Hello dear readers.Today I want to tell you about the almond oil.For a long time I read about it a lot of positive feedback.Especially, that the use of almond oil has a good effect for the skin and has a large number of useful properties.Apply almond oil for face and hair, it is used as a mask component.Almond oil enriched lotions, shampoos and other cosmetics.

Honestly, looking at us almond oil has long been found on sale, but only one brand, today bought 50 ml.try.Oil with cork and convenient dispenser, you can drop by 1 drop of oil.The oil was light yellow in color, smell is not pleasant in texture, light, I immediately smeared the skin on the arm of almond oil, the skin became soft and smooth.It is absorbed into the skin, almond oil quickly and leaves no greasy residue.

In fact, I try almond oil for the first time.The last few days I became very often make a face mask, the effect of the mask is very good, that's bought almond oil for masks, it will be added to the mask for the face and hair.Yes

terday, for example, I made a mask out of a banana, a mask very much.Recipes masks from the banana for every taste and my impressions of banana mask can be found in my article "Banana Face".Today I made a mask out of a banana with the addition of sweet almond, describe their impressions in the article below.Well, now I want to tell you more about the application and the medicinal properties of almond oil.

almond oil is obtained from the seeds of sweet almond.An oil is obtained by cold pressing, so it is natural.This light and nourishing oils.Oil rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.Almond oil has been one of the most popular oils Cleopatra, she called him "skin oil."It has long been looking at him, finally I decided to buy.

almond oil.Properties.

  • almond oil is ideal for skin care face and body, and for any type of skin.Most suitable for sensitive, dry, prone to skin irritation.
  • almond oil nourishes the skin, moisturizes, softens, smoothes fine lines.
  • almond oil increases the elasticity of our skin.
  • almond oil nourishes and strengthens lashes.
  • almond oil contains vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant and slows the aging process of our cells, and also eliminates the inflammation of the skin.
  • Vitamin F, which contains sweet almond oil normalizes the function of sebaceous glands and prevents the expansion of pores and a very beneficial effect on our hair, this vitamin promotes hair growth, shine and elasticity of hair.
  • almond oil contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • Almond oil has a soothing and regenerating properties.

almond oil can be used in pure form for hand care, facial skin, hair care, as well as for the enrichment of masks, creams, lotions, gels.Almond oil is used as the basis for the dissolution of the essential oils.

almond oil.Application.

  • almond oil is used for small bruises, cuts, with the sun and household burns, as well as minor skin injuries.
  • Apply oil for the care of inflamed and problem skin.
  • almond oil softens, smoothes wrinkles on the face and body, the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Almond oil is suitable for sensitive skin with vascular pattern.The oil makes the skin smooth, silky and beautiful.
  • Apply almond oil with herpes, dermatitis, cellulite, with sprains.
  • Apply almond oil for hair loss, and the oil is suitable for both oily and dry hair.
  • Almond oil accelerates the growth of hair, which is why it is added as an ingredient to many masks.
  • almond oil is used for mature skin as nutrition and hydration.
  • Almond oil is the most common massage oil.

rich composition of almond oil, high penetrating power, light texture, allows the use of sweet almond oil is used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with other oils for sensitive and delicate skin.But that mixture based on almond oil is easily absorbed into the skin, it should be slightly warm.

application of almond oil with herpes.

Herpes rather unpleasant disease is a rash on the skin of the face, but most often on the lips.To cope with herpes can be using a mixture of oils.It's fast, cheap and very effective.Almond oil should be mixed in equal proportions with lavender oil or tea tree oil, or ylang-ylang.Oil mixed in equal proportions and applied to cold sores four times per day.

application of almond oil for burns.

Since almond oil soothes and heals it is used in solar and household burns.It is used both in an independent form or in admixture with other oils.Almond oil can be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with wheat germ oil.Almond oil can be added in sunblock.

application of almond oil with sprains.

When sprains in the damaged areas impose wipes that are impregnated with oil of almonds in a pure form.You can make a mixture of oils to 1 tablespoon of almond oil add 2 drops of clove oil or lavender.Applying towels to the affected area 1-2 times a day, approximately minutes 20.

application of almond oil for cellulite.

almond oil is used as an independent oil and mixed with anti-cellulite creams.Almond oil is due to its texture penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, activates blood circulation and lymph circulation.From cleans the skin and excess fluid, the skin is tightened and strengthened.

almond oil is really useful and here are 10 reasons to love almond butter.All you can see in the video clip.

almond oil for face.Application.

