Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the heels.Sometimes we forget to care for the skin of heels, the skin on them becomes rough and it is fraught with the appearance of cracks.Are there ways in which you can make your heels soft and smooth fast enough?This is what we will talk.Of course, if the heel is in disrepair, then make them instantly smooth and soft fail.But, using household recipes tidy heels possible.

skin of feet and heels requires constant care.After all, we take care of the skin of the face, hands, neck and feet that's forgotten and remember mostly when nearing summer.Treatments at the beauty salon will quickly solve the problem, but not always, this lack of time and money.Here come to the aid of folk remedies that can help you bring the heel in order at home.

As my manicurist, she had a lot of people recorded on pedicure closer to the summer and before Christmas.Moreover, this procedure had to be done by both women and men.I wanted to find out whether it is possible in the ho

me bring the heel in order quickly.

How to make soft and smooth heels fast

Some people try to get rid of rough skin on the heels of the blade, but it can not be done, since this procedure may cause injury.

The best way for a beautiful heels is a bath, the composition of the bath can be a salt, herb, soda.When the top layer is covered with small cracks heels, and the skin becomes rough, you should not run the situation to more serious complications.It is necessary to correct the situation.

cause of cracks on the heels can be dry air in the room, incorrect care or lack of care heels, hot and dry weather, with hormonal failure, with poor circulation feet.

If the skin on the heels is dry, cracks are formed, there is also a need to pay attention to their health.

  • lack of vitamins in the body, vitamin deficiency, vitamin deficiencies, particular attention should be paid to vitamin A and E.
  • One of the reasons is the dryness of the skin.
  • Violation of metabolism in the body.
  • defeat dermatitis or fungus.
  • uncomfortable shoes, the load on the legs.
  • Thyroid disease, diabetes.

Clear heels and soften the skin help baths and masks.Mandatory use of nourishing cream for the feet.You can also use a foot scrub.

Tray with soda. very well to make the heel soft bath with baking soda and regular pumice.Well, at least at home without extra costs heels can be put in order quickly.

To do this in a basin of warm water and add the baking soda and omit the legs.Per liter of water need about one tablespoon of baking soda.The soda solution if desired, you can add a couple drops of essential oil.it is recommended to keep your feet no more than 15 minutes in the soda solution.During this time, the skin becomes soft and can easily be cleaned with pumice heel.Legs rinse with warm water, put on the skin of the foot and heel nutritious fat cream.For more information how to clean ash heel, you can read the article "Soda heels".

Tray with milk. For this bath we need two liters of warm water, a glass of warm milk, three tablespoons of sea salt, a cup of soapy water.All pour into a bowl, stir and lower legs for 20 minutes.After that, clean the heel brush or pumice, rinse legs with water, grease fat cream.To remove the stratum corneum should be gradually and slightly.

Do not forget to moisturize your feet with a nourishing cream.Especially in the summer, because the summer is hot and dry and heels at this time need special care.

Mask heels with yolk. To care for rough heels suitable mask with egg yolk.Take a tablespoon of starch, a tablespoon of lemon juice and one egg yolk, mix ingredients.Apply the mask on the heels steaming as soon as the mask starts to dry wash it off with water, wipe with a towel and apply a heel to toe skin nourishing cream.

Honey mask for heels. Mix in equal proportions of honey with olive oil and put on half an hour this mixture on the heels, then rinse with warm water, wipe with a towel and grease heel cream.

Every day for the night, it is desirable to lubricate the heel and foot nourishing cream, you can use vegetable oils (peach, almond, wheat germ, etc.).

Herbal compresses for heels. Such herbal compresses to help make the heels heel soft quickly.You can make a herb, but you can mix herbs.Suitable chamomile, succession, marigold, sage.It should take two tablespoons of herbs and pour a glass of boiling water.Insist in a sealed container about half an hour, drain.Wet gauze in the infusion, folded in several layers of cloth or cotton.We put a damp cloth on the soles of his feet 20 minutes to fix the top in cellophane and dress socks.Then rinse the heel and apply a nourishing cream.

footbath with glycerol. Type in a basin of warm water and add a teaspoon of glycerin, soak your feet in the bath for 15 minutes.Clean rough skin on heels with a pumice stone, foot rinse, wipe dry.Grease a nourishing cream.

Tray with apple cider vinegar for heels. Per liter of warm water you need to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and lower legs in a basin of water for 15 minutes.Only use apple cider vinegar for heels, but in any case not the usual vinegar or worse, apple essence, because you can use instead of harm the feet and heels.After that brush with pumice heel, rinse with water, wipe dry and lubricate with a nourishing cream.

I really like soda bath, it really allows you to quickly make a beautiful and soft heel.After soda baths I grease the heels nutritious cream.Of course, if the heel is in disrepair, we will have to work hard here.If the foot bath to make at least a couple times a week, so as not to traumatize the skin and gradually remove the stratum corneum to the heels, then a week, a maximum of two can cause heel in order.If there are cracks in the heels, then we need a comprehensive approach and treatment of heels.

What are the folk recipes help you quickly make the heel soft, smooth and beautiful?Share in the comments below.When the heel is in disrepair, then of course that is very quick to make them soft does not work, so important is the timely care of heels and then they will be smooth and soft.