Hello dear readers.Do you like olive oil.I agree, it is not for everybody, but for me personally, smell and taste like olive oil, let alone how much benefit from it.Even doctors prescribe in dishes using olive oil instead of vegetable.But what is the use of olive oil for the skin and do damage there?That's what we are today and we'll talk.

Not to say that I'm a big fan of olive oil and olives.But, I buy olive oil as I have it ends.I love them to fill salads.And of course to buy masks, that is, use it for cosmetic purposes.I take mostly oil Extra Virgin.It is considered the best oil is produced by cold pressing.But the word Virgin is clean, free from various impurities.

I for myself have recently discovered oil peach, apply it to the face and hair.More details about all the beneficial properties can be found in the article "Oil peach pits".But today more detail talk about olive oil.

In cosmetology olive oil is used probably since time immemorial.One watched the transfer, where it was said that a

person should be smeared with olive oil, and then the skin will glow with youth and beauty.Is it so?I myself do not wipe the face with olive oil hurl.I have combination skin, but the summer heat or winter, to become dry and peel, then I use olive oil for the face.

Use olive oil for your face.

  • Olive oil helps to make the skin and smooth, plus to all, protecting the skin from harmful environmental exposures.
  • fatty acids that make up a large part of the oil envelop the skin thin plenochkoj, carefully tending her, it is very beneficial for the skin.
  • fatty acids protect the skin from evaporating moisture in the cells.
  • Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant responsible for skin elasticity, helps not only to equalize the complexion and smooth out fine wrinkles.Iron
  • normalizes blood circulation in cells, thereby providing sufficient oxygen cell.
  • But vitamin D, helps to cleanse the skin.

olive oil, according to its composition, quite simply priceless gift of nature for the skin.Not without reason it is included in the cream for the face, it is a part of some shampoos and other care products for hair, face and body.

The use of olive oil for the face.

For what skin type is shown olive oil?Mainly used for dry and combination skin to protect, additional moisture, softening the skin.Mistakenly believe that olive oil is not suitable for oily skin, it is suitable in the case, if it is properly combined with the sour-milk products.

Especially suitable olive oil for the care of aging skin as it softens, moisturizes and helps smooth out fine wrinkles, making the skin more elastic.

Since olive oil is very rare allergy happens, then it can be used for sensitive skin.

  • Apply oil for very dry skin on the face.
  • applied after the sea, because the skin can be overdried by the wind or the sun.
  • applied if the skin appeared peeling.
  • And olive oil perfect assistant at the first signs of skin aging.

Olive oil is useful for wiping the face, and for the preparation of masks at home.

Olive oil for face, hurt.

Could cause harm to person olive oil?On many forums write that olive oil clogs the pores.I did not notice this, but do not use it often for a person only for certain indications.

If you have olive oil does not cause irritation, you normally carry it, no individual intolerance or allergy, the olive oil can be used.

it possible to wipe the face with olive oil?

Olive oil is used for compresses, masks, lotions, olive oil can even wipe the face.The procedure is done for the night.To do this you need a little olive oil to heat in a water bath.Next, I usually use a cotton ball, it is much more convenient to me to wipe the face.

soak cotton pads in olive oil, wipe the face with oil can be cleaned the area around the eyes.Excess oil in five minutes, you can remove the cloth.

This procedure, if necessary can be performed two times a day.Use olive oil is better quality.To wash to wash the oil off the face can with warm water to wash away the oil better, vodichku can be acidified with lemon juice.

olive oil for the skin.How to apply?

can wipe the face with olive oil, but you can mask a variety of cooking with olive oil.Use olive oil for the skin only Extra Virgin.I use it and it and no more.

I love to make a mask with olive oil.Masks are made once a week, to maintain youth and beauty skin.Apply the mask with olive oil on the face for about 20 minutes, wash off with warm waters.

mask with olive oil, lemon and egg yolk.

I love this mask, I will show in the end of the article as I cook.I take one egg yolk in it, I add a teaspoon of olive oil and as much lemon juice.This mask can be used for combination skin.

mask with olive oil, honey and lemon.

also this mask is suitable for aging skin, dry and combination.Lemon helps to align perfectly and whiten skin, honey, as well as olive oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin.One tablespoon of olive oil, mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Honey always take natural.Ingredients for masks should always be fresh.Also, before applying the mask, with anyone, be it with olive oil or not, test it on your wrist.

Lotions Eye with olive oil.

For skin in the eye circle olive oil should be slightly warm.Wet in it a cotton pad and at 5 minutes and applies them to the closed eyes.Such a procedure rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine wrinkles, nourish and moisturize.

Olive oil lip.

Very often in the summer heat or winter cold in our lips need extra care.Moreover, the skin on the lips is chapped or cracked, here come to the aid of olive oil.Lubricate the lips with olive oil several times a day.

Alternate lubricate lips with olive oil can with sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil can.For me, these three oil just the first oil at such problems, although this to try to avoid.

olive oil for a body, hands and nails.

way olive oil can be not only used for the face, but also for the body rests.Very good, this oil nourishes and removes dryness.Use olive oil and nail polish.How to cook with lemon oil bath for thin and brittle nails can be found in my article "Lemon polish".

also use olive oil for hair care and hair tips.