerance of chocolate or cocoa butter will have to give it up.For oily skin is also better not to use.If the skin you with an easy to clog up pores, the oil should not be used in pure form.

also important to know when to stop, not only in the application of cocoa butter, but also of any other oils.Regarding comedones.What kind of oil will score the pores for you, no one can say.All you need to try.One person cocoa butter is suitable, but others do not.All individually.I like cocoa butter, and it suits me.

I think that if you're not familiar with this oil, it is worth a try.I think that it will not disappoint you.

cocoa butter beneficial effects on the skin.Eliminates dry skin, peeling, smoothes small wrinkles, improves complexion.Fills skin with moisture.In cosmetology, cocoa butter is used for skin care, which needs additional nutrition and hydration.Cocoa butter helps in the healing of wounds and cracks on the face.

In addition, cocoa butter is great for the skin around the eyes.It softens and nourishes the skin.On the basis of cocoa butter cooked cream with their hands all sorts of skin care age.

Masks and other recipes based on cocoa butter.

based on cocoa butter, as I said, it is possible to prepare cosmetics, lip balms, face masks.I grease the face of cocoa butter in its pure form.On the basis of oils I cooked lip balm.Quite simply, cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients.The recipe is very simple balm can be found in the article on "Healing Balm Lip blog".What is very important in a period of cold weather.Since the skin of the lips is thin and often dry, weather-beaten, cracks are formed on it.

Cocoa butter can be used instead of a night cream if you have dry skin.Apply to the skin cocoa butter, and the excess can be removed with a napkin.

mask with cocoa butter from wrinkles. Mix one egg yolk, a tablespoon of melted cocoa butter, a teaspoon of honey and 5 drops of lemon juice.Mix mask and put on face for 15-20 minutes.

Nourishing Cream. Mix a tablespoon of cocoa butter previously melted with a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil and the capsule of vitamin E applied to the face instead of cream as a nourishing cream for dry skin.

night cream based on cocoa butter. Mix the melted cocoa butter in a ratio of one tablespoon, add a teaspoon of jojoba oil, a few tablespoons of olive oil.All fluff, poured into a jar and use as a night cream prepared with oils.

And you use cocoa butter?Do you like this oil?Share with me how you apply cocoa butter to the face.