Hello dear readers.Today let's talk about what vitamins are good for the skin.It is winter, and we think about their skin, but to pay attention to your skin you need at any time of the year.In the winter, as a rule, the skin to peel off, to become dry, course and weather conditions play an important role, but should pay attention to vitamins.If the skin fades, fades and loses its healthy glow, it is likely that the skin needs vitamins.The three most basic and useful vitamin for skin is vitamin A, C, E.

methods of use of vitamins for the skin.

  1. This vitamin complexes, that is, ready-made tablet preparations.
  2. individual vitamins, vitamin A which can be purchased at the pharmacy and drink alone course, then vitamin E and so on.
  3. Getting vitamins from foods, fruits and vegetables.That is a correct and balanced diet.
  4. It facials and creams, either homemade or purchased in a drugstore, which enrich the skin with vitamins.

Appearance of our skin depends on the general condition of our organism.With a

lack of vitamins, with weakened immunity, our skin becomes dull, dry and starts to peel off.

Now let's talk directly about the vitamins themselves.What vitamins are contained in natural products?After all, food that is rich in vitamins and trace elements can preserve youth and beauty of our skin.

What vitamins are good for the skin.

Vitamin A.

Vitamin A in the body synthesizes protein synthesis and slows the aging process in the body.Vitamin A - a powerful antioxidant.This fat-soluble vitamin and "demands" for its assimilation of the presence of fat.

skin dryness, peeling, wrinkles all this testifies to a lack of vitamin A in the body.The daily requirement of vitamin A for adults is 1,000 micrograms.per day.

Vitamin A is contained in a pumpkin, carrots, apricots, egg yolk, in beef liver, raspberry, sweet pepper, watermelon, fish roe.

Vitamin C.

function of vitamin C is very much well vo-pervyh this vitamin "protects" our body against viruses and infections, it's not for nothing that, at the very first sign of a cold we recommend to use as much vitamin C. Further,vitamin C we need for the growth of cells and tissues, it is involved in metabolic processes in the body, slows down aging processes in our body, remove waste and toxins from the body, strengthens our vessels and capillaries.Vitamin C provides rapid healing of wounds.

Vitamin C, our body does not produce, we get this vitamin from any food, or from the pharmacy of vitamins.

dryness and pallor of the skin, sleepiness, fatigue, all this indicates a lack of vitamin C. The daily intake of vitamin C is 30 mg per day.

Vitamin C is found in oranges, lemons, black currants, Kalina, dog rose, peaches, strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, apples, spinach, cabbage.I am a walnut, the benefits of, treatment, application you can read in my article "Walnut".

Vitamin E. Vitamin E

considered the vitamin of youth and beauty, it is a strong antioxidant that slows the aging process taking place in our body.Vitamin E improves the nutrition of our cells, it is necessary for our body to regenerate tissues.Vitamin E has a positive effect on the circulatory processes, and improves nutrition of our cells, takes part in the formation of collagen fibers.Because vitamin E is accelerated renewal of the skin cells.

Dry skin indicates a lack of vitamin E. The daily intake of vitamin E is 20 mg.per day.

Vitamin E is found in liver, eggs, vegetable oil, peanuts, vegetable oil, olive oil, corn.By the way, three tablespoons of vegetable oil will help meet our daily requirement for vitamin E.

These are the three essential vitamins that are good for our skin, to save our youth and beauty.To be honest, I try to eat foods containing these vitamins, last fall bought a complex of vitamins in the pharmacy, I began to drink, but he never finished her.Sometimes currently buy vitamin C tablets.

Also, at least vitamin D is helpful for our skin, it is formed under the influence of sunlight.This vitamin keeps the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin, slow the process of aging.If we talk about the products, vitamin D found in cod liver in butter, in parsley, eggs, in fat herring, mackerel fillets in.

In the fight against skin swelling, skin inflammation, and pigment spots, helps to cope vitamin K. Vitamin K is found in carrots, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin.

Vitamin PP enhances the complexion and smoothes the skin.This vitamin rich: potatoes, carrots, cabbage, plums, grapes, peaches, apples, contained in from rye and wheat bread.

Now you know what vitamins are good for the skin.And to drink tablets vitamins or eat foods containing them, it's up to you.

How to protect our skin from aging and what vitamins while useful, you can learn from watching the video clip from the show "Live healthy".Informative and useful information.