Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the care of your heels.I will share with you interesting recipes masks.I think that everyone will be able to select your favorite mask.This care and benefits.Caring for the feet and heels is very important, as important as hand care, face and body.Self-love means pampering.In the summer our heels too much in need of care.To heel were gentle, soft and smooth, it is necessary to give time for yourself loved.You can certainly make regular pedicures.But also in addition to care for heels.Especially since that summer is a great time, it's time to berries, fruits and vegetables, so much straight from the garden and can be for a person, and to use for heels.

Today pedicure done and learned from his master mask recipe for heels that are very easy to make at home.Recipes exfoliating mask for feet I shared earlier in the article "Home exfoliating mask for feet".The article can be viewed and tested many wonderful recipes.

How to treat your heels?

Most importantly, care should be both summer and winter.It happens that with a shortage of vitamin heels can crack and winter.Although in reality, the causes of cracks on the heels a lot.To care for the feet using various means: bath of herbs, oils, emollient creams and masks for heels.

And the most important thing in the proper care is to remove rough skin.I must say, it is not necessary to use for this or razor blade.This procedure can lead to negative consequences, from wounds to infection.

basis of proper care is to apply a mask to the skin of the feet and heels.Masks can be made from natural and fresh products.Such masks soften the skin, promotes healing of cracks on the heels, saturate the skin with vitamins.

very important point.For the legs, you should have a separate towel, as well as the face.And after applying nail file or pumice for legs, use a nail file grinding for heels.

also recommended before applying masks to steam the skin of feet.Most often I use warm water with baking soda.Details of soda foot bath, can be found in the article "Soda foot bath".You can use soap, soda or herbal foot bath.Then clean the skin with a pumice stone and begin to mask application.

Masks for heels at home

Masks for feet is very easy to cook, most importantly spend some time favorite currently.As vitamin mask masks can be applied from berries, fruits and vegetables.After all, if the skin appears incisions, it may also indicate a lack of vitamins.

Lemon heel

Today learned another interesting retseptik heel.As soon find out something interesting, just try to share information.Feet should be washed, wiped dry with a towel.Cut a slice of lemon.Gender segments use on one heel and the floor on the other slices.Heel rub a lemon, you can stack.Then be sure to wet his feet with a towel and apply skin cream.

Lemon eliminates the unpleasant smell of feet, nourishes and softens the skin.Lemon is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.But if you on your heels have deep cracks or sores, then do not use lemon.

Masks of orange heel

Orange should be cut in half, remove part of the flesh, and as a "cap" to wear heels.Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water and heels with a pumice stone.You can chop the orange pulp and apply on the foot and heel.

mask of strawberries for heels

mask of strawberries well softens the skin.Acids containing strawberries soften the skin and it is very easy to remove with a pumice stone.To prepare this mask you need a fresh strawberry to knead and rub on the skin of the feet and legs.On top you can wear kulechki.Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.Then rinse with water.Clean heels with a pumice stone.This mask helps the natural way to remove calloused layer of cells on the heels.

And do not forget to lubricate the skin cream for the feet.So wonderful recipe for strawberry mask for feet today shared with me the master of manicure and pedicure.I think I will try a mask for the feet as soon as we will massively strawberries.

Potato mask heels

Very interesting version of potato mask.Mask softens the skin and promotes healing mikrotreschinok on his heels.To mask you need to take a potato, wash and clean.Grind finely into mush.Add the crushed potatoes teaspoon of honey and the same amount of olive oil.Mix and apply the mask on the heel and forefoot.

You can make a double portion of the mask.We reserve the mask for about 15-20 minutes.Apply the mask after a foot bath.And also do not forget to use a nourishing cream for the feet.

masks from flax seed

has a healing effect, and flax seed.This mask helps heal mikrotreschinok on his heels.Flax seed can be purchased at the pharmacy.Pour a couple of teaspoons of flax seed 200 ml.of boiling water and stir until a thick jelly.Strain and add a spoonful of honey.Lubricate the foot and the heel of the liquid, let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse with water.Do not forget about the cream.

mask with olive oil and honey

for heels you can cook a wonderful mask, which consists of honey and olive oil.Moreover, olive oil can be replaced by any other (sea buckthorn, wild rose oil, St. John's wort, calendula oil, etc.). These oils have excellent healing effect.

Mix equal quantities of natural honey and butter.Put on the foot and the heel and leave on for fifteen minutes twenty.Then thoroughly rinse with warm water.

mask with yolk

mask with egg yolk has a wonderful effect.Only the egg is better to use the village.Separate the yolks from the protein.We need only the yolk.The yolk, add a spoon of any vegetable oil and a spoonful of lemon juice.Apply the mixture to one and a second heel.You can roll up in cellophane, and the top bandage.Leave on for fifteen minutes.Then wash off the mask with warm water.

Remember that if there are cracks on the heels, especially deep, a mask should not be used.I recommend using creams and ointments that promote healing heels, and then you can make a mask.

heel Masks at home is a good alternative to the purchased assets for heels.After all, the products are very simple and accessible.The skin on the heels after the masks will appreciate the smoothness and softness.

tell whether you're doing yourself a mask for the feet, share, favorite recipes of your masks.What is the effect of the mask?I value your opinion and feedback.Thank you in advance.