Hello dear readers.Continuing the theme of beauty today let's talk about such a beautiful and tasty berries like raspberries.Very fond of raspberries, not only to eat but also to apply it to the face.I love the sweet taste and aroma of raspberries.My daughter is very fond of raspberries, I will not say that it does not eat other fruit, not eat, but Malinka for it is something.

Strawberries home we sold in the market, but the raspberries still unavailable, but nothing raspberry season is not far off.Berries can eat and masks for the face to make raspberry.I even paint your nails the color of "cold raspberry" love this color it just incredibly beautiful.And summer is the most wonderful time for the natural care of our skin.Summer masks are not only available, but also good for our party.

Mask of raspberries is suitable for any skin type, you can prepare and moisturizes, and softens facial mask.But before you prepare the mask let us look at the benefits of raspberries for our face.There is nothing tas

tier and healthier natural berries, fruit and vegetables for the care of our skin.Most downtime probably face mask of fresh cucumber.On the blog I have all of cucumber masks painted in detail in the article "Face masks from cucumber".Today, we pay attention raspberries.

How useful raspberry face?

Every woman wants to stay longer young, beautiful and attractive.Natural Cosmetics, bestowed upon us by nature will look amazing.

  • Of raspberries can be prepared mask that perfectly moisturize and full of vitamins and minerals our skin.
  • raspberry prepare scrub that cleanses and refreshes the epidermis of our skin.
  • prepared from raspberries and lotion, which helps to cope with freckles, acne and refresh the face.
  • Contains raspberry vitamin A, B2, B12, PP, E, S.
  • Masks made from raspberry smooth fine wrinkles, evens the complexion.
  • Masks reduce inflammation in the skin, helps get rid of acne.
  • Raspberry helps get rid of age spots and freckles on the face.
  • Masks raspberry nourish and moisturize our skin making it more smooth and beautiful.

cooking masks of raspberries can be both fresh and frozen with only it must first unfreeze.

Mask of raspberries are suitable for all skin types, so that the raspberry can be safely used for a mask if you are not allergic to raspberries.Each skin type has its own mask of raspberry.

Home Mask of raspberries for the face.

Now I want to offer you recipes for masks of raspberries for every taste and for every skin type.And I'll tell you how to make raspberry scrub and lotion for the face of the raspberry juice.

Now cosmetic industry produces shampoos for hair, creams, balms, scrubs, face and body, shower gels with raspberries, even for children, there is a series of products with raspberries, because kids really like the gentle aroma of raspberries, but as an adult.

malitsa Mask for oily skin.

To prepare the masks we need 3 table spoons of raspberry, raspberries need to pre-knead.Also, we need egg protein and a spoon of starch.The mask is applied on the clean face minute 15. Then wash off the mask with cool water, it helps narrow pores.Mask of raspberries removes shine from faces and makes the skin more elastic.

Mask of raspberries for dry skin.

To prepare the masks need 3 tablespoons of raspberry, which was previously necessary to knead, one egg yolk and a spoonful of oatmeal.All the ingredients you need to mix and apply on clean face, about 15 minutes to Wash off the mask with warm water.

Facial Scrub Raspberry for all skin types.

I love natural scrub made of raspberry, however doing it only with fresh berries.For the preparation we need to scrub raspberries and crushed oat flakes.A tablespoon of raspberry pulp rozmyatoy connect with a teaspoon of oatmeal, pre-buyout to grind.

Scrub is applied to the wet face in a circular motion, wash off with cool water.This scrub removes the stratum corneum cells, cleans pores, facial skin becomes smooth and velvety.Use a scrub can be 1 time per week.

Home lotion of raspberry juice.

Lotion Raspberry at home is very easy to prepare.First you need to prepare an infusion of marigold.1 teaspoon marigold pour 200 ml.boiled water in a sealed container about half an hour, filter.The infusion add 2-3 teaspoon of raspberry juice.More details about the calendula can be found in my article "The beneficial properties of Calendula".I love calendula used for health and beauty, I can say it "fan", my mother grows in your garden Calendula, also uses it to health.

So rubbed lotion face lotion removes shine face, skin pigmentation, inflammation and redness of the skin to become lighter.

Unfortunately not found on YouTube no mask or scrub with raspberry, and we do not have fresh raspberry to cook and show you how to prepare homemade mask for the face of raspberries.But, I found the song that sings Valentine Legkostupova - "Berry-raspberry".