Despite the fact that almond oil is very light in texture, it is easily absorbed by our skin.Almond oil can be used instead of cream, just enough to put him on the face with a thin layer.Use sweet almond oil at night before going to sleep and in the morning.But before going out pat the face with a napkin.

can also squeeze into the hands of a small part of the cream you are using and add a drop of almond oil and lubricate the face cream.

Almond oil for the skin around the eyes.

almond oil can lubricate the skin around the eyes morning and evening.Also it can be added in cream or gel which is intended for the skin around the eyes.Almond oil, like olive oil can be used to remove eye make-up.Its quite a bit to warm up, moisten it cotton swab and remove the mascara from the eyelashes.

Useful and therapeutic properties of almond oil to the skin.

  • Most often, this oil is used for facials.As a part of it has vitamin E, which slows down the aging process of our skin.
  • Vitamin A supports skin elasticity, and promotes good skin hydration.
  • A vitamin F can not be extended far.
  • Sweet almond oil is used to rejuvenate and soften the skin and to remove fine wrinkles on the face.When
  • problem skin almond oil helps to eliminate inflammation.
  • When sensitive skin - soothes irritation.
  • In combination skin will help prevent fatty areas.
  • Almond oil improves the complexion, evens our skin and smoothes fine lines.

Face mask with almond oil for dry and combination skin.

today made a mask out of a banana, cream and almond oil.I took this time shopping sour cream and sorry, well, of course that it is not natural.I usually take home sour cream, and here I think, let me try to shop.In general, I have prepared a mask, took a third of the banana teaspoon of sour cream and a few drops of almond oil.

Banana fork grind into a puree, all inflicted on a person's face and the beginning of "oven".Just acid in sour cream beginning to irritate the skin.Most will never use the shopping sour cream for a mask.When I do with sour cream, then everything is fine, so make your conclusions.Instead, you can use and the damage obtained by adding not natural products.

Face mask with almond oil for oily and problematic skin.

To prepare the masks need to cook a jacket potato medium size, peel and mash into a puree.In it you need to add the puree 2 teaspoons juice, 2 teaspoons of almond oil and 1 tbsp.spoon of tincture of calendula.In fact, very much like calendula tincture, my mother grows calendula tincture prepares itself, you can buy it at a pharmacy.How to make a tincture of calendula flower, and how to apply it at me all painted in the article "Calendula tincture".Mask components mix until smooth.The mask is applied to the face in the cold for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Face mask with almond oil for dry and aging skin.

To prepare the masks take one yolk, two teaspoons of honey (unless of course you are not allergic to honey) and two teaspoons of almond oil, mix all ingredients well.The mask is applied on face for 10 minutes.Wash off the mask with warm water.

Almond hair oil.

Hair almond oil almond oil can be used as a basis and dilute it with other oils.When dry and brittle hair, almond oil mixed with a few drops of orange oil, tangerine, jojoba oil is rubbed into the scalp and distribute oil on the strands.In the main oil is rubbed into the scalp and hair before washing the head.

When oily hair and scalp almond oil mixed with lemon oil, cypress or cedar.Rub into the scalp and distribute the oil on the hair strands.

For dry hair, almond oil is applied to the wooden comb and comb her hair after washing.It will protect your hair from the harmful effects of paints, gels and other cosmetics, as well as from drying hair dryer.

Almond oil for beauty eyelashes.

To the cilium were soft and fluffy they can be lubricated with a small amount of almond oil.After all, as well as skin and hair, our eyelashes, too, need care.Almond oil stimulates lash growth and prevents hair loss.

Almond Nail oil.

first time I polish almond oil discovered in the cabin, I sometimes do yourself a manicure.The girl who does manicures, always almond oil lubricates the cuticle and nail.Oil is very easy and pleasant, well absorbed, nourishes and softens the nail and surrounding skin.In general the effect is very good.

The range of application of almond oil is wide enough, it is used in cosmetics, and in folk medicine, it can be very useful for the face, hair, nails, eyelashes.Moreover, it contains a lot of vitamins, different beneficial properties.But, before applying the oil, test it, put on a small patch of skin and check whether you have an allergy to it, if redness or irritation appears.May you always remain young and beautiful.