Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the beauty of our feet.It's summer, "a hot time."The time when we should look bright.After all, summer is time juicy and bright, the brightness should be in everything.Well groomed.Well-groomed hands and feet attracted the attention of both men and women.And it is an indisputable fact.I recently did a pedicure, a master of the fantastic, the master trust one hundred percent.Clever girl, so neat, everything is done with love, very nice and I like it.Yesterday was a guest of the familiar, spoke.So, she always makes herself a pedicure myself.And it says it's easier and cheaper than in the salon.But as anyone will agree.Sometimes in times easier to see a specialist.

Of course, we do not always go to beauty salons.Sometimes we have the most to do a pedicure at home.Home care for the feet is always a pleasure.Feet need to soften, relieve tired feet, these procedures help to feel cozy and comfortable.Watch for their appearance is always nice.

big plus foot care is that point on the legs that go all the internal organs.Removing the horny layer of skin growths and feel great.Well, the woman through the ground absorbs energy, as I learned in the course of the Muses, which took place earlier.And the well-groomed foot, you see, is the key to self-confidence.

As most do a pedicure at home

pedicure at home can make every woman, believe me, it would wish.If someone is more convenient to go to a beauty salon, great.I myself sometimes I go to the salon, but also myself doing pedicure.Everything is very simple.With the constant care of the feet and heels pedicure make easy, fast and fun.

In order to do a pedicure at home on their own, we need:

  • pelvis with hot water
  • Optionally, you can use fillers such as baking soda, liquid soap, essential oil, decoction of herbs
  • can use exfoliating leg
  • Scissors, clippers, nail files
  • brush legs, grinding nail file, pumice
  • separators for pedicure
  • sure, foot cream
  • If you paint your nails, prepare the nail polish
  • clean towels

and of course, as thesaid my master of manicure.It is desirable that the toenails were not short.Then shape them beautiful can be given, and these nails look more luxurious.I always Striga toenails very short.But before pedicure little industry.When the nails are long, it is easier to make them all the same and it is very beautiful.

As part of the pedicure can be done at home? all depends on the condition of your feet and heels.Generally, a pedicure is recommended to do no more than once a month.This is quite enough.If the skin on the feet is thin, do not get carried away much of the skin by grinding.

I'd like to say about the disinfection tool.It is important.Tool to be treated with a disinfectant, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.Or, as a last resort tool to wipe with alcohol.

If you do a pedicure at home, where it is most convenient to do it in the bathroom.Make sure that everything you need you, was at hand.

Rules pedicure at home

do the bath for the feet

The first where to start, so it is with trays feet.Now for the water.The water temperature should be hot, which does not burn.Lower the legs in the tub and leave them for 15 minutes.It should be noted that the hot tub is not too desirable for varicose veins and during pregnancy.

Foot Bath can be done with a handful of sea salt.In a handful of salt, you can drop a few drops of your favorite efirki and dissolve in water.You can add a little liquid soap.

I enjoy bath with baking soda.Soda perfectly softens the skin, then the horny layer of the skin can be easily removed.Plus soda perfectly removes foot odor, has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.Highly I recommend to try it with baking soda to make a tray.To do this, add in a basin of water a handful of baking soda and lower legs.

If your feet in a state of neglect, it is recommended to rub a bit of grated soap and dissolve it in a bowl, add baking soda and lower legs.

can prepare a decoction of herbs.Perfect chamomile, calendula, lavender, oak bark, etc. Herbs.Tablespoons herb pour boiling water, leave to infuse, strain.Glass infusion add in a basin of water and dip the legs.

Then wipe dry with a towel one leg.The most important thing to use a clean towel.It is desirable to have a small towel feet.

Clear the foot and the heel

The next thing we do is clear the pumice heel and foot from the keratinized skin.The most convenient way to do it in a circular motion.Plus, use the fine-grained pumice.

You can use the special scrub, then rinse legs with water.But then again, my master told me to make a strawberry peeling.Mash the fresh strawberries, put on the soles and heels, dress kulechki.What other tools used in the home as a peel, you can read in the article "Masks leg at home."Then wash off the mask of strawberries with heels and feet.Clean heels with a pumice stone.

After treatment, heels and feet with pumice treat skin sanding nail file.

cropped cuticle

Now we need to cut the cuticles gently.Cut away her so as not to damage the skin, it's best to do it schipchikami.Esli you do not know or you can not cut off the cuticle, just move it.

Eliminate corn and napoptyshi

Usually, corns and calluses are formed due to poor quality, uncomfortable tight shoes.When poor circulation in the limbs.Of course, if you do not know how to do it right, it is better to consult a specialist.

If you have rough skin on the feet, then I suggest you read the article "How to get rid of calloused heels."In this article you'll find recipes and tips to help you with this.

Therefore, we have prepared one, and then wipe and prepare the second leg.It remains to make our nails are perfect and beautiful.

Make beautiful nails

Healthy nails perfect, pink, not wavy.Nail length should be no more than two millimeters.file down the nails is not too short.Trim the nails need to nail file.Of course when the beautiful long nails.

sure to follow in order to cut the line was on the nails slightly rounded.Accord nails form of "spatula."

contamination under the nails can be removed with a wooden stick.Everything should be done carefully and very cautiously, so as not to damage the skin.Marigold right to file in one direction.Sawed them from the edges to the center.

If nail color yellow, then they can be bleached using lemon juice.Of course, all this may be indicative of a lack in the body of minerals and vitamins.Therefore, pay attention to it, propyl complex vitamins.

coating is applied to the nails

When nails are prepared, can now be applied to the nail varnish.It is more convenient to do this by using the separation pad.They are very convenient.The varnish is applied gently and lubricated.Buy dividers, if you have them yet, you can in cosmetic stores.

Before applying the varnish on the nails, apply a base.After that you need to carefully make up nail varnish.I painted in the salon gel polish shellac.Manicure with varnish that I really like.Plus for myself I opened a lot.

Shines, held a month, despite the fact that I wash and wash without gloves.The nails are always in perfect condition.Shimmer attract the attention of others.This is of course the fact that all the friends interested in my nail polish.The colors are very bright and juicy.

Lac in the summer you can use yarkiy.Kstati summer bright color in fashion.Summer is time of bright colors.I like the colorful manicure.You can draw a picture on the nail, if you wish.

varnish is applied in several layers, plus a "fixer."In summer you can paint your nails in the most vibrant colors and it's always nice.

Apply foot cream

Once you are done at home pedicure and nail polish dry, put on the feet and the heels nutritious cream.Creams now sells a great variety, you can choose the appropriate in any cosmetic shop.Make

foot massage and foot cream, it is a very pleasant procedure.You will feel the ease and relaxation.And lubricate the legs with a cream you need daily.Let it become a habit.Summers are hot and dry skin, it is important to moisturize the skin of the feet and heels.

Lubricate foot cream for the night after a shower.Well once a week to do foot bath.Also lubricate the foot and the heel slice of lemon.Since lemon and nourishes and softens the feet.Try again, all this tells me to my master, and I share with you.

I love you tenderly embrace.All bright summer unforgettable experiences, emotions and good mood.Let the summer will give a "sea" of joy and happiness.