Hello dear readers.It's no secret that the skin on his face looked healthy and beautiful you need to take care of it.I love pets proven tools for facial beauty, for youthful skin.I suggest you make a mask of honey and sour cream for the face.As part of masks two very good ingredient to help solve many of the problems with the skin.

making such a mask on a regular basis for a person's face will be more smooth, healthy, beautiful, contour more smooth, clear, fine lines become less noticeable.

effect this mask is based on two components, bee honey and sour cream.I want to say right away, even my husband brews artificial honey of lime, elderberry, pine cones, but I do not eat, and my husband loves to cook for themselves.I love only natural honey and honey is just such a use in facial masks.Smetana village buy my facial skin is dry, mine sour cream with a large percentage of fat.Therefore, the village at the time.

Masks of cream very much, sometimes I do imagine a mask.Recipes masks of the cream can be

found in the article "sour face".In this article a variety of recipes of masks of sour cream for all skin types.

Efficiency mask of sour cream and honey for the skin.

What kind of action honey and sour cream has on the skin?Let's take a closer look at the two components of the mask.

Sour cream for the face:

  • Cyanocobalamin helps run the recovery process of skin cells.
  • Masks of sour cream have a whitening effect, help to cope with pigmentation and freckles.
  • foci of inflammation in the skin helps to eliminate retinol.
  • But organic acids that make up the cream, help in the rejuvenation of the skin cells.
  • Soothes irritated skin lesions choline.

Now let's talk about honey, well with natural honey that can be compared, it's just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.It is used not only for the person, but also to hair, lips, arms.Honey is a part of a variety of creams.

Honey for skin effect:

  • Honey helps to smooth out small wrinkles on the face due to its constituent organic acids.
  • Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that rejuvenates the skin cells.
  • But folic acid improves the immune system, also forms a protective barrier on the skin.
  • Due to its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, honey prevents the evaporation of moisture in the skin, promotes hydration.
  • Honey and inherent anti-inflammatory and tonic properties.
  • care using honey for aging skin person simply an indispensable tool.
  • Honey perfectly tightens the skin, making the skin supple, while helping to smooth out fine wrinkles.

honey mask + cream has a rejuvenating effect, it helps to protect the cells of our skin from the aging process.A beneficial effect on the complexion, the person making the smooth and silky.

Rules of masks for the face.

mask to bring the expected result, there are some points that you should know.The fact that honey and sour cream should be natural, I have said, it is, as they say, a matter of course.

  1. But if you take the cream in the store, you should know more than 20% fat sour cream is for dry skin, 10-20% of normal, but the fat is suitable for 5 to 10%.
  2. honey for a mask, especially if the honey sugar, warm water bath to a liquid state.
  3. mask Lasts minutes and the skin around 20.
  4. Making such a mask can be 2 times a week.Desirably 7-10 masks.Then you can sweep a break to try a different mask.

important to know! facial mask can be used for any skin type.But, it is very important to know if you are allergic to honey or cream, mask you is contraindicated.Maybe idiosyncrasy products, in this case from the mask also have to give.And if you do not know if you have allergies to honey or sour cream, then apply a little mask on your wrist, wait fifteen minutes, if not irritation, redness, itching, the mask can be applied to the face.

Now autumn and winter ahead, the facial skin is never in need of special care, as well as the skin of hands, since most affected by wind, frost, cold.Prepare yourself for the honey mask + cream, try it, I hope you will be satisfied with the result.

mask of sour cream and honey facial.

Classic mask consists of cream and honey which must be mixed in equal proportions.Apply to clean face for 20 minutes Then everything is simple, you need to wash off the mask with warm water and rub the face with a nourishing cream.But part of the cream mask moisturizes and softens the face, I'm even a cream to the skin is not nanoshu.

to whiten the skin, such as an uneven tan, with freckles and pigment spots, then the mask, you can add a little lemon juice.For example, mix honey and sour cream and a tablespoon of this portion add a teaspoon of lemon juice.Also put on the face.

And if you need to need to quickly and effectively whiten the skin using folk remedies, it is easy to make at home.Recipes masks can be found in the article "How quickly and effectively whiten the skin."

can in honey and one egg yolk add the sour cream, too, just take a spoon, and add one egg yolk, it is desirable to use a homemade egg, not shop.It is known and tasty, if it is used as food and vitamins more.

But in the video clip is another option prepare face masks of honey and sour cream with the addition of other components.