Hello dear readers.Soon the summer, so cool.It's time to fresh juicy berries and fruits, time of holidays, the bright sun ... As a rule, the summer more and more people pay attention to your legs, do a pedicure, care for heels.Of course, I'm for it to take care of the heels and feet all year round.This will help special bath, scrubs, sprays, creams and oils for the feet.This is mandatory and necessary procedure.But my friend from beauty salon is convinced that the majority of people take care of your feet just when we change shoes to flip flops and sandals.To not be ashamed to show their legs.And yet, in the summer, men pay special attention to the beautiful and bright color toenails.

But there is a different situation with the feet, cracked heels, dry feet, corns, feet sweating.Especially frustrating when much sweat and smell feet.What can I do have a very strong sweating of the feet and unpleasant smell?Today let's talk about what to do if you sweat a lot and the smell of feet.

Yes, it happens sometimes.Once I was traveling in the train, the smell is still there of course what.Unpleasant odor problem for many.And a mistake to think that the feet can smell only in men.Of course, all this is unpleasant, but what to do in such a situation?Let's investigate.

Why feet sweat a lot?

reasons, really a lot, it is important to identify and correct the cause, then you get rid of unpleasant foot odor.If you can not cope on their own, ask for help from a specialist.

One reason is the nail fungus or legs.While the fungus is not cured by a very strong smell of feet does not get rid of.

also foot odor may be a result of chronic diseases.In most cases it may be diseases of the endocrine system.For example, diabetes may occur cracks on your feet.

One of the obvious reasons is the poor quality shoes or synthetic socks.Unnatural materials are very poorly absorb sweat, and does not leak air.

If there are large load on the legs, especially with such a situation familiar to athletes.

Women unpleasant foot odor can be related to hormonal changes in the body.Sometimes feet sweating faced by adolescents.

Stress, anxiety, nervous tension.

Sometimes, it could serve as a wrong courtship of legs and feet.But the situation is easily correctable with proper foot care.

very much sweating feet and smell.What to do?

At home, you can do simple procedures that will reduce sweating feet.It's simple and affordable, and most importantly, you get rid of the odor.Let's start with the rules of hygiene.Compliance with the rules of hygiene is very important.

hygiene rules

There are general tips and tricks that you can not only take note of, but also to apply.All the complex will help deal with this nuisance.

  • A very important rule is: every night and every morning, wash your feet with soap and water.First, wash your feet with soap and warm water, and in the end rinse legs with cold water.Very good for the legs douches.
  • use antibacterial soap, you can use liquid or bar soaps.
  • After washing the feet wipe them dry.It is important that leg you had a separate towel.If you do not already have one, take note of this.
  • Use the foot bath.You can use special sprays or special foot cream.
  • Use as starch and baby powder.But now a lot of pharmaceutical drugs that help to cope with the unpleasant foot odor.The choice is yours.

Care socks and shoes

socks, shoes, tights contact with the skin.So pay attention to the quality of your shoes and socks.

should give preference to high-quality cotton socks and leather shoes.Socks should be changed every day.

Regularly wash the insoles and to wash your shoes.

Shoes store in a well-ventilated cabinet.

Periodically sprinkle inside shoes antibacterial talc.When

very sweaty feet smell, should choose comfortable shoes to size, take only leather shoes.

Effective recipes baths for feet

Baths is very useful to do 2-3 times a week.Baths help narrow pores, sweat does not stand out so intensively.

very important to do the bath-course 10-12 procedures, then break.

usually take bath for 10 to 15 minutes.If cracks and sores on the feet, such baths are contraindicated.

If tray with one or another means has caused discomfort, immediately rinse your feet with cool water and wipe dry with a towel.

Tray with lemon

For baths, we need fresh lemon juice to two liters of water.Add in the tub is not warm and cool water.

Every day can be wiped his feet and the spaces between the fingers lemon zest, then rinse feet with cool water.But in the absence of cracks and sores on the feet.

Tray with apple cider vinegar

to use apple cider vinegar baths, 3 liters of water take one cup of vinegar diluted in water.Water is poured into a basin and take bath.

Bath with essential oils

Very effective bath with essential oils.Because essential oils suitable lemon oil, fir oil, tea tree, lavender oil.

Tray with oak bark

One effective means is bath with oak bark.Oak bark tightens pores and helps to get rid of a very strong foot odor.Oak bark can assemble themselves, but you can already finished, dried, buy at the pharmacy.From oak bark tincture prepared (3 cups of boiling water 3 tbsp. Spoons crust for 20 minutes).The tray type about 2 liters of water and pour the infusion.

Tray with black tea

To prepare the bath is necessary to take 1 tbsp.spoon of dry black tea and pour a liter of boiling water and take bath for the feet.

Tray with herbs

course, now especially no one wants to mess with brewing herbs.But the grass is quite effective.They can be purchased not only in pharmacies, but also herbalists.Because herbs can be used: mint, succession, yarrow, sage, chamomile, lavender.Herbs can be mixed and can be used separately.

Boil 3 tbsp.spoon grass half a liter of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.Strain and add the infusion in the tub.Use 1.5-2 liters of water.

Soda baths

Soda baths are very effective as soda eliminates foot odor, itching and copes with sweating feet.A tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of boiled water.Wet cotton swab is rubbed his legs and place them between your fingers, then rinse feet with cool water.

Effective and foot baths with baking soda.A handful of baking soda dissolved in the bath with water and drop the legs.The procedure is carried out no more than 10-15 minutes.More details about the soda baths for heels can be read in the article "Soda footbath.ยป

Tray with potassium permanganate

Dilute the manganese in the water, so that water got light pink color.Lower legs for 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry with a towel out.

If you can not cope with sweaty feet, be sure to consult a doctor.