Today I want to touch on cracked heels.Cracks on the heels not only look ugly but also cause discomfort and pain.If left untreated Teschin, then eventually the situation will worsen, will be hurt on the heel, cracks deepen and become inflamed.All this is not a pleasant one.What to do?It is necessary to treat the heels, heels can be treated at home using folk remedies.You just have to pay your heels attention and time.Your heels will delight you with a smooth, smooth, healthy skin.

Healthy skin of heels soft, smooth and elastic.Not always we have enough money and time to visit beauty salons, and treatments in the salon is not cheap.Solve the problem of cracks on the heels of the house can use folk remedies.But, from the beginning, let's look at the reasons causing cracks in the heels.

Why cracks on your heels?Causes.

summer, many people suffer from dry heels, cracked heels.Cracks on the heels can be both deep and in the form of small notches.It looks like this is not very nice and you would think

that a person does not wash his feet, but it is not.Just one does not know how to treat cracked heels, and maybe just not enough time.

  • Cause of cracks on the heels of a dry skin.That is, the drying out of the skin stop that is most common in the summer.
  • lack of vitamins in the body.Most often it is a lack of vitamin A and E, which are essential for the normal condition of our skin.
  • often in diabetes occur cracks in the heels, the skin becomes dry feet and as a result of cracks.
  • Cracks may form in violation of the thyroid gland, in violation of the internal organs.
  • Cracks can cause fungal infections.
  • Tight, uncomfortable shoes, as one of the causes of cracks on the heels.

If you do not take care of the heels, the small cracks on the heels hit the dirt, sweat, infection and inflammation occur.The problem is aggravated by the inconvenience and pain.If every evening for the night to wash his feet.Also, use a pumice heel if necessary.Lubricate heels and foot nourishing cream, then the problem of cracks can be prevented.

But what to do if the problem can not be prevented.There are traditional methods of treatment, which will help you cope with cracks.

How to treat cracked heels folk remedies at home.

If the problem is complicated by endocrine diseases, and problems with internal organs that require a doctor's advice, the home remedies ranging from the banal soda or salt baths, and ending with oils and creams, you can solve the problem of cracked heels.

Care heels important every day.Every night, pay attention to your heels, and a week later the heels of the skin condition has improved.

How to cure cracked heels.

To treat cracked heels need to be patient.Also try baths, ointments, oils.What can approach may not work for another one person.Wounds heal faster if does not get dirt and dust in them.Often wounds and cracks can not heal because of health problems, so if you have tried a lot of money and they do not produce results, contact your doctor for help.

Pets foot bath.

wash your feet with soap and water before using baths for feet.And then lower legs for 15 minutes in the tub.You can select any of these trays and can be rotated.

After the bath to gently clean the heels with a pumice stone or a grater for heels.Remove the stratum corneum should be gradual so as not to harm the soles of his feet.

Then rinse legs with water, wipe dry with a towel and lubricate the foot and the heel with a nourishing cream or oil.Cream is better to choose with vitamins, propolis, beeswax.Below I will describe how you can prepare an ointment on the basis of wax at home from natural ingredients.

Bath with a decoction of herbs. Many herbs have healing and anti-inflammatory properties.Chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, series, sage.To prepare for the bath of herbs, enough to take 4 tablespoons herb (it can be any of the above herbs), pour 2 liters of boiling water and infuse for 25 minutes.Infusion of strain and pour into the tub.The infusion should be warm.Lower legs for 15-20 minutes in the tub.

Soda footbath. I have often written about the bath.For more information about soda bath for the feet, you can see the article "Soda heels".From the article, you will also learn useful than soda for heels.Soda bath softens rough, horny layer of the skin on the heels.In addition, soda baths prevent the development of fungal infections of the skin and help get rid of the odor.

To prepare soda baths enough to 2 liters of warm water add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.At 15 minutes to lower legs in the tub.After this brush with pumice heel.You can use a brush or a nail file for heels.When you have cleaned heels, rinse legs with water and apply on the skin of heels and foot ointment or cream.

