Warm autumn will soon be replaced by a harsh winter, and our skin on the face of the most exposed to changes in weather.If other parts of the body we hide under clothing, the person is subject, and the wind, and the cold air and frost.What to do if weather-beaten face?Especially because at the weather-beaten face, you can still feel the burning, peeling, skin irritation, which delivers even greater discomfort.

When the weather-beaten face, then of course this little pleasant.All the same, the face of the open part of the body, facial skin is always in need of care, nutrition and hydration.In windy and wintry weather to protect the cheeks, face, nose, it is possible to partially hide them under a scarf.

Why weathered face?Causes.

Most often, many are confused, if a person is weathered, it is frost-bite, but it is not.Chapping person can get in the summer, but most still a common cause of this cold winter air and wind.

In winter, weather-beaten face can be due to the constant transfer of heat to

the cold, the heat in the house and in the street the wind and cold.The temperature drop is very effect on the skin.

When wind and low temperatures, our skin loses moisture quickly, fat become thinner protective layer is disturbed structure of our skin.All this may be accompanied by further scaling, redness, feeling of "tightness" of the skin.

One cause chapping face is dry skin.In the winter, dry skin need to use more fat cream.You can use cream with vitamins A, C, E, these vitamins are responsible for the beauty and elasticity of our skin.

most important that the cream on his face remained about 1 hour before going out.Do not forget about the lips, the lips too prone to chapping.What if the weather-beaten lips can be found in the article "chapped lips treatment".The lubricated lips and some oil quickly and effectively help to cure the lips, can be found in the article.

What to do if weather-beaten face?

need to wash with cold water, do not wipe, and the wet face towel.Coat the face moisturizer.

Masks based oils, honey, egg yolk, decoction to help cope with redness of the skin and with all the consequences chapped skin.

Oil compress. will help soothe the skin a compress of oil.You can use almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil.Also, a very good fit of sea buckthorn oil, which heals and regenerates the skin.Before applying the oil a little kinder better in a water bath.The lower oil cushy cotton ball and soak it with oil, the oil gently apply on face and cover the face for 5-8 minutes minutes with a towel.You can lie, for convenience at this time.

Read the wrap gently rubbing the skin dry with a cotton pad.The procedure is repeated every day.Usually enough 5 -7 procedures.

herbal compress. best herbs to compress it chamomile and calendula.Calendula and chamomile all known for their anti-inflammatory properties.A decoction of these herbs can help reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin.One spoonful of marigold flowers to pour a glass of water and boil on the fire a couple of minutes aside and insist approximately 20-25 minutes.

decoction of calendula filtered and then it is poured into two containers, one container is necessary to cool the broth, and in the other - somewhat heated.We need to take a piece of gauze or cotton.Dipped in cold and warm broth and alternately applied to the face.All you need to do 3-5 treatments alternately applying a compress.

decoction of calendula may be replaced by a decoction of chamomile, lavender, hops, sage.

person not wipe, and wet towel and lubricate the cream.You can lubricate the face of calendula oil, sea buckthorn oil and oil residues to clean cloth.

Nourishing Mask. weathered face help nourishing mask made from egg yolk, honey, olive oil.Mix one egg yolk, as well as tea spoon of honey and olive oil.Apply the mask on your face and wash off after 15-20 minutes with warm herbal extract or milk.

most important that you did not have allergy to the components of the mask, especially to honey, as this product is a well-known allergen.Therefore, it is advisable to test the mask on the wrist before applying it to the skin.

help prevent chapping of skin hydration.Especially in need of moisturizing dry skin, nourishing cream is suitable for both be most welcome.For oily skin, use a lotion and cream.

To not ask yourself what to do when the weather-beaten face, you need to minimize all the cleaning procedures of character, scrubs, for example, as these procedures remove the protective layer of skin cells.In addition, use the creams and cover your face with a scarf windy and cold.

And if, to cope with this problem, you can not yourself, then consult your dermatologist.It is very important in case of severe chapping person or frostbite, immediately contact a specialist.