Hello dear readers.Today, I will tell you how fast to remove black dots on the face, I will share my favorite recipe facial mask of black points, which incidentally discovered recently.The black dots in my mainly on the nose and beard, well, a little on his forehead, so that the skin at me combined, in these places, enlarged pores and skin is more oily.So clogged pores, it is necessary to take action.On the internet I came across a mask of black dots.

masks result is very happy with the products for its preparation cost mere pennies, but the result is already seen from the first procedure.

black dots on the face most often appear in the T zone is the forehead, nose and chin.They may appear due to improper skin care, cleansing untimely, improper diet, hormonal disorders.

Black dots are usually called comedones.Through the pores of the body is derived sebum and if the skin surface is rarely cleaned, the pores are clogged.Gradually they absorb dust particles on the painted black.A person on which the

re are black spots, such as the ugly looks, agree.

How quickly remove black dots?You can certainly squeeze them, but as they say beauticians, it is very traumatic for the skin.But if you really and decided to squeeze out black dots hands, then you need ideally to steam the face of a decoction of herbs.Wash hands, squeeze handle and black dots are the places calendula tincture or alcohol.

But, there are other tools that are safer to help get rid of blackheads.

masks for the face of blackheads

masks for the face of blackheads can be easily prepared at home, as they say, many people, it is not necessary for it to attend the expensive salons and spend a lot of money.

I opened for a mask from the gelatin is very happy with the effect.However, the mask should be done at least once a week, because at one time completely to get rid of blackheads fail.

Mask of gelatin, milk and activated carbon

  • 1 tbsp.spoon milk
  • 1 teaspoon gelatin
  • 1 tablet of activated charcoal

As you can see components of the mask is very simple and affordable.In the cup I pour a spoonful of milk, add a teaspoon of gelatin and a tablet of activated charcoal.I rubs charcoal in powder, you can use a mortar, I did it with two spoons.Stir the mask.Literally 10 seconds put the cup in the microwave with a mask, but not more.This can be done in a water bath.

Next mask mixed, stir well and should be again for a few seconds in the microwave.Before applying the mask is recommended to apply the scrub on your face and then wash off.But I did not.Dealt a mask in the form of heat on problem areas, ie on the nose, wings of the nose and beard.A mask is applied in several layers.And left for about 20 minutes.But, guided, when the mask is dry, it can be picked up with a fingernail to remove the mask of the region.

After I washed the mask, as the remnants of the mask were left on the face, but all perfectly washed off with warm water.Gelatin, as if glued to her face and black points remain on the mask, but I did not see, because the mask due to the activated carbon was black.

Milk mask we need to make our mask was flexible and can be easily removed from the face, and even the skin after the mask I have become softer, milk further softens the skin.Activated carbon is a well-known sorbent, coal deep cleans pores and even skin becomes not so greasy.

After the mask is recommended to prepare a mixture of egg white and lemon juice and apply on face to close the pores.

In general, the effect of activated carbon mask, gelatin and milk from the black dots, I was satisfied.

Soda of blackheads

Soda all known and easy tool that helps get rid of black spots on the face.From soda usually prepare scrub.Quite simply, a handful of ash is mixed with water and applied in a circular motion on the face.

scrub soda probably very cheap remedy that helps to remove black dots quickly.Besides and scrub removes the top layer of cells, which makes a smooth face.Scrub wash off with warm water.After the scrub is recommended to lubricate the face cream.For more information on the use of ash for the face can be found in my article "Cleansing the face with a soda.ยป

mask of salt and soap

All very simple, small soda and salt mixed in equal proportions.Lather face with soap and applied on top of the soda and salt in a circular motion.Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water.But, this means is better not to make the entire face, but directly on the face areas where there are black dots to avoid damaging healthy skin.

Mask of protein and sugar

Protein of one egg lightly beaten, add a spoonful of sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved.The best course to use powdered sugar.Apply on the face, wait until it dries, then apply a second layer of pat mask."Dirt" will come out in the course of a massage from the pores.Then wash off the mask with warm water and applied to a nourishing cream.

Mask for oily skin with black dots

To prepare the masks we need half an apple, which is rubbed on a grater, mix grated apple with a tablespoon of honey and applied on face for 10 minutes.Wash off with water.

face masks that help get rid of blackheads, there are so many, that is, for every taste.Everyone will be able to choose for yourself what you like and efficiently.But I am very happy with the mask with activated carbon and gelatin.More and more particularly shown and described in the video how to prepare the mask.And all told how to prepare the skin to mask all see all the details in the video.