Tray with potato starch. One tablespoon of starch per liter of warm water.Water pour into a bowl.Lower the hips to the legs for 20-30 minutes.As the water cools, add the hot water into the basin, so that the water in the basin all the time was warm.The procedure is done for the night.After the bath to clean the skin of the heels with a pumice stone.Rinse and dry the feet.Grease the heels of cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, wild rose oil, or any nourishing cream.Can home ointment that will give the best effect.This procedure is done at least a week.

Even just wash feet with soap and water (preferably with the economic fissures are penetrated by dirt and dust) with warm water to clean them with a pumice stone and apply the ointment on his heels, dress socks, already will be the result.

Home ointment for the treatment of cracked heels.

Lubricate the skin of the feet and heels should be after washing the feet with pumice, and process them.Best overnight.Once you have dealt ointment, butter or cream, give it to absorb into the skin and dress socks.

can use butter: cocoa butter, shea butter, wheat germ oil, calendula oil, and others.However, the ointment can be prepared at home based on the wax.On the healing properties of beeswax, can be read in the article "Beeswax".

ointment made of wax and propolis. I share a recipe of my grandmother, who prepared the ointment on the basis of wax and vegetable oil.Ointment smeared cracks in the heels and toes.For the preparation of ointments on vegetable oil needed to fry onions.The oil is then strain through cheesecloth.So, take 1 cup of the vegetable oil, 100 grams of wax, propolis slice with a pea, it all boils over low heat.When the wax is completely dissolved pokipit let to simmer for about 2 minutes.Then poured it all in a jar, a little after standing, the ointment should thicken.The ointment is prepared based wax.

ointment made of wax and oils. I for myself have corrected the recipe, cook the ointment a little differently.I melt in a water bath teaspoon of wax, add a teaspoon of cocoa butter, a teaspoon of shea butter.Set aside a melted mixture of oil and add a teaspoon of liquid oil (sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil, rosehip oil, wheat germ oil).All poured into a jar, keep on the window.I was preparing to sample a cream, I liked grease her lips, elbows, knees and heels.

Calendula ointment. offers you a very inexpensive way to treat cracked heels, which prompted my friend to me.Grease the heels of calendula ointment, which is sold in any drugstore and is worth a penny.My friend treated as cracked heels.At night, after the foot bath, you need to grease ointment heel, dress socks and go to bed.Already after 4-5 treatments, heels look much better.It is best to lubricate the heels of 10-12 days.

olive oil with cracked heels. This oil is available and purchase it and everyone can.After the foot bath, Grease, wiped dry with a heel, extra virgin olive oil.This procedure should be done at night.

cracked heels.Traditional recipes.

grated fresh apple. from cuts on the heels can be removed using conventional apple.Apple need to grate.Foot wash, clean heels with a pumice stone.We put mashed apple to the heels.Fix a piece of thick cloth and bandage.An hour later wash off with water and grated apple grease heel cream.

honey and olive oil for the heels. On the heels useful to apply the honey with olive oil.On the heels of clean, apply a mixture of honey mixed in equal proportions with olive oil.Leave on for 15-20 minutes.Heel Then rinse with water and smear with cream.

glycerin and apple cider vinegar for heels. To treat heel apply glycerin mixed with apple cider vinegar.On three tablespoons of glycerine you want to add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.The mixture is applied to the heel, applied cellophane, fix a bandage, wear socks.Leave for an hour, rinse with water.This procedure can be done in a day.Even after several treatments heel skin condition improved markedly.For more information on the use of apple cider vinegar and glycerin for heels can be found in the article "Apple cider vinegar for heels".

If you have your recipes treatment of cracks on the heels, share recipes in the comments below.Thank you in advance.I hope you will choose for yourself the popular recipes that will help you get rid of cracks on the heels at home.