Hello dear readers.Do you know why there are perleches in the corners of the mouth?I think almost everyone knows what perleches.In fact, it wounds, cracks, redness in the corners of the mouth.But what are the symptoms can talk about them and what treatment or vitamins used.On all these questions, I will try to answer in today's article.

When I was in high school, several times faced with such a problem as the perleches, mom always said, what it means, so our body signals that it needs vitamins.Is it so?

On the blog I have an article on the treatment of cracks on the lips of the people's means.Read all you can see "Cracks on the lips of the treatment".

It would seem a small crack and cause some discomfort.We find it difficult to smile and open her mouth.In addition, cracks can be added to the redness, itching and even fester, which is quite unpleasant.However, all have their own reasons, and now we look at why you appear perleches.

Usually perleches may appear every person, whether young, old man

or a child.The period when it may appear perleches autumn or spring.

Why perleches at the corners of his mouth.Causes.

  • weakening of the body in the autumn and spring, as one of the causes of Zayed.
  • in the body is the lack of vitamins.Especially vitamin B2, as well as iron and zinc.
  • Zayed may belongs to a class of bacterial infection primarily affects the body with lowered immunity.
  • Zayed may be caused by the fungus Candida or streptococci.
  • Zayed reason it is often a vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies.
  • Zayed can be triggered by dry skin or skin injuries.
  • Zayed may occur due to diabetes.
  • When caries, with no personal hygiene, as well as when wearing braces or dentures.
  • As one of the causes of perleches at the corners of the mouth is anemia, that is, when the hemoglobin in the blood is reduced.
  • Zayed can occur after long-term treatment with antibiotics.
  • perleches also can cause food to which you are allergic.

Zayed The causes of the disease may be intimately connected with the digestive tract.Often this can be the intestine dysbacteriosis.It upsets the balance of bacteria in our gut, which synthesize vitamins, including B vitamins

On the blog I have an article on how to increase the hemoglobin in the blood, where I share those recipes that have helped me raise hemoglobinYou can read all the article "How to increase hemoglobin in the blood quickly."Since one of the causes of anemia may Zayed.But, in fact, the reasons for their appearance pretty much, this is not a cosmetic problem, and this should be remembered.So what are the symptoms can signal us Zayed.

Zayed in the corners of the mouth.Symptoms.

If the cracks on the lips have a whitish coating, it may be indicative of fungal diseases.Be sure to pass the scrape on the presence of a fungal infection.Scraping is taken from the affected area and determine the presence of fungi.A negative test result indicates the absence of fungal diseases.

also need a blood test to rule out a reduced hemoglobin in the blood and diabetes.

  • The symptoms often include redness, cracks, sores at the corners of the mouth, it all creates discomfort.
  • may appear blisters, crusts in the corners of the mouth and lips.
  • Zayed can create a burning sensation.But it all and cured.

Zayed in the corners of the mouth.People's treatment.

The first thing to give up bad habits such as lip licking, smoking.Because the diet is to eliminate the sour, spicy, salty, and replace all fresh fruits and vegetables.

Apply oil solutions of vitamins A, E, you can buy them at the pharmacy and lubricate them affected skin.

cauterize the lesions may be dotted by the ear sticks tea tree oil or eucalyptus.

I know that some people use lubrication Zayed or herpes on the lips of ear wax, but frankly, I once tried to grease, out of interest, any result is not provided.Although I do not argue, perhaps some people heal and binding.

Good use for healing oils.Rosehip oil, linseed oil, olive oil softens the skin and promotes rapid healing of wounds.

special and honored place in the treatment of Zayed, I want to give the oil of sea buckthorn.Of course, there are many ways to deal with Zayed, sea buckthorn oil but always quickly and effectively cope with this problem.

As soon as I appeared perleches I immediately smeared them with oil of sea buckthorn, a way to advise us familiar nurse, just two three days perleches healed.Sea-buckthorn oil quickly heals perleches and softens the skin.

winter in corners of the mouth of his son appeared perleches, on two consecutive days at night I smeared his mouth corners Sea Buckthorn and all passed.Very quickly and very efficiently.

perleches can wipe with a cotton pad soaked in the decoction of calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort, 3-4 times a day.These herbs reduce inflammation, redness.The broth is cooked very simply.It is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp.spoon any herbs in a glass of water, boil for about 5 minutes in a water bath, then set aside to infuse for 15 minutes, strain through cheesecloth or a strainer and use.

Aloe is also not bad cope in the treatment of Zayed.Suffice it to 2-3 times a day to lubricate perleches aloe juice.For more information about aloe and its application in the treatment of many diseases, read the article "Aloe beneficial properties".

fungal infections, which led to the Zayed antibacterial ointment used in the corners of the mouth.

Zayed in the corners of the mouth.Vitamins.

Well, a few words about vitamins.Typically perleches signal of the body are about avitaminosis, weakened immunity, lack of trace elements, including iron.

other words, all of this suggests that the body is weakened and in need of vitamins.You can drink vitamin complexes, here I have nothing I can not advise, as on the shelves of our pharmacies are now a great abundance of all kinds of vitamins.What better can tell a doctor.

Although I once consulted on this issue with the pediatrician, she said that vitamins absorbed by the body individually, ie you need a week to drink, for example, vitamin C, and then vitamin E, and so on. D. All of course up to youand better to consult personally with the doctor about the vitamins.

balanced diet is certainly important in the diet should be fish, dairy products, buckwheat, liver, beef, oatmeal, peas, spinach, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.Vegetables, berries and fruits is better to eat according to the season.

Zayed problem cosmetic corners of the mouth, to look for its cause in the hiring of the body and treat.I also recommend you see the video clip where more detail all of the reasons stated.