Hello dear readers.Today we will discuss the gelatin and on the application of it to the masks at home.We will talk about how to make a face mask gelatin.We all know what the gelatin, used it mostly in cooking for making jelly, add it in aspic or jelly.It is believed that gelatin is useful for joints, hair and nails.But apart from this, and for the person, because it helps us to get rid of blackheads.Already after the first application, you will see the result.

Gelatin is not so long ago began to be used in cosmetics, it is used to restore hair and skin nutrition.It turns out that gelatin contains a lot of collagen, ie, a natural protein that makes the skin of our face supple and elastic, and adds shine to hair.Gelatine facial mask is very easy to prepare at home, and their constant use leads to purification and rejuvenation of the face.

How to make gelatin face mask, cooking rules.

  1. mask gelatin prepared in the proportion 1: 5, i.e., 1 part of gelatin and 5 parts of water, fruit or vegetable ju
    ice, or milk.All depends on the components of the mask.
  2. water that you pour the gelatin should not be hot.Once you have filled gelatin allow it to swell.
  3. When the gelatin absorbs liquid put it in a water bath, stir the gelatin to become liquid.
  4. gelatin is removed, then, while cooling in it add the remaining ingredients on the basis of a prescription mask.
  5. All stir, the mask should cool down to a comfortable temperature, so that it can be put on the face.However, make sure that the gelatin is frozen and turned into jelly.
  6. Apply the mask on the face with a brush, you can apply with your fingers, if not brush.
  7. To prepare mask gelatin choose without any dyes and food additives.

How often can make gelatin mask?

gelatin face mask to renew youth, beauty and clean the face should be done once a week.

Gelatine facial mask at home.Recipes for all skin types.

facial masks can be made from gelatin and a fresh fruit or vegetable juices.The juice can be used orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit.You can use the fruit or vegetable puree.From vegetable juice you can use cabbage, carrot, cucumber juice.It can be used for the preparation of milk mask.However, you can use an infusion of herbs, such as chamomile or calendula tincture.

Mask of gelatin and the infusion of herbs.

Infusion can be prepared from chamomile and calendula, these herbs soothe irritation, skin inflammation.Suitable for oily skin.Prepare the broth is very easy, by the way all the herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy.You can buy herbs in filter bags or a dry grass in the box.If you have a grass filter bags, usually on the stack is written, 200 ml.water 2 bags, I usually fill in and grass.Then leave for 20-30 minutes, then remove the filter bags and infusion is ready, it is very convenient and does not need to strain anything.

If you loose grass is dry, the grass should be a spoon pour 200 ml.boiling water, and insist and strain.Then pour infusion obtained 25 grams of gelatin, gelatin give swell.Put everything in a water bath and brought to the liquid state.Next you need to cool down so that you can put on the face mask.Is applied with a brush in several layers.A mask is removed after 20 minutes, water and cotton pad.

Mask of gelatin and juice.

To prepare the mask, you can use lemon, grapefruit, orange juice and gelatin.The juice can be used either.The juice is desirable to take fresh, about 150 grams.We need to take 25 grams of gelatin, pour his juice.Then all we leave until the gelatin has absorbed a juice.All heated in a water bath until smooth.

mask applied to the face with a brush and leave to dry.Mask wash off with gelatin.Such a mask on the basis of juice tightens pores and gives skin a fresh look and makes it supple.

mask of black dots with gelatin.

mask is prepared on the basis of water or milk.We need to take 25 grams of gelatin pour him a glass of water or milk.Give water to soak.Put everything in a water bath, stirring the mixture was adjusted to a liquid state.A little cool, so that you can apply on the face.Mask applied in several layers.Typically, ideally somewhere 6 just need to put a mask on the face to form a thick layer of the mask.Stay alone, without mimic facial movements.

When the mask hardens, remove the mask start hooking the edge of a fingernail.Take the direction along the face.You will see the bumps on the mask of black points.Wash with cool water and treat the skin with lotion.Mask with gelatin is very effective from the black points, after the first application, you will see the result.

gelatin mask fruit.

This mask is a refreshing and energizing.Refresh the face and help reduce fatigue.Gelatin is diluted in a ratio of 1: 5 with water.Allow the water to soak in water and heated in a water bath for all.When the gelatin solution it is added fruit puree.Mashed banana is suitable to any skin type.Puree the fruit can be cooked using a blender.Read more about the masks from the banana read in my article "The Mask of banana to face".

can prepare a fruit puree peaches, apricot, grape, pear, melon, and so on. D. Use the fruits that do not cause you allergies.Next, the principle is simple, the mask is applied to face in multiple layers, leave for 20 minutes and removed.

How to make a mask for the face of blackheads with gelatine and activated carbon can be seen in the video clip.